A Bit Of Sun

Characters Brighid, Janja, Neyuni, Wakua
Synopsis Trader wares on the beach
Out-of-Character Date December 4,2014

Lake Shore
It is sometimes hard to tell where the bowl ends and the lake shore begins. Fine grains of gold, tan and orange hued sand layer much as the bowl walls in the distance beyond. The sand only gives way to thin patches of grass where the tall fence of the feeding grounds intersects the lake to the south and the smooth curve of the bowl wall rises on the opposite shore. At that intersection one can make out a small building and colorful fabrics where the Weyr's residents go to relax. The shallow lake waters shimmer invitingly, day and night, lapping at the fine grain sands. Engineered pipes are hidden beneath the bowl landscape and feed the lake as well as the grasses of the feeding grounds to keep the water levels from dropping past a certain point which is marked by a waist high obelisk.

Seated in the sand near the lake front is Janja, in her usual gauzy elegant attire in place. She clasping her hands together and beaming happily at the bountiful spread of the visiting trader. Brighid is seated folded up on her towel from where she was sunning before interrupted by the junior. "Excellent. Maybe you'll like the line enough to recommend me to her. Igen is always happy to get it's goods and name out into the wide world of Pern. There is an averise hint in her eyes when she reaches for one particular dusty rose ribbon. "This is lovely. Can you tell me the maker?" And just as quickly she's lifted one of the lotions to open and sniff though she waits for the other's response.

"That one, if I'm remembering correctly," Brighid's tone says that she always does, "Is from a small cothold about a sevenday's journey from Southern Boll Hold." She nods, beaming, "It would be my pleasure to recommend your work to her! There's always a market for new and beautiful things, after all." The young trader is clad in a pale green bikini and is pink from spending so much time in the afternoon sun. Her brown firelizard still sleeping on the towel behind her.

Neyuni meanders in with no clear purpose, walking slowly along the shore, gaze fixed more upon the gentle lap of the water than any occupants.

With a nose wrinkle of dislike, Janja puts the one lotion aside. She gathers up another saying before bringing the lotion to her nose. "I need something to help with the chapping. When the wind blows the sands about, it can make your skin really raw. But I don't want just any old smell either." She sniffs, places the other jar down and reaches for a third, just in time to notice Neyuni's arrival. Subtle tense flows over Janja's delicate frame as she calls a polite, "Afternoon Neyuni." in greeting.

Brighid nods, "I'm sure it'll help with the sun, as well." She makes a face, "Even without wind blowing sand everywhere, the sun can be harsh on skin." The blonde picks up a small jar, "This is my personal favorite. It's got a plant extract in it that soothes even the roughest, dryest skin!" She opens the jar and offers it to the older woman with a confidant air, "And it smells really good, too." It's a light scent, slightly floral but with spicy undertones, "I'll even use it on Quil, sometimes, when he's really itchy." The firelizard raises his head at the sound of his voice, but quickly goes back to sleep. It's only when Janja calls out to the newcomer that the trader notices her and flashes a friendly smile.

Neyuni's wanders pass by a snoozing single stretched out and come over to the pair and a trove of wares unspread. It perks her interest enough to wander closer out of curiosity though her demeanor doesn't seem particularly excited as she recognizes Janja, though her response is polite enough "Hey Janja, finding a new trinket?" her interest seems to wane quickly enough as she sees odd pots and a number of pretty things which don't capture her attention quite so much. "Afternoon." she adds to the other sunbather.

Janja reaches to take the offered pot but before her hand can grasp the pot, the woman's whole body shoots upright. "OH! Oh! Of course!" she sputters to absolutely no one. Neyuni's arrival earns wide eyes and Janja nearly springs to her feet, just barely missing the senior in the process. "Feyruth!" She squeeks, hands fluttering helplessly. Her eyes stray for just a second more to the dusty rose ribbon with longing but another shock seems to shoot through her body, knocking that thought right out. "Coming!" The slightly inane chatter continues as without so much as a by your leave, Janja goes trotting off towards her weyr.

"Good afternoon, ma'am." Brighid smiles up at the wandering woman, though the smile fades into a look of surprised confusion when Janja suddenly starts talking nonsense and runs off, "Um…" She slowly lowers the hand holding the jar of lotion, carefully setting it back among the other bottles, jars and ribbon samples, looking beyond bewildered. For a moment, the young woman looks very young, fussing with the placement of her wares as she tries to regain her composure, but she finally looks up again, "Would you care to join me, ma'am? I've got a small sample of my wares to show, if you would like." Her smile is a little forced, this time, and she suddenly blushes a brighter shade of pink, "I'm Brighid, by the way, of the Younes traders."

