Emotional Overload

Characters A'eyr, Alexa
Synopsis A'eyr and Alexa catch up and get... emotional >.> (there's anger and some sketchy language and stuff).
Out-of-Character Date December 6, 2019

Igen Weyr - Living Cavern
Second only to the Hatching Sands in size -- although its walls are not so nearly circular -- the living cavern is filled with numerous rectangular tables, almost too many to count. The Weyrleaders have the table farthest from the kitchen and hearths at one end of the cavern. The hearths are kept as low-burning as possible during the day when folk come inside to escape the heat outside. They burn brighter at night to keep away the deserts chill. No matter hte level of flame, there is always a stew pot that hangs for nibblers at a good temperature. Favored drinks, particularly iced klah and juice, are kept on ice and interspersed at various food tables scattered about, along with baskets of rolls and fruit. There are, of course, scheduled mealtimes, and at certain points of the day the available fare slides into the menu for the nearest meal, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night snackings, but the staff has long since acknowledged that people will sit to talk and nibble here at all hours. In the cooler parts of the evening in particular, the cavern hosts games of chess, checkers, dragonpoker, and others. Several degrees are knocked off thanks to the Technician Craft's cooling system.

"Ooof, well…" says A'eyr as he steps in from the bowl, shaking the sand off himself before removing goggles and that 'hat thing' he still thinks looks ridiculous on just about everyone— including himself, "…so that's a thing." Yes, yes Alek, sandstorms are a thing. Fortunately it was only now kicking up and he'd reached his primary destination, and so after a moment he makes his way deeper into the living cavern. It didn't matter how many people were crammed in there, the bronzerider makes his way through, perhaps with some widening of his eyes and a whole lot of grinning— because he's not the proper sort and gets his jollies where he can. His goal is that there serving table and the piping hot delights it offers, having only just returned from another of his impromptu craft-oriented expeditions to some place or another, as the hunt for rare and exotic plants never ended in his book. Green eyes scan that sea of faces too as he pushes through, looking for one in particular, in the hope that he wouldn't have to return to the bowl anytime soon. "Oh. Sorry. Breakast crowd is thick today…" he says to someone in passing with a downwards glance and a murmur that has that person flushing and him smirking something awful as he continues onwards.

Sandstorms. So infuriating. Hopefully this one doesn't last long. Alexa doesn't really want to be stuck in the caverns all day, let alone all week. But maybe she's one of the lucky ones. Her weyr kind of attatches to all those inner tunnels, in a round-about sort of way. Regardless. She's here. Because of course she is. And she's already staked out her spot and spread out her work, and is happy to give 'no touchy!' vibes to anyone who dares come too close. But a familiar voice has her head up and her eyes sharp, and when she can't see through the sea of people, she hauls herself up to standing on her chair so she can see over the people. "Alek!" Really, shouting is not terribly necessary. They DO have dragons. Raaneth could totally play telephone for her. But no. She'll just shout. And wave. And grin. And probably attract far more attention than she'd like (and some seriously worried looks, given she's OBVIOUSLY PREGNANT and STANDING ON A CHAIR). "Over here!!"

Someone probably had a good idea how long they could expect to be trapped inside. Someone really smart who'd done all the calculations and figures. Unfortunately, that person wasn't Alek and so he had to be as surprised as everyone else when the sandstorm finally did settle down. Speaking of surprised. Imagine the look on his face as he turns with his plate of deliciousness in hand and in his scanning for a seat finds a very pregnant sister standing on hers. Bah-link. That, is a rather large belly she was sporting there. Yep. And so he'll just stand there until he's jostled by a passerby, seeming to break the stalemate of his staring contest with that round protuberance of belly. He'll move forward then, gaze darting upwards and doing his best to smile and pretend that he isn't taken back by the obvious evidence of his sister's defilement, "That's a good look for you," he chuckles, finding a place among the paperwork to settle into with his breakfast, "Very, the kitchen had to make a second breakfast for everyone else…" Yep, he's still a jerk, given he's smirking after saying that.

