Hatching Fall 2015

Characters Al'dru, Arva, Kitty, Kyzen, Neyuni, Teena
Synopsis Zuhth and Eranzath's eggs Hatch!
Out-of-Character Date November 14, 2015

Igen Weyr - Hatching Sands
As if temperatures in the rest of the Weyr weren't uncomfortable enough, the sands are positively blistering. The air shimmers from the onslaught of heat, leaving the area with a hallucinatory feel. Black sands stand currently empty but for the occasional egg-shard or 'print not swept clear. A raised platform of smooth stone provides a lounging-spot for queens or their mates, or a retreat for the lifemates that accompany them from whence they can cool their feet somewhat.

Defying Gravity Egg twitches just slightly on the sands, making the briefest of movements before it once more goes still and silent. Then, it as if it had never moved at all, not even a sand grain out of place to imply that anything had ever changed.

Zuhth rumbles and finally steps back as the first of the clutch begins to twitch. A deep hum slowly builds from deep in her chest, a song to welcome her newest and herald her own freedom from these grounds in short order. Neyuni enters not long after striding over to where Zuhth has shifted plenty near enough to see the action and hopefully far enough to be out of the way as things unfold.

Al'dru stumbles into the sands, managing to be almost late to this, as he is to most things and then he's wiping forge grimy hands down the back of his trousers. "Of all the times. Can't say they don't have that down." He nods then to Neyuni, moving over to stand next to Eranzath and giving Zuhth a wide berth.

Kitty arrives with a few last, late candidates. She gratefully hands them over to Ls'a and D'ru before slipping into the galleries to watch. Feh! Her work is done. The weyrlingmasters however are just begining and they quickly motion the last three to find their places in the line of candidates forming around the sand edges.

With all the lumps and bumps on the Can You See Me Now? egg it would likely be nearly impossible to notice any movement in the colorful shell. While all the other shells have hardened with time, this one still appears quite soft. That's when it happens. One of the bumps becomes more of a lump and the thin blue snake starts to slither.

Teena rushes on to the sands with the others though she slows her quick steps upon crossing the threshold to the hatching sands. Out of breath somewhat she runs a hand through her hair before stepping forward to bow towards Sire and Dame. That part done she takes slow measured steps to where the candidates are to stand. With a critical eye towards the eggs she settles where she can watch one in particular.

Defying Gravity Egg wobbles once more, a slight shaking spell that is a tad more violent that the one that came before and then it eventually too, slows. Finally the egg rolls to a stop again and just sits there, almost a tease.

It does not take much for the Defying Gravity Egg to wobble on the sands, rolling backwards and forth on the glittering sands and seeming to pick up its on new glitter to go with the layers of bright shellacking it already has. Only eventually does it stop, rolling to a new place to setting in and find a hollow to rest for the nonce, once more.

Arva looks quite nervous, her normally cool and calm demeanor fracturing quickly as she arrives on the sands. She hurries to line up with the others, then takes a deep breath before joining them in bowing. Almost immediately her attention is stolen by the visibly wobbling eggs.

The lumps and bumps continue to move as the Can You See Me Now? egg gets closer to hatching. The struggles of the one within seem to be pushing the soft fabric-like shell closer its breaking point. With one especially rambunctious push, the shell cracks with a sharp *snap* at odds with the soft appearance.

Invitation Egg takes it own turn shaking on the sands for a little bit, jerking visibly now that other eggs are also moving and it seems that it just might move out of its hollow. Until then, it doesn't and it falls back to rest.

Kyzen is one of those last and late Candidates, rushing in but slowing down fast enough. There's a bow to both sire and dam and a brief moment for him to catch his breath as he hurriedly shuffles as close as he can get to Teena and Arva. Nervous, him? So very nervous! So many of the eggs are moving and his eyes flick to each one.

