Exhausted but Never Happier

Characters Arva, K'vir
Synopsis Returning to the barracks, two weyrlings have a little chat before exhaustion takes over.
Out-of-Character Date November 18, 2015

Igen Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
Nearly equal in size to the Hatching Cavern, the barracks are immense, easily one of the largest of the caverns that sprawl through the cliffside at Igen Weyr. Accessible though a wide entrance meant to admit wind-trailing dragonets, and lighted by small windows cut into the rock, as well as the newly added electric lights, the weyrling barracks provide a place for growing dragonets that haven't reached their full size yet. A path leads though the cavern, on either side standing stone hollows that form the weyrling couches, with a cot and clothespress for the rider beside them. A small alcove in the back houses several large bins are placed along the short ends of the walls nearest the entrance tunnels, containing supplies of oil, food, and water for the young dragons and their riders: a vat of oil and paddles for spreading it onto itchy hides, and various containers kept filled daily with fresh meat. There are also materials available for making riding straps later on in the training sessions. A training chart is posted near the doorway, informing the weyrlings of the lessons they will need to follow.

Mid-morning brought some form of 'adventure' for the weyrlings, even if it was nothing more than another trek to the lake after the usual routines. Now the hour stretches closer to midday and it's time for some of the weyrling pairs to make the trek back 'home' to settle before their draconic halves become too tired to move on their own power. K'vir is one of the first few to arrive, looking tired himself from having to march around in old style formations after Zekath refused to go into the water for a prolonged amount of time. Again. "Come on, I'll fix that itching." the young weyrling can be heard muttering (affectionately) to the bronze. "I could've scrubbed you in the water, y'know?"

It's amazing how quickly the dragonlings have grown. Not even two months old yet, and Ruseth is already larger than any room Arva has lived in. Well, unless one counts the barracks. And Ruseth is one of the clutch's smallest! Marvel of marvels. Yet still, Arva founds herself overwhelmed with how much time washing and oiling her new lifemate is taking. "Takes forever, doesn't it?" She complains, largely hidden by Ruseth's bulk as she works on scrubbing the green. "And they get even bigger from here. I can see why the riders always get the candidates to help with this."

If Arva is finding Ruseth on the large size, then Zekath is definitely massive! K'vir is probably feeling the same and he's far younger than anyone else. Everyone is bigger! Yet he wouldn't change a thing. Already gathering what he'll need as the bronze settles himself with precise efficiency (or close enough to it) in his couch, K'vir pauses long enough to flick a quick half-smirk to Arva. "Or firelizards… or both! At least we don't feed them forever? Could you imagine?" They'd never have lives! "Though what good will it do if I can't even get Zekath into the water?" Zekath just huffs a sigh, not at all miffed by his rider's bafflement. Just so long as he's liked at some point.

"Don't always have to feed them or… clean up after them." Arva says with an audible shudder of disgust, even if her expression can't be seen from behind the green. "Looking forward to that being over with. But that's not so far off. Is Zekath afraid of the water? I thought all bronzes were recklessly brave."

« I am brave! When I need to be. » Zekath states dryly and in his strange, gravelly voice but not directly to Arva. It's projected to Ruseth but who knows who else picked up on it. K'vir wrinkles his nose when he's reminded of the other unpleasant task they face everyday but soon shrugs, "Not so much afraid as he just doesn't like it, so he won't do it unless it's absolutely necessary or… commanded of him. What about Ruseth? She okay with it?"

« Of course you are! All my brothers are brave.»[/span]] Ruseth tries to soothe the bronze's ego, doing some of Arva's diplomacy for her. "Ruseth loves the water." Arva says, finally scooting around to the green's side. "She thinks it helps her complexion. I've tried to explain it doesn't work that way for dragons, but…" Shrug.

Zekath wasn't truly offended but he'll take a compliment when one is given. « Thank you. Our sisters are brave too. » He adds, hinting he means Ruseth too with that. The bronze's focus wavers as K'vir finally gets to oiling the problem areas on his hide — spots that are accessible for now without too much stretching or standing on tip-toe by the boy. "Complexion?" Yeah, cue K'vir's obliviousness again on fancy words. He does snicker, "That's… different for a dragon to worry about."

"She says it's important for her to optimize her abilities." Arva says with another shrug. "I think she's plenty optimized already, but she just tells me one can always do more. [[span style="color:green"]]« Of course they are! » Ruseth chipperly responds to Zekath.

K'vir frowns as he attempts to mull all of that over while also focusing on his work on Zekath's hide. "I think he says something similar, but it doesn't involved the same stuff…" he mutters and then has to stifle a yawn. Who knows if it's him who's actually tired or he's still feeding off of the bronze who is looking more than and little drowsy now. "… At least he said we could do more than swim which is why we got stuck with some doing those marches."

"Yeah, I wouldn't take that deal. Swimming over marching every day." Arva gives her lifemate a look over, checking to make sure she didn't miss oiling any spots. "You know, I had no idea this would be so much more exhausting than candidacy. That was draining enough."

K'vir sighs wistfully, "Maybe he'll get over it." Which is something he can safely say now as Zekath is already half asleep and slipping deeper by the second. Still, he moves carefully as though worried the slightest noise too close to the bronze will wake him and undo everything. "It's a lot of work, huh? They warn us but guess you don't really know 'til you're doing it yourself. Just like Impression… THAT I get now. Why no one can ever explain it." But he grins faintly. "Would you trade it, though? Tired as I am… I don't want to."

"Are you kidding?" Arva says with a little laugh. "Not in a million turns. I'm exhausted, but I've never been happier." She gives Ruseth an affectionate pat and a grin, leaning against her. "I complain because… well, that's what I do. I complain. But I'm still happy."

K'vir grins all the more when Arva laughs and after he's properly cleaned up and put the tools and supplies away, he'll flop down not on his cot but on a worn, beaten looking cushion that he drags close to Zekath. "I dunno if you really complain that much," he admits with a chuckle. "Some of what you said is true! We're all tired. It's a lot of work. Sometimes I still think this'll all be a dream, y'know?"

Arva laughs again. "Really? I feel like I complain a lot. Maybe I'm just doing better of keeping more of the complaining bottled up. I suppose that's a sort of progress." Arva flops onto her couch, lounging to relax a bit. "Given how long it's lasted, I think it's safe to say it's no dream at this point."

"Nah. I mean, there's complaining about things that make sense and then there's the other complaining — like whining. That's annoying." K'vir elaborates, unaware if anything he said makes a lick of sense to her. He stretches out his legs in front of him as he props himself against Zekath's side, grimacing at the stiffness already setting in them. He's not used to this much work! "Dunno. Could be one very good, long dream?" he jokes.

"Could be. Though in my experience, the good dreams are the ones you always feel like you wake up from too quickly." Arva replies, eyes half-shutting as she starts relaxing. "Whew. Plus I don't ever recall needing a nap so badly in a dream…"

K'vir stifles another yawn. "Uh-huh, guess you're right." In all respects. He won't argue with Arva as, well… now that she mentioned it, a nap sounds just so irresistible right now. "Wonder how long we'll get this time…" He mumbles sleepily before settling in more comfortably against Zekath and it won't be long before he's dozing in a light sleep.

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