Egg Gawking and Stories of Search

Characters Daija, Emelene, Eresai, Janja, Lucrezia, R'en, Vivka
Synopsis A lot of people come to admire the eggs, two have stories about Search, and one Search story gets made.
Out-of-Character Date December 10, 2014

Igen Weyr - Hatching Galleries
From this vantage point, you can look over the balcony to the Sands below. The seating here stretches out around the perimeter of the Sands, the rows of seating rising high above. The benches are wooden, simple bleachers, and the stone steps have been worn down along their center from turns of foot-traffic. Above the bleachers, the ledge of the galleries is pocked and marked from dragonclaws where dragons have perched to watch the hatchings as well.

Gawking is practically what the hatching galleries are for, when there's eggs on the sands. Sure, some might argue that their purpose is grander, that they're really for the day when the shells have hardened and the newly hatched are spilling forth to wander clumsily about all egg-be-gooed and awkward to find their white robed lifemates. But that's just one day out of all the days the eggs spend hardening in the heat of the caverns, so can Eresai be blamed for putting the wooden benches to their interim purpose? His forehead is beaded with sweat and his light shirt shows some evidence that he's been here a time already, his chin resting between his fists, elbows propped on knees and looking thoughtfully at those eggs that can be seen and their dam. He's quiet, he's polite, he's just staring, and that's to be expected.

R'en doesn't spend as much time in the stands as a goldrider would, but he does his fair share. Sindrieth is not on the sands himself, taking a break while he can while the gold tends to the clutch - before he's expected to resume guard duty. Despite that, R'en makes his way towards the galleries to take a break, and make sure the eggs are still in one piece for his overly protective bronze. "Told you they'd still be fine." He quips to nobody in particular, carrying a glass of water with him and taking a seat nearby where Eresai is seated. "Hope you don't mind some company." He says lightly, and since it's a break, it's just him with his water and nothing additional.

Daija has arrived.

Eresai's hazel eyes pull up away from the eggs at the voice, settling on R'en as he takes his seat nearby the wooden bench occupied by the apprentice. It's pulled his chin out of his fists, which is helpful, since the arrival of the Weyrleader seems to have necessitated a straightening of his posture, feet on the floor, hands on his knees and shoulders no longer rolled forward. If the apprentice looks a touch uncertain for those first words, it's likely because he hasn't been in the Weyr long, nor likely much in the close company of riders. "Of course not, sir," is nearly automatic. Then, with a touch of chagrin, "I'd imagine it's more appropriate that I should be asking you. They tell me that the Weyrwoman and clutchsire- er, you, that is, spend a lot of time here once the eggs are laid," which must make it R'en's space more than Eresai's.

R'en notes the straightened posture, giving the young man a look over before settling neatly onto the bench and taking a drink from his water before settling the glass on the opposite side of himself. He scrunches his nose a little at the notion that it's a question better poised for himself, and shakes his head. "This place is public, so it's nobody's in particular. I only spend what time I must, Sindrieth is a good sire and doesn't need my company most of the time." He admits, though the bronze is not on the sands at the moment. "He just sends me to check on them when he isn't around to make sure none go missing. So far, so good." He says, glancing out on the sands and assuming they're all there if Zuhth isn't throwing a fit.

"They do that?" Eresai's eyes bug big at the thought. "Do they.. have.. little legs on them or.." It might serve to entertain that the apprentice seems to be turning that curious gaze of his out to the sands and genuinely looking at the eggs on the sands to see if there are such hidden qualities that make them mobile pre-hatching, but then, he looks back to the weyrleader, embarrassed; that's crazy, isn't it? His cheeks hold the blush. "I imagine it's different for Sindrieth," he very carefully pronounces the name, though still gets it a little wrong, "than it would be for a person. At least it's a lot less time on the sands, and I guess Zuhth," which is a simple enough name that one would think he'd be able to get it just right, which he doesn't but is clearly trying (and maybe that's the trouble), "would be past the midnight pickles and pork rinds time now that the eggs are out." If it helps, he tries for humor, "The eggs are a lot quieter than infants." No?

Emelene has arrived.