Continued flopping and wobbling about mark the increasingly volalite activities within the Can You See Me Now? egg. Each motion seems to unravel the shell even farther as cracks spread and enlarge across the strange little egg. Finally, one last shove is enough to shatter the shell into millions of sparkling shards surrounding a glistening green hatchling.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Like Ohmigod, Fur Shur Green Julieth and Staci >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
She rises from the shards of her egg, a long and limber lady with soft, gentle curves. She's a vibrant, neon green that glistens with the remnants of hatching. Her muzzle starts narrow but widens rapidly to an unusually broad head with wide, sweeping headnobs and neckridges. Half dozen narrow rings in gold, copper, bronze and blue ring her serpentine neck. Her limbs are waif like and tipped with sharp rose gold tinted talons. A thick coating of egg goo clings to the lower section of all four legs, as if she were wearing some curious fashion accessory. The rest of her tends towards slender and feminine, caped by billowing sails of lime green trimmed by subtle lemon gold spars and sail edges. She blares out a complaint, flailing limbs and wings as a distressed call comes from the line of candidates. Staci, a cousin of the Igen Lord, "Grody to the max! It got on me!" The neon green bugles angrily to which Staci responds. "Like, not you! No way, you're a total Betty, Julieth. It's like totally this ick. So Gross!" The green struts over to Staci where the weyrlingmaster has to fight to get their attention.

Infinite Patience Egg shudders lightly, but it is not moving all that much really, or can you really tell that it moved at all. Nope, not this egg. It is not moving, not it.

Slowly spiraling over the surface, cracks have begun to show on the Defying Gravity Egg. They started between the lines, following the ones already laid out on the surface and only when there was no more choice did the start to spread and crack further, webbing out in crazy circles and layers of rounded destruction.

The dull white egg that is the In the Simplest Terms egg is still in a small depression far from the rest of the clutch. Outsider and loner: forgotten. And yet, with a small trickle of sands hinting at motion, it seems to open up. Here I am! See me! The trickle of sands turns into a cascade distinctly caused by a slow but steady shaking.

Invitation Egg shakes again in the start of motion, rolling from end to end in rocking rhythm that it keeps up for a good few seconds. But enertia slowly claims it and it stops, falling back to the sands.

Neyuni chuckles overhearing Al'dru and blows him a kiss before the first crack gets her attention. Several eggs are moving now and its hard to judge just which will be first to emerge and by the look she judged wrong as the can you see me now egg dissapears and a green emerges. A quick impression if a handful of a first pair for the weyrlingmasters, seems they'll earn their marks this term.

Teena peers briefly towards the party egg before quickly shifting her gaze towards the rest of the sands. A surprised gasp emits from the girl as the green impresses. "Ooooh." she says, breathless.

After so much of the egg was cracked, it is almost anticlimactic when the Defying Gravity Egg hatches, the shell seeming to simply part to expose that which was within. Then left exposed is a dark brown hatchling that takes a moment, settling into being the center of all attention and then climbing to his feet with a ponderous sort of grace, moving with the gravitas of the aged.

Arva tries and fails not to look shocked. Staci, of all people, is the first impression? Horror of horrors. Fortunately, the rocking and rolling of the remaining eggs quickly steals her attention away from dwelling on that.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Brother Love's Revival Brown Amoreth and N'el >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
With a feeling that he will not be rushed, this brown hatchling takes his first slow steps away from his egg. Colored a slightly darker brown than Igen's sands, with a subtle sameness of color that is somewhat surprising across his hide, he shows brightly even so against the sands. With deliberate movements he takes his time, swinging wide, around each grouping of candidates until he stands in front of a group of lads from the harper hall. With a bright croon and very quick movements he herds one of the lads away from the group, giving Nhiel no chance to back away or second guess this choice. "Yes, yes, Amoreth, You are correct . Love is all that is required. And you and I, N'el will lead everyone to it." Then the pair is walking toward the side of the sands. "But first, I think we can take a break for a meal. Just for a little bit, before we start on those plans."

After quite a bit of toe tapping and sighing, D'ru finally manages to get Julieth and Staci moved to the side to eat. In an irritated aside, he mutters to Ls'a. "I don't think either one of them is going to shut up long enough to get that green fed." Ls'a snorts but moves off towards the Defying Gravity egg. "Amoreth? Very nice. This way please."

In the Simplest Terms egg must be nearing hatching. It no longer hides behind labels or stereotypes. When other eggs rock, it shimmies. Where some begin to roll, it wiggles. But eventually even the most unique shell must crack and with a great *Snap* a long jagged crack slices the shadowy figure in two.

Kyzen jumps a little when the first egg hatches and reveals such a bright green! And then a second egg Hatches a brown. "Oh… that was fast!" he breathes. "A lot faster." Why is it so different on this level? He licks his lips, already beginning to shift from foot to foot but one wonders if it's from the heat of the Sands or just pure nerves.