Alexa makes a face as she carefully climbs down from her chair so that she can sit in it properly. "Don't be a dick or I'll assign you somewhere remote and plant-less," she threatens. "I can do it, you know." She has a pen and she knows how to use it! Her hand smooths over her stomach, an absentminded gesture that has become habit of late. "Stupid healer says I still have a few months to go. Pretty sure I'll pop any day." She won't. She's not even that big yet. Big, yes. But not as big as she's gonna be. She fusses with her spread, corralling papers and books into neat little stacks so that there's a place for Alek at her table. "Find anything interesting wherever-the-hell you've been?"

And A'eyr watches, already placing a fork into his mouth with a heaping bit of food on it's end, as if he was enjoying the show. Hey, Alexa had gotten herself up there, she should be able to get herself back down again! Though, admittedly, had she struggled he would have helped her! He's not a total asshole, honest. "Ooooh," he grins in the face of her threat, "Mean!" Another bite is taken as paperwork is shuffled aside, setting his plate down as soon as there was a spot for it and seems either to take her warning as idle or that he was simply undaunted by it. Then he's seriously eyeballing the evidence of Alexa's pregnancy, as if trying to estimate without all those important data points that'd make anything he came up with accurate, "Maybe it's twins?" he offers completely unhelpfully, shoving another forkful past his far too smirky lips. If he's not murdered on the spot, he'll shrug his shoulders and look somewhat disappointed, "Not really. The rumors turned out to be part of a local legend, but…I was able to replenish most of my more common supplies." Not a totally loss then, even if the whole reason he'd gone out into the middle of seemingly nowhere had been a bust. And then, "So, clearly…you've been…busy…" His fork is pointed at the general location of the fetus his sister carries.

Alexa is not impressed. And it shows. There's a scowl, and a wrinkle of her nose, as she eyes her brother. But the suggestion of twins has her almost horrified — and for a moment there's a true look of panic in her eyes. "Don't say that," she adds, recovering quickly and reaching over to swat at his shoulder. "You know twins don't often make it…" They were a notable exception, but even their lives were touch-and-go for a while there. With her piles made, she picks at her own food with far less enthusiasm, opting for a mild sesame cracker and a soft cheese spread. "That sucks," she sighs, for his unsuccessful adventure. "Maybe next time?" Cause there's always a next time. Have dragon, will travel. To ever exotic locations, apparently. As for her? She makes another face, and glances down at her stomach as if it might have changed in the last five seconds. "Not exactly by choice," she points out. "Not much to be done when Raaneth rises. You should see the bronzer responsible. He looks like the villain of a romance novel."

All too accustomed to the scowls and frowns of his sister's general overall disapproval, Alek makes quick work of his food, intent on getting it into him while it was still something close to warm. He chortles as his shoulder is swatted, feeling its lightness thanks to the fact that his current attire lacked any sort of padding, the thin fabrics meant for breathe-ability typical of the region. "Oh, you're fine. If anyone is stubborn enough to carry twins to term, it's you." Was that a compliment or an insult? Probably both considering his grin remains as unfaltering as always. What Alexa has chosen to put into her mouth just then gets a side-eye, but Alek doesn't say anything about it, which in of itself marks his own disapproval, "Morning sickness should have ended in the first trimester, Allie. You should be eating better." Plants or no plants, the bronzerider was a healer through and through, though he did try not to impose himself on her in this regard unless she came to him first. His unsolicited advice aside, his pretense temporarily falls away, "Yeah, maybe. Have another trip planned in a couple sevendays, but…" BELLY! "Maybe I should wait." Green eyes lifting, "Oh? There something there?" With the bronzer. "Otherwise, I'm having trouble wrapping my head around why you decided to keep it." There were ways, after all, of preventing and stopping an unwanted pregnancy. Herbs, betweening, among them.

"I'm eating just fine, thank you very much," comes a bit more hotly than normal teasing. And in defiance, Alexa spreads another bit of cheese on a cracker and chomps it with all the righteous fury she can muster. It's the last that has her frowning again, sullen and defensive as she swallows down her bite of food and reaches for her glass of water. "Of course not. First off, it was a flight. It wasn't romantic in any way. Secondly, he has a weyrmate. And third… Well. I just don't." Whatever that means. "Maybe if you were around a bit more, you'd know." That was definitely a little bitter sounding, and she won't even apologize for it. "I kept it because I felt like it. What does it matter? It's nothing to do with the dragonrider who sired it. Frankly, I got the distinct impression he didn't want anything to DO with it, which is fine by me. But just because our mother didn't want us doesn't mean I don't want it." The baby.