Hurried footsteps and labored breathing herald the infirmary aide's entrance before her tanned face appears on the gallery stairs. Black hair wound around her head like a coronet, then done up in a bun, and sporting black harem pants with a loose gray top, Daija smiles a little breathlessly as she reads the landing. "Wow! They're jus as amazin' as always," she says loudly, to no one in particular, and sits down at the nearest seat, digging around in the black drawstring bag she's brought with her; she pulls out a leather-bound journal and flips through the pages. "Anyone got a count?" she asks, again loudly, this time a few octaves higher, looking around with shameless black-brown eyes.

Lucrezia has arrived.

Someone let everyone in the infirmary free. Well, two of the workers, anyway. Not far behind Daija but long enough between arrivals they wouldn't seem to e together, Emelene is seem stepping up the stairs of the gallery. She's got her work clothes still on, a crisp white tunic with the sleeves banded in Healer green and adorned with her knot of rank and off-white pants over comfortable shoes. Her hair is bound back in a bun to keep it out of the way. Given her clean appearance it was probably a quiet day. "Count?" She hears the tail end of that and blinks at the familiar aide's face. "Count of what?"

There Eresai was, being quiet in his egg-gawking, and then engaged in conversation with R'en at normal volumes, the apprentice with sweat-marked garments and the weyrleader with his cup of water, and then Daija. His hazel eyes move away from the weyrleader to find the new speaker. His response is (disappointingly) polite. "They were saying ten in the caverns, I've counted seven so far, but," he glances briefly to the bronzerider before looking back to the dark haired girl, "this is only my second time seeing eggs, and last time they were exploding, so…" Maybe he's not the most qualified to be doing egg-counting. His hands make an expansive gesture probably meant to illustrate "exploding eggs." The teen's hazel gaze switches to Emelene as she appears.

"Aye, count. Ya deaf?" Daija is giving Emelene a look that may convey a bit of exasperation at having to repeat herself when she spoke loudly for all to hear. She flips to a page of her journal with pictures of badly-drawn egg-like shapes. "Eggs, they're there, see?" Her finger points in the direction of the sands, where the colorful ovoids are resting peacefully for now. "Ten? That's it? Shame," the infirmary aide laments, "coulda sworn it'd be at least twenty!" Hopeful thinking, maybe, but for the explosion sounds, her black brows smoosh together. "Ain't seen no eggs 'splode like that."

"Well I was climbing, I missed part of it." Emelene says back to Daija, though with that gentler mimic of exasperation that, combined with the grin on her face, shows she takes no offense. She passes a nod towards Eresai before her eyes are taken towards the eggs and she lets out a quiet exhale. "I've never seen a dragon hatch. I hear it gets crazy though, dragons rushing every which way to find their someone. I think if I was surrounded by twenty hungry baby dragons I'd be burying myself in that sand till it was over."

R'en seems lost in thought for quite a while, enough that it seems like he's simply ignoring the chattering of young people nearby. His hand remains around his glass, though the 'exploding' comment does draw his attention for a moment before he simply shurgs it off. "With it not being a pass, ten is plenty respectable." He comments, pushing himself to his feet and walking over to see how many that he can count from where he's standing there. "A few of them are black, so meld into the sands a lot." He adds about the eggs themselves, and quirks a bit of a smile. As for crazy hatchlings trampling around, he makes no comment.

The jingling of bracelets precedes Lucrezia's arrival, the trader-turned-Candidate either done with chores or simply without them for the day. She hums as she goes, bright eyes flicking from person to person once she comes within view of the other visitors. A hand lifts, fingers wiggle, and a merry, "Hello!" is offered in a sweet, lilting voice that bears a most peculiar accent. She practically skips the rest of the way, closing the distance between herself and the knot of conversationalists. Her attention slides briefly to the eggs and whichever of the clutch parents is present before her gaze cuts right back to the others - coupled, of course, with a brilliant smile. "They're all just -lovely-," she croons. "Every last one."

"Well, they did, sort of-" Eresai tries to defend against Daija's criticism of his gesture, though those expressive hands are now being tucked safely away under his thighs where they can do no more social damage. "At the hatching at Half Moon.." He tries to explain further but quickly gives up, lapsing into silence until he murmurs, "Even ten," to affirm that he's something of Emelene's mindset when it comes to being surrounded by baby dragons. "Can you imagine if they all hatched in the same moment?" He asks of no one in particular, or perhaps all of them together. He watches the weyrleader go and then gives the girls a furtive look, like maybe he'll get up and follow because R'en's mere presence might provide some degree of protection. There's an extra bit of blush when the herald of jingling proves to be Lucrezia. Who knew his boots were so interesting? Didn't he come here to look at eggs?