If stared at for too long, the squares of the Mosaic of Fun egg start to take on motion in an optical illusion that makes the eyes water and the mind dizzy. So it's easy to see how one could mistake real motion for this phenomenon. Many miss it when the egg first begins to rock.

It is as if something is just attempting to burst straight out of the In the Simplest Terms egg. The long crack cleaving the shell just seems to grow larger as bulges form and reside at the edge. A hint of dark color shows as a sliver of nostril is exposed. Shimmering metallic talons slip out as they force the shell farther and farther apart. One last push leaves an bunch of blue rolled up between nearly two perfect shell halves on the sands.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< You See A Basketcase Blue Ynolth and Andy >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A great big lump of midnight blue hatchling lays exhausted on the sands. With a low creel, he slowly rises to his feet. He is massive, nearly the size of a good sized brown hatchling and bulky to boot. At first it appears as if he is cloaked from snout to tail tip in deep, unrelenting midnight blue. His head lifts to examine the candidates, revealing bold accents of color, sky blue illuminates the high points of the wedge, riding sharp angles up and over the eye ridges to his neck. They trace down into the hollows of his throat and vanish into the unrelenting darkness. He spreads navy wings out to dry and begins to ramble pointlessly through the candidate herd, moving in front and behind and in general scaring half the candidates. Finally, the smithcrafter Andrea snorts out a laugh to her neighbor. "What a basketcase!" The blue butts his head into her stomach and she squeeks out. "Ynolth! Cut it out! It was just a joke." Properly chastized, Andy and Ynolth head towards the food.

Teena nudges Kyzen and gestures towards the Mosaic egg. "That one's moving. Isn't it so pretty?" then another egg bursts and the blue emerges. "Oh how handsome!"

The Simply Iconic Egg wiggles within its sandy bed. A raised nest has been pushed together and the top dimpled in to hold what the growingly restless egg. Sitting in one place will only hold it for so long. It would rather take charge and face down its future than waiting a moment longer for the future to find it!

Arva takes a few more deep breaths, trying not to look too panicked. She offers brief congratulations to each of the new impressees, then shoots a nervous grin over to Teena and Kyzen. "They're all gorgeous, aren't they?"

It is barely perceptible, the movements from the Invitation Egg as it wiggles just the faintest amount on the sands. A bare shimmy on the sands before it settles right back down into stillness, even the sand grains around it still and unmoved, nothing out of place.

Kyzen blinks as he's nudged, darting a look to Teena for as long as he dares. "Oh, is it? Arva, is that the colourful one?" Words, he can't quite form them. Since a blue has now hatched! "He's big! Isn't he? And dark." Quite the observations… hasty ones! His grin to Arva is one of agreement though.

It seems a whirl of color and motion as the Mosaic of Fun egg picks up speed. The rocking moves from subtle shifts on the sands to violent swaying and near rolls. Finally, it can take the recklessness no longer and does roll right into Zuhth's leg. The bang is nearly in sync with a cracking sound and as the gold nudges the egg away, several small cracks are seen hidden between the squares.

Are those cracks that appear on the Invitation Egg? Or are they just new sections of black that mar the shell near the old, different images that that might be appearing in the heat haze out here on the sands as the hatching continues.

As Ls'a has picked up the brown, it's up to D'ru to gather in the new blue. "Oh he's going to be huge." he says in an approving voice. "Well suited to you, I think." He motions the young smith and her new lifemate to where the buckets of meat await. "Here. Small bites and make sure he chews completely and swallows before you give him another one."

Neyuni wasn't apparently as far away from the action as she thought. Zuhth is much more calm about the whole affair nudging the errant egg back towards the heart of the clutch and the waiting candidates. She's done her work, it's all up to them now. A softer rumble filters through a pause in her humming, a encouraging caress to the youngsters and a look to her mate of the moment. Well they didn't do to badly eh? Her rider shifts from one foot to the other now that she's gotten a bit more adrenaline in her system. She came to watch the candidates, not be one again!

Arva looks a little worried for the Mosaic of Fun Egg as it gets rolled and batted about, her eyes going wide. "Oh dear!" She says, covering her mouth with her hands.

Shuddering from the impacts within, bright starbursts of lemon puncture the shell of the Simply Iconic Egg. Sand slides down the sides of its raised base, slowly eroding beneath the impatient movements. Something, something is coming indeed!