The bronzerider's brows lift upwards but his grin remains, watching Alexa chow down with pointed gusto, and perhaps it was the spike of heat behind her words that keep him from ribbing her further with a well placed 'clearly'. See, even A'eyr had some sense of self preservation. He's quiet as he typically was when he observes his subject, taking in the downward draw of her mouth and the stiffness of her body that outright betrays her unhappiness, "You just don't…what?" he asks, taking in another mouthful and chewing in contemplation as he looks Alexa over and then away as she attacks his pension for being away more often than he remained in Igen. "It's a desert weyr, Alexa. I have to go where the plants are." There was no apology from him either, even if he felt that old familiar pang of guilt for not being around as much for her as he once had. All the more so now that his sister had done and gone got herself impregnated. "I'm not talking about our mother, I'm talking about you." Food finished, he sits back, sipping at his iced tea and notably lacking any remnants of a smile. "You don't need to justify it to me, do what you want. You're a grown woman. I'm just trying to understand." Casually he glances about as if refamiliarizing himself with a place he hadn't set foot in for months, his attention returning to Alexa not long after, "You could have written me, you know. I would have cut the trip short. You're always going to be more important than anything else I have going on."

"What is there to understand? I kept it because I wanted to keep it," asserts Alexa, good humor gone. "Why does there have to be a reason beyond that?" And whether there is or not, she's clearly in no mood to discuss it. The next cracker to meet her fingers gets crushed between them, broken into bits on the plate and then poked at as if somehow pieces of crackers are more delicious than whole ones. "What would be the point?" Of writing a letter. "There's nothing to do but wait. You shouldn't be trapped here just because I am. And if I'd written you'd have come home sooner and then we'd both just be miserable," she declares. She fusses with her food, arranging her broken bits of cracker into a line from smallest to largest and then going on to arrange the unbroken ones in their own little line.

Alek's green eyes remain on his twin, watching her in silence as she speaks and commits random acts of cracker violence, a sip or two taken from his drink. Outside the sandstorm was kicking up and somewhere beneath the ambient sound of well over a dozen murmured conversations there is a low moaning and the occasional whistle in short bursts. For a moment, it seems as if A'eyr was about to say something, perhaps a question or statement itching to be released, but instead he just sucks air in through his nose and releases it again with a soft sound lost to crowded living cavern. Whatever conclusions he draws are kept to himself and he lets the questions presented to him on the topic of the unborn she carries slip into the realm of rhetorical. Instead, "I'm not miserable here, just…" Bored. He's bored. There is only so much to be done with cactus flowers. "Wait, why are you miserable?" Brows are pinched into as knot, his beverage's recepticle lowered from his lips to reveal the full seriousness of his expression. "Someone messing with you or something?" Cause he will mess them up.

A snort, and Alexa slants a look at her brother. "Yeah. Your unborn niece or nephew." Sarcasm. "My feet hurt, my back hurts, the stupid kid is pressing on my bladder at really inconvenient times." Like always. "Really, I could go on. I'm seven months pregnant and live in the desert. How would I /not/ be miserable?" But at least she'll pick up another cracker and eat it, as crackers are meant to be. "Other than that… no. I'm not actually miserable. Maybe a little lonely," she admits. "I mean, I have Raaneth. But there are some things a dragon just doesn't understand." Even if that dragon can read your mind. "Although, for a while there we were pregnant at the same time, and that was kinda interesting." Not necessarily fun, but interesting.

Gaze dropping to the swell of Alexa's belly, Alek's brows then lift and again there is something to be spoken that is unrealized, this time exhaled in the heaviness of a sigh. Really. "I have some herbal treatments that might help with some of the more, uncomfortable, side effects." Like joint aches, constipation, and stretch marks. The rest? Well, the rest would eventually resolve following delivery. Eventually. Hormones were kinda assholes in their lingering and tendency to shift towards lactation, six weeks of menstruation, and an emotional sledgehammer to the face. Suddenly, the bronzerider was eternally thankful for having been born male. "Is it at least more comfortable for you in your weyr?" Cause he would totally makes sure that there was some sort of cooling unit installed if it wasn't, as proper rest was important, especially with the constant threat of heat exhaustion hanging overhead. "I can totally stick around for a while, Allie. I've got plenty to keep me busy here outside of spending time with you when you need it." He would of course have to head back out eventually, but for now? There comes a nod, "Yeah, I know what you mean." In regards to lifemates just not being enough sometimes. A'eyr nearly chokes on his tea, "Oh, I bet it was all kind of interesting." And he was GLAD to have missed it. Yikes.

