Strange, Isn't It?

Characters Ha'ze, K'vir
Synopsis K'vir is joined by a familiar face from home and stops to talk.
Out-of-Character Date November 15, 2015

Igen Weyr - North Bowl
The relatively flat bowl is covered in a thin layer of pale sand and dust that shifts with the seasons. Contrastingly, the orange hued desert sandstone which comprises the bowl walls stretches skywards. Northwards is the smaller niche administrative complex, where the queen's and weyrleader traditionally make their home. The singular staircase running along the wind curved bowl wall can be traced connecting the ledges of the Weyr's leadership. To the northeast is the greater opening into the hatching grounds, with a smaller shadowed entrance for the dragons a few lengths above it. Most of the foot traffic however goes into smaller ground level entrances which lead into the heart of the living and dining areas. Set apart from the other areas a series of smaller entrances of varying size which lead into the infirmary and various crafter areas.

Warning: Some swearing below.

Late afternoon means the worst of Igen's heat is gone, even if it's not the height of the season yet for the worst of the weather. The air is dry and still but reasonably comfortable if one is dressed properly. Most weyrfolk go about their business, including one young youth who seems to be traveling in a sort of half-daze. Kyzen, or K'vir now (yeah, he's still trying to get used to that), has just raided the living caverns but found it too populated for his tastes. While he's appreciated the congratulations over the days and the weird sort of enveloping welcome from most of the riders, he still feels… strange. Poor kid. With a meatroll in hand and a few other goodies tucked away, he's content to eat and walk for what little time he has before Zekath wakes up.

"A little strange isn't it?" Ha'ze tucks his riding gloves into a pocket as he ambles closer to the new weyrling. There's nothing hurried about his steps, and he seems completely relaxed here in Igen as he would be at Fort. "Though you probably had some heads up because of your parents." Hi not-Kyzen.

K'vir startles not because he's being spoken to, but because it wasn't a voice he'd expect to hear! Not here, in Igen! He's mid-bite of his snack, which he hastily swallows as he just boggles at him. "Ha'ze! What're you doing here!" It's not accusatory at all. In fact it sounds… almost joyous? He's never hated the bronzerider, ever. Nor has he forgotten his strange, unusual sort've pseudo-friendship with the young bronzerider. So Ha'ze totally won't mind if not-Kyzen tries to hug him, right? Personal space… what now? Greetings done, whether his exuberance was welcomed or not, the boy seems to slip back to that dazed-stunned look. "Strange? It's more than that…" He doesn't have words. He's too young to articulate it correctly beyond a few basic ones. "I dunno. I dunno if you can be ready. Were you?"

Ha'ze actually does take the hug from the kid. Whatever pseudo Kyzen might have had, Ha'ze was actually always very fond of him, and even his dislike of the kid's parents didn't stop that. It's a man hug now though, from experienced-rider to new-ling. "I fought the bond with Kainaesyth almost our entire weyrlinghood. It was too strange." Ha'ze gestures at a nearby fence, for the pair of them to go sit down. "I'll admit to being relived you impressed. Fort's not a place for you right now."

K'vir likewise has never understood the friction between his parents and Ha'ze. The bronzerider is a welcomed sight and he'll follow him to that fence and settle, though he seems fidgety. He frowns, "Really? Wouldn't that hurt, to keep fighting? Zekath and I seem to get along just fine but our training isn't really started yet. Basics, they said. Care and stuff." Oh, just you wait, kid. "Yeah? Were you in the galleries too?" His parents were. He's likely already had a little visit with them and Faranth only knows how that went. He frowns, nibbling on a little more of his food. "What's happened?"

"Yeah, it hurt." Ha'ze glances towards where Kainaesyth presumably is, and shrugs his shoulders. "It pissed Thys off too, and pretty much the rest of my class. I kept leaving him behind in the barraks to get away." Ha'ze and Kai, not your normal weyrlings. Ha'ze presses his hands against his knees to stay balanced. "Mr'az is trying to get rid of your parents, and I don't doubt for a second he would have used you." Never mind Ha'ze's own intentions towards Th'ero and Kimm, K'vir's parents are NOT his fault.