The Mosaic of Fun egg pushes on towards hatching with a strong steady rocking and curious bulging of the shell, though it does not collide with another again. Each push stretches the hold between the squares and the fine cracks spread and multiple. Before long chunks of red and blue, white and green, are falling to the sands giving hints of blue-green from within. One final shake and the egg falls to pieces depositing the newly hatched green onto the sands.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Point of the Laser Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Chilled mint hide, a blue-tinged green, eye-catchingly bold and vibrant accentuates the sleek, angular form of this moderately sized lady. Her head is a delicate wedge where fine bones are defined by clean, sharp lines. Bright, expressive eyes shift animatedly beneath the graceful arch of the eye ridges. It is supported by a leanly muscled neck surmounted by daintily rolling neckridges of a faintly emerald touched bottle green. The neck flows into the athletic torso, neither softly curved nor bulky with muscle. A springy chest tapers slowly to taut flanks and defined haunches. She has long, nimble limbs with lengthy, narrow paws tipped by sharp talons of a blushing coral hue. The points of her joints are visible, especially at the peaks of the strong hip bones. Tiny bottle green ridges return on the balance of her restless tail. Light strikes the great mass of her long, pointed wings making eldritch flames of the curious bottle green sails. It spills over mint green spars, to splash down and leave her shimmering in a ghostly glow.

Infinite Patience Egg rolls once more in its little hollow, taking its own sweet time about this hatching business before it slowly, tiredly stops moving once more and joins the rest of the eggs currently quiet.

Eventually, there is no doubt. Those were cracks on the Invitation Egg, because now, now it is hatching and leaving out the bright green hide of a hatchling on the sands. She, a dainty one is taking her time to become adjusted to her new environment by shaking out forepaws and pack and wiggling that extra long tail.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Follow me through Word and Deed Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Lithe and long, this delicate green seems to be fairly pointed from her narrow muzzle in the faintest of apple greens that skip and trace along her body in tattooed limning until the fade out on the flashy, sharply pointed finial of her tail. Her neck is very slender, swan like and set back on her shoulders before those as well fade into her narrow body, only marked here there with the slightest of color variations on her pale hide. Lean haunches are still finely muscled, lending themselves to perfectly arched paws and curved talons, that tip past the normal semi circles into almost three quarter moons. Finally, arching over her back and spread wide into vast 'sails are her wings with a brighter green, verging on chartreuse that grows brighter along wingspars and fades into the expanse of the 'sails. The vast undersides are paler yet, a glowing glimmering green that reflects that still newest of bright apple.

The Longest Journey Egg shudders and groans. It is not a natural sound, more the tones of straining metal echoing in a vast chamber. It is a spine tingling noise, painful and eerie at the same time as drawing sympathy for the stresses whatever structure must be undergoing.

Kyzen winces when the Mosaic egg goes errant, only to be nudged back into place by Zuhth. "I've never seen that before!" he exclaims as he watches the moment unfold, only to grin when it hatches. "Oh wow, look at her! Both of them!" Just as he praises one, another Hatches. It's so hard to keep up and the poor boy is beginning to feel overwhelmed. "It's so different here…"

Teena absently shifts her weight from foot to foot though it is most likely a subconscious action for her full attention hasn't left the eggs once they started moving from earnest as well as started dumping out occupants. Suddenly there are two glistening green hatchlings on the sands and Teena covers her mouth with both hands. "Socutetheyare!" is her muffled exclamation.

Movements befalls the Longest Journey Egg. It's trek through space in giant leaps and bounds drawing to an inevitable conclusion as bright scars mark the surface. Unseen strikes reaching their target and causing damage to set off any number of alarms which join the strange metallic groans in a destiny which seems doomed.

Arva glances at Kyzen, nodding. "Me netiher!" When the eggs burst open, she breathes a sigh of relief. "Oh, good. It looks like she's fine. They both look fine! Was probably worrying for nothing…" She can't help but giggle in agreement with Teena's exclamation.

Al'dru moves to lean back once more on Eranzath from where he had leaned forward. "Oh, good. Everything seems to be just fine." He glances over at the weyrwoman. "Zuhth doing alright?"