Alexa waves away the concern with a cracker-holding hand. "The healers in the infirmary gave me some things. It's mostly the back aches that bother me. But it comes and goes, and they said it was to be expected. They're already taking bets on how big the kid will be." Given his father isn't exactly tiny. (>.>) "I can't believe I have two more months of this madness! It isn't fair. Raaneth only had to carry her eggs for a month. Just the one!" Pout. "But yes, I'm comfortable enough my weyr. It's just kinda miserable being so big." She's not even as big as she's gonna be yet. A hearty sigh, and she bites her newest cracker in twain, chewing quickly before placing the other half down again. "I guess… I guess I just thought if I was ever going to be a mother… I dunno. I guess I just never thought it would be me and only me. Does that make sense? I mean… No," she declares, absolutely adamantly, "I don't want the bronzerider who knocked me up. Not physically, not emotionally, not in any way at all. It's not like that with any of them and I don't want it to be. But I just guess it would be nice to have someone." A nose wrinkle, and she flicks a tiny piece of previously broken cracker at her brother; playful. "I think being pregnant is making me emotional."

A soft dismissive sound reverberates within the cup in Alek's hand as he brings it back up to his lips, but other than this there is no indication he's feeling rejected or anything for his sister's declination of his help. It wasn't as if he could force her to take any of his tinctures or salves, even if he was so inclined as to leave a basket or two of the stuff at the entry to her weyr. Another glance downwards, and then further. Fully dressed and from the side isn't the best way to perform a prenatal exam, A'eyr. "Just keep me updated on that…" is all he says, not about to worry her unnecessarily with facts about the complication that could present itself in her hip width in comparison to the child's head circumference. "Ah, but does laying a half dozen eggs or so seem that appealing?" he teases, probably already guessing the answer right now was a resounding yes. Better than carrying around all that baby for another couple of months. Humming softly, A'eyr nods, already having decided to check on the comfortability factor himself in his free time. As the conversation turns towards the heart rather than the belly, sympathy leaks into the bronzerider's features, "It makes sense." They were both hold raised, after all. The sense of family and companionship resonated deeply within him as well, wanting it but not so desperate to settle for just anyone. Eyebrows shooting upwards in a flash, Alek blinks several times over as he stares at his sister, "There's nothing wrong with thinking about it or wanting it, Allie. You two made a kid together, that should mean something, and it probably does even if whatever his name is doesn't show it. You're strangers to one another." Setting his drinks down and turning in his chair more towards Alexa, "Hey, there's nothing wrong with wanting someone. I know I do, but really…neither of us should settle…" Cracker flicked, it hits somewhere around his general chest area and falls away to disappear, bringing the smirk back to his lips, "Fact," he says brushing away the imaginary remnants of that crumb, "But that doesn't make what your feeling inaccurate…"

A'eyr will find the weyr suitably cool and comfortable during the day, warm and cozy during the night. While Igen may not be the most modern of Weyrs, it at least boasted air conditioning. And a small hearth keeps Alexa nice and warm when the temperature drops. It's the mention of eggs that has her nose wrinkling again, eyes rolling as she declares, "The queens of the Pass would lay up to forty eggs! I think Ramoth was once reported to have laid fifty or sixty! Compared to that, Raaneth's clutch of 5 — which is the most she's laid to date " (even if she's only had two clutches) " and it simply cannot compare. So yes. Give me those five tiny eggs to push out, over carrying this monstrosity for another two months." Grump-grump! Raaneth, however, may disagree heartily, given she's the one that had to push them out and then tend to them on the Sands for a further two months. But internal arguments aside, there's the question of human companionship that has Alexa sighing all over again. "There is nothing between us. And there shouldn't be. And I don't want there to be. I mean, if he wants to see the kid, that's fine. But I don't need, or want, to see him." Or any of the other men that have won or might win her flights. "And settling would imply there was something to settle for. Which there isn't. There isn't anyone, Alek. There's no one who likes me like that — and in case you think I'm pouting, I'll add that there's no one that I like 'like that' either. I guess it's just… I dunno. I guess I always thought I'd at least have one or two love affairs in my life." Cause she's SOOOOOO OLD at all of twenty turns. "Ugh. I hate sounding like I'm whining."

