Meeting the Eggs

Characters Kitty, Kyzen, Neyuni
Synopsis A small group of Candidates get a chance to touch the eggs!
Out-of-Character Date November 10, 2015

Igen Weyr - Hatching Sands
As if temperatures in the rest of the Weyr weren't uncomfortable enough, the sands are positively blistering. The air shimmers from the onslaught of heat, leaving the area with a hallucinatory feel. Black sands stand currently empty but for the occasional egg-shard or 'print not swept clear. A raised platform of smooth stone provides a lounging-spot for queens or their mates, or a retreat for the lifemates that accompany them from whence they can cool their feet somewhat.

Neyuni is waiting near the sands entrance as word spreads and suddenly a trickle of candidates becomes a larger group. The sands are hot, but with good footwear you should all survive. Zuhth shuffles farther out where the eggs are dispursed around the grounds in small clusters of her choosing. She looks up, rumbling softly as she catches wind of the candidate group.

Kyzen follows the group, all but swallowed up by the older Candidates. He knows better to allow eagerness to get to his head though and will bide his time to break away once they are on the Sands. A respectful bob of his head is given to Zuhth, echoed again for Neyuni before his attention falls on those eggs. Now he hesitates, losing out on touching a few that had caught his eye from afar but he finds himself inching towards one in particular. A hand extends, pauses and then slowly reaches out to touch the shell — unless he's told otherwise. It's safe, right?

Kitty isn't on the sands of course. She's up in the galleries but actually seems to be doing some type of work. Multi-tasking! Yep, she and several other farmers of both the riding and resident variety are for some odd reason holding a meeting up at the top of the galleries. They even have several pots holding young plants in different stages of development with them. "So, I think we should try moving this species into the hydroponics lab. I've narrowed down the mineral solution and it's time for mass trials." She says. A low level 'discussion' breaks out.

Kyzen wasn't quite expecting something like this! Sure, he's heard all about touchings before, being raised in a Weyr and eavesdropping on enough Candidate (and rider) conversations. But to actually experience it? "This one seems lonely…" he says, unaware he's spoken out loud as his brows knit together. Drawn in, he shuffles a bit closer, hand now splayed flat against the surface. Any discussions around him may go unnoticed.

Neyuni nods many times in replies to the various greetings, bows and a few salutes. Mostly she's waving a hand to encourage the candidates young and old out onto the sands. It seems like many already have favorites and small clusteres form about each egg with bits of gossip in comparing notes, or forming bets. As the last enteres and moves on over she follows to the eggs with a brief glance to the galleries. Zuhth is her first stop, a comforting stroke and the queen settles a wing which had started to unfurl "Shsss…" comforting and comforted the pair look at the groups gathering about each orb.

A few shhh's around the meeting from other watchers settles the discuss down and Kitty looks up in surprise at the sands. "Oh, the candidates are here. I suppose we should stop now. I need to get a feel for them so I know what bets to make." Several coworkers chuckle and settle back to watch with her while the rest gather up their plants, papers, and selves and head back to work.

Kyzen's focus is completely on the egg in front of him as if pulled forwards. "Why the rush…?" the boy mutters this time, only to wince slightly at something experienced next. Puzzled, he keeps his hand on the shell just a little longer, still curious to see what more the egg may give.

Neyuni pats Zuhth and steps towrds one of the nearer eggs, the simply iconic one. The group about it is not to large, currently four and an even mix of boys and girls "Now, one at a time please. Let's not confuse the poor hatchlings with two minds at once." eager fingers pull back and then only one strokes the darker end of the shell "It seems rather quiet to me Weyrwoman." the tone is a little worries but Neyuni is unphased "Well it might be confused from before, or it might just be sleeping. They are babies not canines to respond to our every command" one of the older boys who has stood several times before huffs a bit and she leaves the group for another of the eggs arriving by the longest journey. "Is it talking to you?" she asks of Kyzen.

Kyzen smiles near the end, albeit shyly. "Guess it does…" Not that he knows much of love beyond that he feels for his family. He leans back, letting his hand slip away only to blink in surprise when he finds he's being spoken to by a fellow Candidate. "Uh, yeah, kind of…? Lots of feeling. It felt lonely to start." he rambles and then stands, figuring she's wanting a turn. "That's how I got it. Maybe it'll be different for you?" He'll wait on an answer, before drifting away to select another egg.

A bit more muttering goes on from the stands. "No. I've got money on Arva. She's a good sort. Perfectly willing to hide with me on the lake in the mornings from work." Fe'nel laughs at the joke, just a bit too loudly. "Haven't decided as much for the other ones. Like him. He seems a bit young, don't you think? Is he really old enough to stand?" There's more mutterings and then they seem to be talking about the tomboy smith. "Heard she won a bunch of wrestling competitions. Not sure I'd make her mad."

Neyuni considers the shell "Probably, similar but unique for each. She hardly needs to stroke the firm shell but she does anyways. A goldriders privaledge perhaps and winks to the candidates still hovering for their own turn "Don't worry, I'm not goig to be reducing your chances any." a tsk and she steps on to check the next group, let's see… how about the mosaic of fun egg.