There is no further resisting the decision which has been made. An agate hued nose pushes out from one end of the Simply Iconic Egg. After a moment, as if taking a deep breath, the hatchling and shell heave apart, large shards breaking off and the tiny youngster pushing free and finding her feet. She will choose her own direction, she will find her own fate!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Stomp N Chomp Gold Toruth and Iwa >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
New and fresh this little queen bounds free of her shell. Voice experiments, chirping pleasantly as she stomps around the perimeter of the dune her egg had rested upon. Running into a fork in the sands she pauses, small head raising in momentary consideration. The last bits of egg goo glisten upon ridges which jut out like tiny citron studs. Shortened neck disappears into a pudgy body that somewhat echoes her egg in shape. Arms and legs are sturdy enough to propel her along as she makes her decision. Gilded talons push aside the hot grains as she moves pointedly along a winding sandy path that is unerringly about to intersect with the line of white clad ones. Soft hide gleams in the caverns light a burnished agate with warm doses of sunlight within the thin stretches of her rather small wings. Hungry, very hungry she licks tongue over the rows of alabaster teeth coming upon a shoe. It slips beyond her grasp as she goes to bite and it forces her to look up with a bit of shock. That was hers! comes a demanding squawk and though it seems as though Iwa doesn't want to share the little queen has another solution in mind. Now it's theirs! "Oh Toruth, that'd be to tough and stringy and my foot needs it. I have a better idea though, there's some much tastier treats over there." playful laughter erupts from the new rider as the little gold agrees and stomps off in the indicated direction leaving her rider to hustle after or be left quickly behind.

Follow me Through Word and Deed Green Hatchling shakes out a delicate paw before she settles down to this business of walking and trying to manage all four feet. She's not yet that good at it, stumbling just slightly as she moves and she very nearly trips over a black haired girl before she gets back up and shakes herself.

Over and over and over again goes the Infinite Patience Egg as it starts to move on its way to hatching. It rolls and rolls and rolls until it is able to roll out of the little hollow that Zuhth had made of it and then it is out and rolling on the sands until it comes up against another egg and boinks into a complete stop.

Point of the Laser Green Hatchling is a bit slow to rise to her feet. But once she does, it's as if she's already off and running, even though she hasn't moved just yet. Her wings are up and flapping, spreading the last bit of goo through the air and especially somehow on that new gold. Her head is rotating back and forth, looking over the line of candidates as if they might just be the tastiest things she's ever seen. Which. Who knows? They could be. Then she's moving her feet, headed in a quick trot right towards the scribe Stien.

Kyzen glances to Arva, "Why wouldn't they be fine? Should we be worried?" There's more to worry about!? He snickers a bit towards Teena, but now he has to focus on both eggs AND hatchlings as the greens continue to wander. There's another wince when the green almost trips over a girl but that soon fades as a gold hatches. "I… There was a gold egg?" he exclaims, his voice wavering a bit. Hello surprises! Now there's a rolling egg into the mix too!

Arva finds herself going wide-eyed yet again. "Oh, wow, there was a gold in there after all!" She laughs and cheers the latest round of impressions, then goes back to watching the still roaming hatchlings and trying not to panic. She shakes her head at Kyzen. "No, no, just… hadn't seen that before. Everything's fine."

Neyuni lets out a sigh having moved to Zuhth's other side and a bit closer to Al'dru, eyes range over the two greens which now occupy the sands and seem to be taking a few breaths to make their choices, which is just fine. "She's doing better than I am for once. It's… Oh faranth!" the next to hatch however is obviously a complete surprise and she gives a suddenly smug Zuhth a hard slap on the shoulder "You coulda said something!" not that such arrival is a bad thing, of course it'll mean more work for her now.

The Longest Journey Egg begins to transform. Whatever strange vessel had marked the surface breaks up and large pieces of the shell fold back and in and upon itself before suddenly a small bronze rises in its place. It is such a strange thing, as if the shell has truly transformed into a dragon rather than crumble into the sands at his feet.

With her hands still over her mouth, Teena gives a startled squeak as she hastily ensures she's safe enough from any flailing limbs from dragons. After all there are two ungainly hatchlings wandering the sands now. Speechless she can only watch with something like awe in her gaze.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< No Shades of Gray Bronze Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Angular of figure this metallic bronze looks ready to weather the worst that the natural world has to offer. Broad head is rather flat and tapers not nearly as much as most others. Eyeridges are not a smooth or rippled arc, but seem comprised of two angular planes that rise and converge over each eye. A thick shorter neck is studded with equally distinct bronzite ridges that erupt along his spine, fading along his back only to return to stud the length of his tail. Body follows a similar pattern, heavy in build but not necessarily bulk. It portrays one of strength yet skill for it is not just brute force his weapon alone. Wings match in size what is needed to carry him, the twine of muscle and sinew blended to support the stretchy swaths of wingsail. Of hue he is primarily a burnished slightly aged bronze. The strongest cleanest planes in the hue serve only to accentuate the planes and angles of his appearance, even where the muscle smoothly curves. The coloring is not solid and around the edge of each major part of his body the hue darkens along cracks and crevices making him seem to be wearing the color at times, rather than of it. Sails are a bit different, billowing of weather worn metal scarred and pitted by the desert storms he's weathered.