As long as everything was copasetic, A'eyt wouldn't fuss too much, but those baskets of pregnancy friendly goodies would show up from here on out until either the child was delivered or Alexa put a stop to it. Nothing over the top of course, but enough to get her through as well as strongly impress upon her that he cared enough to put in the effort. Quite telling, for those who knew him as well as she did. "Great, I needed that image…" he groans, looking a little green around the edges, but most certainly not sharing exactly what had just flashed across his mind. As far as the tribulations that Alexa was experiencing in her decision to remain pregnant after her lifemate's latest flight, well, he'll just keep his mouth shut. He will smirk at her with the hooded eyes of someone who wanted to say 'you're the one who decided to keep it' though, before shrugging his shoulders and sipping at his drink. He'll sit and listen to her though, only looking ever so slightly smug, but simply because that was him and not for any other reason. "You're twenty, plenty of time to have love affairs, sweet sister…" he states matter of fact as if the idea of waiting didn't bother him remotely as much as it seemed to do her. "Mhmmm, not so much whining and more…" A hand is waved, "…I don't know…lamenting?" Maybe that wasn't the best word choice either, even if he'll leave it at that, "You're young, beautiful, and chalked full of…" Word selection here is chosen carefully, as breathing was a habit he'd come to enjoy, "…passion. Someone will come along…don't worry so much about that. Focus on you for now before introducing someone into it who's more than likely to make you question everything. Including your sanity…" He totally didn't just eye sweep that belly, nope. He's sipping his tea.

"Sounds like whining to me." Lamenting. Whining. Same thing as far as Alexa is concerned. "It's still a very 'poor me' approach to something that is… well. It's not that big a deal." Even if sometimes it feels like it. Alexa can at least appreciate that not having a lover is not exactly that tragic in the grand scheme of things. "Passion. Sure." She'll just go right ahead, arch an eyebrow at that, but let him get away with it. Alek can live for another day. "Focus on 'me' now?" A snort. "Yeah, okay. Suppose that means I've got a crap ton to work on? Or is it that pregnancy-body isn't exactly boy-bait?" She knows it isn't. But she'll poke at him anyways. "And you make it sound like it would be this dramatic, life altering thing to have someone take an interest. I'm not talking about suddenly attaching myself to another person. I'm just talking about, like… I don't even know. But never mind," she hand-waves.

Shrugging, "It's kinda a big deal if it matters to you," Alek supplies unhelpfully, seemingly unwilling to let his twin go on believing that the things she wants aren't that important as a whole. Not that he expects to change her mind on it, or anything else for that matter. He could be just as stubborn as she. A sigh emerges, "No, I didn't mean any of that at all. I just mean enjoy your life and do the things you want to do before getting swept up in romance or whatever…" A'eyr's all too soon waving his hand in a similar manner as Alexa, "How would I know? I haven't met anyone worth spending my time on either, but I do have colleagues who've I've more or less lost to their great loves. All their free time eaten up with maintaining their relationships."

Alexa may not be a teenager anymore, but she can still roll her eyes and sigh dramatically like the best of them. "I'm just being emotional. Falling in love isn't that big a deal," she decides. "If it never happens, it never happens, and I can still live a good life without it. I'm just… I dunno. Lonely." She's said it before but perhaps it bears repeating, though she won't say it again. "And I DO enjoy my life," she huffs. "I love Raaneth. And I've grown to love Igen, and I absolutely love being a weyrwoman." Papers and pens and alphabetical organization and ACCOUNTING SPREADSHEETS!!! Frankly, Alexa is in her own personal Pernese heaven. "I don't need another person to be happy. Even if, well…" And here her hand finds her belly, in the sort of touch that all women seem to adopt when pregnant. "Even if there's going to *be* another person."