Neyuni looks all to used to Janja's antics, shifting her weight and leaning to one side as the other goldrider dances past with a finger width to spare. Seeing the look of the other she sympathizes a little "It's nothing personal. Us riders you know, ever at our dragons whims. Though we are supposed to learn in weyrlinghood how to bespeak mentally, one usually gets that funny-odd gaze instead of one side verbal conversations." legs fold for a bit of a rest in the warm sun as you invite a closer look. "I'm not sure it's so much my style," but she's curious enough and then there's always "but it's nice to see what wares come through. We've been lucky with visiting traders of late." and who knows, "and I sitll haven't quite found something for R'en, or Al'dru, or…" a puzzle that so hard to find just the *right* gift for anyone nowadays. "Is the Weyr treating you well Brighid?"

A look that could pass for understanding blooms on Brighid's face and she nods, "Oh…" She smiles apologetically, "I really haven't spent much time around riders before. Grandmother says that the smaller holds are always more appreciative of traders than larger places." She shrugs, "I think we should go wherever the business is." The young woman runs a bit of ribbon through her fingers, a smile slowly pulling at the corners of her mouth, "Well, I've got some very nice lotions here." Functional items! She nods in sympathy, "Well, I've got more than this back at my wagon, if you would like to see what I brought with me." There's a bright smile, "I've got some very nice hides." The question gets a happy nod, "Oh, yes, ma'am. I've only been here since last night, but I'm quite enjoying my stay, so far. I think this is going to be a very profitable trip." And one that will prove that she's responsible enough to make smart business choices!

Neyuni picks up one of the lotion pots as she listens, eventually daring to take a sniff. It isn't rejected so much as put aside and another taken and eyed "I suppose these will prove rather popular. You can imagine what the sun does here to one's skin." good choice for a trader to bring and test out, thinking over the offer of hides "Well, perhaps later. There's no real rush to the pace of life, at least in the waning afternoon. "I've lived around riders all my life. i forget sometimes, I guess I'm to used to such things."

Brighid is seated on a towel with a few bottles and jars of lotion, some ribbon samples, and a few other little odds and ends spread out in front of her as the afternoon sun slowly starts to head westward. She nods, looking pleased with the approval of her choice in products to bring with her, "Well, I know what I like when I've been in the sun and wind too much, so I knew that there would be at least a little interest." She picks up the jar that she had been showing to Janja before the other woman ran off, "This is my personal favorite. I use it everyday." And a personal recommendation is a powerful thing in sales!

Wakua comes down on to the beach to escape the head and she spots Brighid and Neyuni. She moves over as she knows Brighid from the other night and gives a wave, "Hello! Did you find the headwoman all right?" She asks and nods politely to the older woman, "Good day."

The sound of a familiar voice has Brighid squinting down the beach in Wakua's direction, "Oh! Hello, again." She smiles a greeting and nods, "I got to introduce myself this morning." The recommended lotion has a light floral scent with faint spicy undertones, "I use this on Quil when he's feeling particularly itchy." She shrugs, "It might be that it uses a similar base as the oil you use for your dragon? All I know is that it works wonders on dry skin." She pauses for a moment, smiling encouragingly, "Try some, if you like. It feels amazing!"

Wakua smiles, 'That's good to hear. I'm sure you will be doing brisk trading in no time." She turns to Neyuni, "I'm Wakua, I'm also a trader, although I'm out of stock at the moment. Just looking for a good deal to spend my marks on before I'm off again." Her green firelizard pops in from between and wheels around before landing on Wakua's shoulder.

Neyuni rubs the small bit between two finger tips and sniffs at it again before gently setting the pot down. "Well, I'll think about it, though I suspect I'll want a look at those hides sometime if you don't find them a good home." she gives the pot back and looks thoughtfully at her fingers. "Well there's one way to test this." and there's a bit of a mischievous smile that sneaks into her features as she gets back up "Afraid I'll have to catch up with you another time." a head nod in parting to both "Seems Igen has more marks than I thought, but good for business then. Another time." she excuses herself and trots off towards the north in a determined manner.

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