Even now that it is pushed up against a sibling, that can not stop the cracks that are spreading over the surface and starting to unravel the knots on the Infinite Patience Egg. Each slowly spreading crack opens the sections of knots just that much more, providing another peek within the darkness of the shell.

Follow me through Word and Deed Green Hatchling shakes her head, before starting to really move out here on the sands and away from where she first stumbled. She sets up a creeling whine that is quite grating, almost piercing as she moves further away from candidate she had bumped into.

Is that the sound of jingle bells from where the Atypical Party Egg sits? Only it isn't quite still, slowly rocking to some heard, or even imagined tuned. Hard to say but it is moving none the less.

Kyzen swallows nervously, nodding his head to Arva as if wanting to believe her. Yet he's watching those eggs and hatchlings both warily now. No one told him he'd have to watch for rolling eggs or the like! At least one more hatches and the boy gapes, "Bronze now too!" he points out, rather unnecessarily. "He looks tough." Flinching, he lifts one hand to his ear when the one green begins to creel. Ow? "She sounds upset…" he says worriedly. Should they be moving? Getting ready to move?

Arva shifts from leg to leg, full of nervous energy and made somewhat uncomfortable by the heat of the sands. Her gaze stays locked on the wandering hatchlings and the still-rocking eggs. "Just a few left now…" She murmurs, almost to herself. "Yeah, he…" She winces at the loud creel nearby, which cuts off whatever she was going to add.

Point of the Laser Green Hatchling must not like whatever she sees in Stien because she snorts and walks off, giving the poor scribe a nice thump on the shin with her tail in passing. But there doesn't seem to be anyone else for her heading this direction so with a sharp turn, she saunters right between the last two candidates in line and ends up behind them all. Oh, look! Another body has caught her eye and she charges off towards Kentril. Or more importantly, Kentril's robe. The green snatches up the edge in her sharp little teeth and just snaps off a great chunk. The girl runs away squealing while the green uses her new toy to wipe off her neck???

Teena winces as the Laser green tears off a chunk of robe from Kentril. "Oh no! Be careful!" she calls out without thinking towards the fleeing girl.

No Shades of Gray Bronze Hatchling sucks in a deep breath, gathering himself both figuratively and literally. Body is heaved to action from the at ease stance as breath is let out in as quick a rush. Whirling ruby eyes take a quick survey and movement is decisive in following the churn of arms nad legs to stalk over to the closest of candidates. A blond lad with green eyes, the candidate snaps to watching with obvious excitement. It's his last chance standing and this would be something but with not more than a glance the bronze moves on. It either is, or isn't right and apparently that wasn't right for him. He continues down the scattered line of candidates coming up to a pair of girls next.

Follow me through Word and Deed Green Hatchling is quick to advance where her sibling left off, and marches right up to that dismissed scribe, bumping Stien in the middle and finally that creel ends. She keeps trying to climb up the poor lad before she finally leaves off, sitting and fidgeting nervously in front of him, wings all a flutter.

The Atypical Party Egg bounces and shudders to the hum of the dragons, or perhaps a more merry tune. A giant crack appears across the length of the shell in an audible SNAP. It cuts across the odd party scene and then begins to grow as the hatchling withing wriggles impatient to end the suspense, if not the drama.

Arva looks absolutely horrified. An innocent robe being torn up? That goes against everything she stands for as a weaver! Then again, it wasn't exactly the nicest robe. Maybe the green is just a fashion critic? She can understand that. "Kentril, don't run!" She calls out. "It'll be okay!" She nervously gives the bronze a wide berth. Safer for everyone that way.

Kyzen clamps his hands rather protectively to his robe when poor Kentril ends up a 'victim' to that green! Oh no, he's not going to fall for that either! Or get his shins whacked. "At least she wasn't mauled? …what is she doing?" The boy mutters, eyes wide and trying to keep his eye on that green the most. Which is impossible, with the bronze and the second green still on the move and a few eggs left yet to hatch. Is that relief when the loud creeling green finds Stien? Probably.