"If you say so," Alek says sounding very unconvinced, but he isn't going to press the matter any further than he already has, simply looking over the rim of his glass and nodding a few times. When it comes to being lonely, well, even he could understand that much and that it wasn't the kind of lonely that would be much affected by the presence of her brother. Regardless, "Like I said, I'll stick around for a while if you want. If what's his name doesn't show up to support you while your squeezing out his kid, I'm more than willing to stay and hold your claw…" comes in teasing tone with plenty enough seriousness to give validity to his words. Say what he might, he loved Alexa whole-heartedly, and her happiness remained one of his priorities. "Of course you do," he says of her love for her life, "It's almost disgusting how well things have worked out for you, practically living the life you told me turns ago you always wanted." Alek keeps his mouth shut on the whole lover front now, deciding to devote his full attention to that belly, "What were you planning to do, after?" It might seem a general and shapeless question, but it also left plenty of room for interpretation even if his intension in asking was fairly obvious.

Loneliness is loneliness, and it might just be helped by a brother. Or a friend. But Alexa is just going to shrug it off, pick up another piece of broken cracker, and munch on it. A grimace and she admits, "I'm not sure I want him there for that. He's welcome to come and see the baby, but…" Being in labor is kind of one of those things that Alexa imagines is somewhat humiliating to do with strangers present. "But if you want to be there, I'd like that." He'll probably be smart enough to only give her one finger to hold, to spare himself a broken hand. "And things haven't worked out so bad for you, either," she huffs. "You now have a perfectly accommodating" or at least, somewhat willing " giant bronze beast to fly you around Pern to whatever leafy-green paradise your heart desires. Even if you'd made Master in the craft, you have to admit that having a dragon gives you certain freedoms you wouldn't have had otherwise." Instant travel definitely being one of them. As for what she'll do after the little nugget is born? "I have thought about it," she admits. "And… I don't have time to raise it outright. So I was going to foster the child to someone here at Igen. One of the lower caverns workers, most likely. I still want to be present." Even if she can't raise it.

A'eyr wasn't even going to start to presume he had any idea what it was that Alexa wanted out of life, other than the musings they once had that felt like eons ago. So much had changed since they last shared their hopes and dreams, each one perhaps guilty of not looking deeper than the surface suggested. At the very least, Alek was trying to be a comfort, even if he chuckles before finish off his tea, "I wouldn't if I was you. Better he see you and the kid after you've had time to…freshen up…" Annnnnd, he'll leave it at that. If Alexa's healers hadn't started talking about the birthing process with her yet, he certainly didn't want to be the first one to broach the topic even if it was killing him not to if just to see the look on her face. Ah, precious. Casting this aside, his smile returns in full force, fleetingly lacking it's usual smug quality, "I'd love to be there." A chuckle soon follows, "I suppose so. It does cut down on wait time, but…" There were always transport dragons who could be scheduled for drop off and pick up, "…it does cut dramatically down on wait times." Not to mention the carrying capacity. "Ugh, Master rank. It all seems so very boring at that stage and you're too old to really enjoy the perks." Journeyman suited him juuuuuuust fine. "Although, yes. I am fairly pleased with how things have turned out." To say the least. "That sounds pretty good to me," he supplies, "I'm not sure how it all works, or rather how it's supposed to. Is that a normal option or are you going to have to put feelers out there?" Yes Alexa, tell him all your plans.

Alexa eyes her brother briefly, pale brow lofted. Honestly, she ought to be careful or it make become stuck like that. "Pretty darn common," she agrees. "Dragonriders don't exactly have a lot of free time. Even if their duties to the Weyr don't take up their day, there's a rather massive creature that demands their attention." Dragon's don't bathe and oil themselves, that's for sure. "Most children in the Weyr are fostered," she points out. "And there are the nannies that will watch them during the day. And the Headwoman knows enough to recommend who good parents are, and who is ready for another child. It's all rather… seamless," she admits. "It's just weird to be on this side of it. I am used to tracking numbers and recording pairings. I'm not used to being one of the ones that will be tracked or recorded."