"But why?" K'vir is so baffled by the idea, as he couldn't imagine leaving Zekath behind — except for this instance now where he needed to get FOOD. "You love him though, don't you?" Personal question but they're on even ground (kind of), right? "I don't mind leaving Zekath right now, but if he wakes up…" As much as he's enjoying catching up with Ha'ze, the boy will BOOK IT the moment the bronze stirs. He starts at the news his friend brings though. "… why does Mr'az hate my parents so much? My father never did anything to him." He doesn't get it, this game of politics. All he knows is he doesn't LIKE the idea of his parents being bullied or the implication that he'd be used in it somehow. "Are my brother and sister okay? What about you? Is Mr'az after you too?"

"Of course I love him. But I was so full of hate then…" Ha'ze shrugs slightly, "I couldn't accept him loving me." It was a hard trip, thank heavens Kainaesyth was so patient, otherwise their paring would have ended in tragedy. Waving away K'vir's insistance he'd run if necessary, Ha'ze gets it, even if he wouldn't do it. "We're one of the few pairs that could exist comfortably on opposite sides of the world if we needed to." STRETCH that canon there yo. "He hates them because he thinks they're a threat and because he's bad at his job. You'll meet them everywhere - petty people who won't let go of power." As for his siblings, Ha'ze pauses for a moment…. "I think they're too young to be used very well. As for me… My'az doesn't know what he's getting into."

K'vir's eyes widen. "Really? You can do that?" That's so COOL! "I bet that comes in handy sometimes. I wonder if Zekath would mind it when he's older…" Which means, if he remembers, the boy might test it out. Oh disaster, here we come? Finishing the last of his meatroll, K'vir listens closely to Ha'ze and while he grimaces and dislikes what he hears, he nods his head to show that he understands. "So he's a bully." In a nutshell? There's relief to know his siblings won't be used or hurt and the boy snorts. "You won't let him bully you either." he states matter-of-factly.

"Don't try it." Ha'ze is just going to squash it right now. "Kainaesyth and I are different. For most riders it just means a lot of pain, and possibly death when your dragon panics." Seriously, K'vir, don't. do. it. "Simply put, yeah. And no. I won't. There are worst people then him out there, and I delt with them. Just… keep your head down. Look after your dragon. Try to pretend you're not related to your parents for a while."

K'vir doesn't pout, but he looks disappointed and goes to protest but Ha'ze is quicker at explaining WHY and in the best way possible: the words 'pain' and 'death'. That's enough to stop any plans GOOD, right there and then. "I won't! I promise. I don't want to hurt Zekath." He's being sincere, for reals! Ha'ze can trust him. Brows knit again, "I've not really said anything about my parents here. Folks ask, I say I'm from Fort but I don't… y'know. Brag." In case that's what the bronzerider is thinking!

Ha'ze eyes K'vir, because he DOES know the teen of turns-past. But he'll not comment because a dragon bond is serious-business. "Mr'az has the political savvy of a rock." Ha'ze gets all of his from Jajen recently, as his political savvy usually ends at the point of a knife or arrow. "But he could make trouble if he finds another shithead weyrleader to cozy up to."

K'vir just stares right back with maybe a hint of defiance there. He IS telling the truth for once! Yeah, he rebels now and again but he's not entirely stupid and risking death is definitely not on his to-do list. He does, however, lack in maturity when Ha'ze compares Mr'az to a rock and then promptly swears as bad as some Seacrafters and snickers. "I don't think that'll happen." he tries to assure him. He fidgets a bit again and will try to change the subject, "How've you been? I knew you had come back but… didn't get a chance to say hello before…" His hand gestures to indicate Igen as a whole.

"Probably not." Because Ha'ze is going to do his best to push Mr'az over an edge himself! Woho! Poor Nyalle. Ha'ze pushes himself up from he seat, his warning to the teen delivered. "Good enough. But I should get back." Because that doesn't sound ominous at all. "Just heard you impressed and wanted to congradulate you." Poor sucker.

"You'll come back and visit again soon? Maybe you can meet Zekath next time!" K'vir won't try to stop Ha'ze though he looks disappointed that their time is so short. Still, he'll take it and truthfully, the boy is tired. Maybe that's a bit of his bronze leeching into him but who knows? "Take care and be careful… and thanks." He'll hop off the fence too and maybe give a parting hug for good measure before backing away. To end on a cheerful note, the young boy grins. "And I'll try to stay out of trouble." No promises.

K'vir gets a nod and a half smile, which is about as close to a promise as Ha'ze gets. A pause as he makes steps out, "Don't tell your father or mother I came, aye?" With which Ha'ze is off to hunt down Kainaesyth, and make themselves scarce for a while.

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