Teena alternates her gaze between the wandering hatchlings to the remains eggs to hatch. Her gaze inevitably goes to the bouncing party egg. Surely it'll reveal its occupant soon. Right?!

After all that was done to the knots holding the shell together, it is no surprise that the Infinite Patience Egg hatches rather suddenly, and all at once. One good kick from the hatchling inside and it is over, leaving a smaller blue to stumble to his feet in good natured aplumb as he starts the lengthy process of looking over the choices.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< A Best Friend Forever Blue Symapath and T'ico >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
With a startled shake of his head a frosty blue is left looking out of the Infinite Patience Egg. He sits quite still for a very long time, and only the barest hint of twitches even show that he is alive after hatching. Finally though he clambers clumsily to his feet, stumbling slightly as he gets them underneath him and his tail out behind for balance as he walks. Each candidate is checked carefully, considered closely and then dismissed as he continues on until he nears the very end. He chooses then, a shy boy, one barely old enough to stand and almost too timid to do so, in Norticol. "Symapath" is finally whispered by the boy. "And I am T'ico, and we'll be friends forever now." Then both are walking over to where the chopped meat is laid out. "I must have something for Symapath. He is ever so hungry."

Point of the Laser Green Hatchling continues to carry the now damp rag in her mouth but between her cleaning attempt and the heat of the sands, the green is finally dry. She does however continue to glow faintly. But with a huff, she circles back through the space left behind by Kentril and after a few steps ends up in front of Teena. She looks thoughtfully up at the girl, takes a few steps forward. And then she takes a few steps back. But no, we should go forward. Now back. And now we cha-cha! Seemingly pleased with herself, the green warble creels happily and walks on past.

Arva shakes her head at Kyzen. "She's panicking. Can't say I blame her. Poor thing…" Now that the green is nearing them, along with the bronze, it seems like there are more pressing concerns. When the dragon nears to Teena she gasps, almost certain she's about to see an impression before the dragon moves on.

Motionless, Teena is a tense figure staring at the green before her. Her own feet shuffle as well, going backwards when the green backs up and then going forward when the laster green steps forward again. There is no cha-cha but Teena does nearly step right into the green muzzle of her. Daringly she reaches one hand imploringly towards the green as she moves on in her search for just the right life mate. "Wow…" she whispers.

No Shades of Gray Bronze Hatchling looks up between the girls, one which doesn't seem to notice his presence and the other that retracts overly cautious. Both seem more interested in the green which has approached and to this the bronze tilts his head in a bit of confusion. Girls! He'll try to figure that out later, maybe in like a decade or so if ever such a mysterious species can be figured out. Head shakes and he moves along, giving the laser green plenty of space and continues soldiering on. Steps bring him before a black haired lad and he looks up again, is this one paying attention?

Kyzen shuffles away as fast as he dares to do so when that green comes towards Teena, doing his best not to bump into anyone else as he gives the Hatchling as wide a berth as possible (but not go running like Kentril did!). "Hope she's okay…" the boy says a touch breathlessly, nerves starting to take hold again. "Oh…" The green is moving on from Teena. They're not safe! Kyzen was paying attentions… to the greens and fellow Candidates. He doesn't see the bronze coming until it's too late. Gulping, the boy freezes, all save his eyes which dart to Arva and Teena both. What does he do?

A further SNAP and CRACK and the Atypical Party Egg explodes apart is two large pieces with smaller fragments flying off of the main break. The bottom half of the remainging shell leaves the hatchlings legs clawing at the air momentarily before it tips to the side and the dragonet finds the sand and his feet.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Rough and Tumble Brown Nakatoth and Mc'lan >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
An average sized hatchling, this brown is surprisingly well muscled and more coordinated than many of his siblings before him. Eyes glint with a mix of emotions as crimson stained talons knead the grains between his fingers and toes. Broad is the head, shorter is the neck. Dark and smudgy is the earthy brown hide which clings to decisive form. He surveys the dwindled group. What is there, a dozen candidates left, or at least that's all he can see. One him and a dozen them, just the way he likes it! Hungry gaze settles on a pair and he steps with predatory focus right to them. Given the pair haven't bolted beneath that intense and scruffy gaze bodes well for the stock of the Weyr's candidates. In the end the brown turns into more of a charmer and sways with surprisingly delicacy to the right to choose Macallan. The short black haired guardsman gasps and falls to his knees, gently reaching out with that look as only the newly impressed can manage. "Nakatoth?" while his brother to the left whoops and calls his own congratulations "Way to go Mc'lan!"