Snorting softly, "Don't look at me like that," Alek says with notable amusement, all too familiar with the 'you've just random sprouted six new heads' look that Alexa sometimes shot at him. "It might be common, but I've never had a reason to pay much attention to those sort of things." After all, Indaryth might consider himself a 'lady's man' but he had yet to be even once successful in catching the females he chased so embarrassedly often with such gusto. A source of incredible, frustration, to them both. And while his lifemate had the fortunate ability to forget, Alek wasn't so lucky. Not once does he say 'I know' to state his awareness with how busy dragonriders could be, as brother and sister shared that trait. "But I have seen some dragonriders raising whole herds of offspring together." And yet, overpopulation was never an issue. Go figure. Humming, the the bronzerider nods, "Makes sense, much like it's weird for me at the very idea of you having a baby to begin with. It feels like only yesterday we were switching places and pranking our own foster mother…" How time flies.

"It was bound to happen sooner or later." Alexa getting pregnant. "Raaneth might not fly as often as a green, but she does rise." And preventatives aren't always successful. And sometimes the alternatives aren't acceptable. "I suppose I ought to be glad it happened now, while I'm young and… supple or something. Is that even a thing? I know it is with some animals," she declares. "Like runners. It isn't safe for them to have foals so late in life." Even if she's not exactly a runner… Ahem. "Anyway. Yeah. It did happen quick, I suppose. But at the same time, it's felt like ages since we weren't here. And I can't imagine a time before Raaneth anymore…" Nor does she want to. "Is it really that weird?" she wonders. And a second later, her face falls and she asks, "Do you hate it?" with a true tone of vulnerability. "That I'm pregnant?"

A'eyr considers this briefly before he appears to agree with an inclination of his head and minute lift and drop of his shoulders, "I suppose if you put it that way…" The bronzerider was delayed in wrapping his head around the bulge of his sister's belly, but he was getting there slowly but surely. Although as Alexa describes herself as 'young and supple' he nearly chokes on his tea, coughing against the back of his hand as soon as he manages to get the glass back down, "Young and…supple?" he weakly echoes in mused disbelief, but he doesn't supply a suitable replacement. "Well," comes after he's recovered, downing the last of his drink while it was safe, "I mean, it depends?" Not helpful, and he knows it. With a wince, he sets his empty glass back down with a clink of it's remaining ice, "It's more the older women get the more likely the birth defects or infertility, but even that depends on the woman…" It might not be the best explanation, but it was the best he could do without putting all sorts of unnecessary thoughts of potential doom and gloom in the goldrider's head. In absolute agreement, Alek nods his head, "Yeah, I feel the same about Indy…" Who hated that nickname, which is why his rider used it often, "Well, yeah it's weird, for me at least. I never thought of you…" Gesturing instead of finishing that sentence, the addition of his expression said it all. His sister having sex and getting pregnant equalled weird. Did he hate it? "What? No." he snorts, "I love you, so if your happy I'm happy." He throws an arm over her shoulders and gives her a short squeeze.

"I meant my joints— Oh never mind." Alexa is not going to try and explain what she meant by 'supple' but suffice it to say that it had nothing to do with… acrobatics. Just anatomy and the ease at which she might be able to give birth. It's the preoccupation with her being pregnant — and how weird it is — that sets her mouth into a frown. Even if she tries to hide it, there's a subtle twitch at the corners. "I suppose I never thought of you as a father," she allows. "But… not because I don't think you're like… abstinent." This is getting to be a weird conversation, acknowledged by a wrinkle of the goldrider's nose. "If you say so," she decides, for not hating it. But she accepts the hug, leaning her head briefly against his shoulder before sitting up straight and reaching for another cracker. "I suppose I'm happy. It's hard to say so when I feel like a bloated herdbeast and want to throttle the guy responsible. I'm told that's normal though." Snort. "But yeah, I guess I'm happy. At least, I'm not unhappy about it."