Kyzen has become accustomed to hearing comments on his age and his rank as Candidate. Sometimes he protests in defence, in others he keeps his mouth shut (with great effort) — not that he stood a chance to hear what was said in the galleries. He looks up as Neyuni speaks and smiles both crookedly and a bit nervously. "Can you feel anything, touching them too?" One wonders how much of the answer he'll absorb, as he's reaching out to touch the shell of the egg before him and he's… once again giving this one a bemused but puzzled stare. "… but I just got here?"

Neyuni meanders between the groups pausing as she is adressed, a good question actually. "Not to much really. I tend to feel the eggs shift physically beneath my fingers than any mental stroke." maybe she can imagine feeling them but by her expression it's a bit to hard to really tell.

Kyzen is so utterly confused by the last moments he spends with this particular egg. "What'd I do?" he grumbles as he withdraws his hand. Hmph. Fine! Feel that way… though he seems to linger as if weighing whether or not to try his luck at touching the shell again. Neyuni's answer is heard and he is distracted by curiosity once more. "Oh. They shift even now? Thought that was only for Hatching time," he rambles a bit, standing and waiting awhile before he'll consider yet another egg. When he does resume his wandering, it'll take him little time to choose.

Neyuni snorts lightly "Well you kicked in your mother's belly plenty I'm sure before you arrived." but that aside "They don't move much really, or even very hard well except with Zuhth rolls them around I suppose." the queen yawns and cants her head a bit, tail thwapping and Neyuni holds up her hands to some unspoken conversation "Finefine." gaze lingers on Kyzen a bit, one so young she'll have to have ahcat with the searchriders amongst other issues. At least until another candidate is asking a question "No they won't hatch early. They hatch when they hatch." and you can hear the next question coming a if she somehow knows when that particular moment ill be exactly.

Kyzen brows lift at Neyuni's revelation. "I did?" Uh oh. Just how much does he (not) know of that subject? Thankfully, it's back to the discussion of eggs and young dragons soon enough. That and the interaction between the Weyrwoman and Zuhth. "Is she alright?" Meaning, is it still safe to continue? He figures as much, given they're not being chased away and then he's focusing back on the egg he's zeroed in on next. This one has him looking at it in wonder. Colours! "Hey, wait…" he murmurs under his breath, adding a second hand to the shell as if to coax it back.

Kitty chuckles softly at something Fe'nel says. Both rise and while the brownrider heads out of the galleries, Kitty just moves closer to the sands. "Is she getting impatient?" the rider calls in an amuzed voice to Neyuni. While awaiting an answer, the greenrider takes a seat right on the sands edge. "I almost think it's hotter outside then in here. Almost."

The candidates do seem to be behaving well and all and Zuhth can more than keep an eye on them. The rider retreats to the galleries edge where it's not quite as hot "I suppose we're the only weyr where it'd be cooler inside on these grounds than outside." For her part Zuth seems to start at the tought. Wait, she can scare them away? She doesn't seem particularly impatient just yet but head drops down and she purposefully takes a deep breath, blowing out gustily across the nearest eggs and candidates. It's difficult to tell if she's being playful or providing a warning to those assembled. "Did you decide on a varient for the empty tank yet?"

Kyzen's grin is slow but genuine as he continues to touch the egg he crouches at. "You liked that, huh?" He's got plenty of clever plans! Or at least he figures they're clever. He chuckles quietly, shifting a bit and then startling when Zuhth breathes gustily towards them. Momentarily distracted, he'll wait until it seems all is clear before turning back and pressing his hand firmly against the egg's shell.

Kitty nods affirmatively. "Yes, actually. I think we're going to go with the second varient. I know I told you the individual plant output is lower but the nutrient requirement is much lower as well. I think we can balance out the difference to allow a greater mass production through greater cultivation." She leans back in her seat, stretching her legs out farther. "The new peppers aren't doing as well as expected. I might put in a patch at the Igen river site if you'll allow? I think there's something in the soil there I missed."

Zuhth rumbles and shifts her wings. It sounds more like dragonic laughter but it seems abotu half the group decides to play it safe and start makign their way tot he entrance. Neyuni watches a bti from teh sidelines, curious as to how each will choose to react. Besides she's considering important things "That's to bad on the peppers. Well you know I defer most things to the experts judgement though I'll have to check. I may have promised the last plot already for this next season. Fe'nel was wanting a new rice grain or something…"

"I like you," Kyzen sounds almost amused as he slowly withdraws his hand from the egg's shell, lingering a little longer to examine it. It's only then that he realizes that the others have already begun to retreat and while he looks stubborn, he decides not to push his luck in being the only one there. Especially if the other Candidates have retreated for good reason! Standing, he'll look at the other eggs wistfully before shuffling to join the group again, joining in on any conversations concerning the experiences the others had with the eggs they had a chance to touch.

Kitty sighs. "Yes. You did. I guess I'll need to see if I can charm a bit out of him. Even a few plants might show me what I need." With that, she brushes her pantlegs off and stands. "If you will excuse me, Weyrwoman." is said with a bowed head. A quick turn lets her bow to the queen as well before she heads out of the galleries. "Maybe I can bribe him with the broken basil tank." she muses as she leaves.

Neyuni says "Bye Kitty." and turnsfrom the muses of farmercrafters back fully to the sands. Since most have chosen to retreat it seems a good time for a break anyhow ad she calls out in a rare tone of command "Alright, that's enough for now. You'll have more time later." sometime, whenever. So that its clear to the stragglers it is time to go. When the last slip out and the caverns fall quiet she makes her way to her own bond and watches the quiet eggs.

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