Arva locks up when more of thew dragons come worryingly close. She seems almost worried to even speak normally, practically hissing at Kyzen through her teeth. "Don't make any sudden movements!" Is that good advice? It sounds like good advice.

Point of the Laser Green Hatchling doesn't really have to walk far this time before she stops. There's not much distance between Teena and Arva. Kyzen, whereever he might stand doesn't even register for the green. Small boys? Nope. Pretty girls? We stop for those! And she does, pausing to look up at Arva. Something aobut this one is interesting as well and she drops to her haunches for a closer look. Hello there!
With a triumphant cry it seems that the Point of the Laser Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Arva is left utterly speechless for a moment when the green confronts her. The normally verbose girl is left stammering, completely shocked and overwhelmed. "R… Ruseth?" She laughs, some of the shock fading into joy. "What a lovely name… yes, of course you're hungry! We can fix that." Grinning ear to ear, she moves to her new companion's side, preparing to follow the directions of the nearest weyrlingmaster. She casts one last worried glance back at her friends still on the sands, but somehow now she knows everything will be fine.

It takes quite some time before Stien has a chance to speak, but then the newly renamed St'en does so, whispering out "Shelyth, oh Shelyth. The stories we can tell to each other and to those that want to listen. Such stories." He pauses for just a moment, before answering. "Yes, we can write a story about dinner. That would be appropriate at this time, wouldn't it?"

Teena squeals out loud as Arva nearby impresses. "Oh yay!"

Kyzen doesn't move because it does sound like pretty good advice right about now! He can't help it though when the green Impresses Arva, his initial shock wearing off just long enough for him to grin widely for her. "Good for you!" he calls out to her, wincing when Teena squeals.

[[span style="color:darkgoldenrod"]]No Shades of Gray Bronze Hatchling rumbles rather gravelly as he considers the young lad before him, so much like himself. Young and new with so much future ahead. Little molded of the world there is only simplistic views not yet jaded by too much experience that is sprinkled among the many older candidates watching with no little jelousy. In other words, a match! Well if he can catch him while frozen before he bolts away like some and talons reach out toward the ripple of robe.
With a triumphant cry it seems that the No Shades of Gray Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

The weyrlingmasters haven't been inactive. With each impression one or the other has been escorting the new pairs to the side. The other remains to give instructions and assistance to the overwhelmed weyrlings. St'en and Shelyth were picked up by Ls'a and it's D'ru who comes for Arva and Ruseth. "I have a feeling there's trouble ahead." he manages to say while pointing Arva to the food buckets. "One small bite at a time. Slowly so we don't have any bitten tongues.

Kyzen doesn't even flinch when that bronze's talon starts to reach for him. His eyes have locked onto him and even if his robe is torn or not, even if it unbalances him a little, it could care less. His mind, at the moment, is reeling as he struggles to absorb the moment. So much so that words can't seem to form though his mouth is working… until finally with a gasped breath, he speaks. "Zekath? Zekath!" He reaches out first in wonder and awe, then with more confidence as he beams, wrapping his arms around the bronze. "Come on, we gotta go. Food, right?"

Teena's eyes nearly bulge out as she steps back several paces to get a good view of Kyzen's impression. Another happy squeal emits from the girl.

Neyuni looks over to Al'dru as the last of the eggs hatch and the last of the hatchlings find their partners. Nine new healthy pairs for the Weyr, but as always some stil left standing. Not so many since the Weyr doesn't search as far and wide as others tend to but still a dozen or so to comfort. "Thank you all. It seems this hatching is done and while you didn't find your partners today there are still other days ahead. Take the rest of the day and celebrate with us. When you're ready just let us know what you'd like to do moving forward." and then she turns tot he galleries calling more loudly the same invitation to join in the Weyr's celebration.

Al'dru nods his head along with Neyuni, coming forward from where he was standing back with Eranzath, while the bronze has now turned all his attention now to the gold who is picking her head up to look at the folks leaving both the sands and the galleries. "Such a different clutch."

Teena is left standing. Slightly surprised to see there are only empty shells around her, she looks towards Neyuni with a somewhat confused expression. "Oh…" she says softly. Soon though she'll turn to depart the sands to head to celebrate.

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