"Mhmmhmm," Alek teases, nodding and not looking the least bit convinced but it was all in an— perhaps poor— attempt to lighten the mood. Of course he'd noted that frown, which brings about a sigh, "Allie, don't be upset. It's not like I had any warning. Just boom, you are very pregnant. I never really got the chance to wrap my head around it before…" he reiterates, but drops it as apparently he was really bad at putting things into context, at least with this. However, as the goldrider continues, his brows shoot upwards, "I am, but that's by personal choice. Indy chases everything that moves but hasn't caught and I'm not really interested in my first time being with someone randomly selected by him of all dragons…." Clearly much more comfortable talking about himself than his sister, A'eyr does let the conversation move on from there, seeming to pick up on her discomfort with the topic. Instead there are hugs, "I say so." That over and done with, Alek retracts his arm and settles back into his chair after stealing one of them those crackers there, laughing as he sets his teeth against it for a bite, "I remember my maternity rotation, so I can safely say yes, that's pretty normal." A pause and, "I really am pleased for you, Allie, and I will give you whatever support you need. I promise."

A sharp breath comes, not for the declaration that her brother is a virgin, but the declaration of why. There's a moment of rigid tension and clenched jaw, a flash of green eyes that clearly read more in that statement than Alek likely intended. And then a rush of color motivated by much more than awkwardness. "Well," comes tersely, in a tone that is not as flat as Alexa would have liked it to be. "Not all of us have that luxury. Some of us don't get a choice when our dragons rise, and whether we like it or not, we end up in bed with 'someone randomly selected', and they don't give a damn what our preferences are. Glad you never have to suffer that indignity," she declares, her nearly-non-existent-to-begin-with façade cracking. The cracker tossed back to the plate, she shoves away from the table and stands — albeit slowly because pregnant — and decides, "I should get back to work. It's fine. I'm fine," she continues. "I'm perfectly fine, so don't worry about it. I have Raaneth, and there's a team of healers in the infirmary, and I'm fine." On her own. The words aren't quite spoken, but the implication is likely clear. "Nice to see you back. Send me a letter whenever you get to wherever you're going next."

To say that A'eyr is surprised by Alexa's reaction would be an understatement. He knew his sister well enough to understand that he'd said something he shouldn't have, but beyond that initially he was absolutely clueless as to the cause. That's almost entirely cleared up for him as the goldrider speaks, his eyebrows launching upwards, "Whoa, whoa…wait." But Alexa doesn't wait, she's throwing food and preparing her exit, a rare frown setting itself on Alek's face, "I don't get a choice whether or not my dragon chases either, Alexa. I just told you Indaryth hasn't caught, that isn't my fault. I'm sorry Raanth made choices for you already, but that's not my fault either." Green eyes lifting as his sister's bulk does, the bronzerider crosses his arms across his chest and shakes his head, "Oh yeah, you're totally fine. Clearly." She was not fine and they both knew it. With her all riled up, A'eyr wasn't about to poke the bear any more than he had already inadvertently had, though he will say this much, "I'll be around until after the baby's born," he's decided, "When you calm the hell down, maybe you can explain to me what all that was about, but until then…remember I love you." Sure, he was mildly irritated at the sudden turn around, though now was not the time to get an explanation. He'll let her storm off or whatever it is she planned to do, and he'll sit there and brood for a bit until the storm passes, then he'll head back to his weyr to dust off the cobwebs.

"Oh yeah, poor you. Your dragon chases and you don't automatically end up in bed with whoever the hell the rider is. You can decide who you want to sleep with, while I just get to be the whore that ends up with whatever man rides the bronze that catches Raaneth. But it's clearly the same thing." Yeah, Alexa is not exactly a rational human being in this moment, and it is definitely far better to just let her stomp off rather than engage in some sort of debate. Because reason? Reason has clearly left the building. "Just don't be a dick when he finally does catch, because you have NO idea what it is like on the other side!" And with those wonderful words, she's stomping her giant preggo-self right out of the living caverns, undoubtedly drawing attention (though most of the weyrfolk are smart enough to pretend they saw nothing).

It's at this point that the irritation settles into something akin to the realm of 'whatever' for the bronzerider as Alexa was not at all being rational, but is smart enough not to let it show to such a degree that he sets her off again. He doesn't sigh or mutter anything under his breath, he simply sits there and frowns at his sibling in silence. He'd said what he had to and now it was a matter of waiting for her to depart and the dust to settle. Only after she's spread the crowd like the red sea does he groan in a huff, cleaning up the leavings of their meals, and makes sure there is someone to collect the goldrider's abandoned paperwork. That done, he's off, headed for the hydroponics to catch up with the healers there.

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