Vivka has arrived.

"Twenty'd be better," the black-haired girl mutters, continuing to flip through her journal until she gets to the page with nothing on it just; producing a charcoal stick, she starts to draw wobbly circles. "Jus like anythin else, dragons're hungry when they hatch. Ain't anymore scary than watchin the lunch crowd attack the tables." Daija curls an arm protectively around her book and shrugs away the other comments, though her dark eyes seek out the bracelet-jangling blonde with open curiosity. "Aye, lovely. Zuhth's always are."

Emelene grimaces faintly at the mental image Erasai provides and shakes her head as if clearing that horrific idea. "No, no.. thankfully that's rather unlikely to happen." Lucrezia's arrival is offered a wide smile in return and she looks back to the sands. "They are lovely, though, you're right. I never knew they could come in colors like that. That really colorful one… I have to admit, that one is my favorite. I work with too many kids. I can't help it, colors are pretty. More the better. It stands out against all the black."

R'en's savior comes in the form of the bronze that sails in towards the sands and settles to check and start counting eggs provided Zuhth allows him to push his way around. The bronze's arrival means that he doesn't have to be in the stands any longer, and so he is going to abandon Eresai to the girls and withdraw whatever protection he offered. Daija's comment gets her a look, but no comment as he shifts his attention from the sands and towards the occupants of the stands. "I have some things to check on. You all behave." He says, and seems like he means it, and heads towards the weyr proper.

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Poor Eresai. His blushing and boot-staring just earns him a blown kiss and a wink from Rezia. Shame? It's not a word in her vocabulary. She is, however, mindful enough not to encroach on his personal space - this time. Maybe it's the R'en-effect? Goodness only knows. In either case, her attention swings keenly toward Daija and her smile's dialed up a few notches. "Are they? I've never seen eggs before. They're so -large-, too! I'm amazed she had so many." As Emelene explains her favorites, the trader bounces on the balls of her feet. "Oh, oh, oh! I couldn't dare pick a one - but that one is just -gorgeous-." There's a beat, then her smile falters and she wonders, "… is that a thing? Picking favorites? I didn't know that was something people did." Weyrbred? Not this one! She's momentarily distracted by the bronze's arrival on the sands - and, yes, the dragon is given a wiggle of fingers, regardless of whether he notices or cares - and R'en's departure but it's right back to conversation that she goes!

Vivka's arrival is a subdued one, as though she's worried about drawing unwanted attention from… the eggs? More likely the protectors of said eggs than the eggs themselves. But one must come to see these things, so the blonde is here to see. She pauses as soon as she has a decent view, though, which isn't very far inside of the galleries. People will have to wait until she's done gawking like a very obvious tourist.

"Ya, they're big. Dragons come outta em." Dry humor drags Daija's dark lips into a bit of a smirk, but she's not got much time to make any more comments on the eggs - or anyone's lack of experience with them. A boy of maybe eight turns comes up the stairs and stops at the girl's elbow, whispering something in her ear that has her swearing. She is fast about collecting her things: shoving her journal in her back, slinging it over a shoulder, and following the younger boy out of the galleries.

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Emelene watches the departures before looking back to the sands below. "Guess.. it's hard not to pick a favorite. I didn't mean to." She remarks as the healer approaches the edge of the gallery so she can look down and get a better view of the clutch and parents. "I never even expected to see a dragon egg until I was posted here. I guess the Hall figured I was used to the heat, being from Igen Hold, that I would be able to take the shift."

"Oh, I don't know! Honestly!" Lucrezia's eyes widen a bit when Emelene speaks. "I mean, I'm usually just a visitor here, you know? Weyrfolk and their weird ways - I don't really know all of it at all." Even if it seems the Healer's not exactly among them, the statement still stands. The girl bounces a bit, then starts to move closer to the sands - which will probably be quite dangerous for Eresai in a matter of moments. As for the newcomer? She's motioned at - mostly to summon her closer, if she's paying any attention! "Hello!" is the greeting angled for Vivka. Then it's directly to the egg-gawking with the trader-girl, who peers over the eggs and the sands and the everything. "Is it everything you imagined it would be?" This is tilted to Emelene. "The eggs, I mean. The Weyr. The- oh! Everything!"

Janja has arrived.

The hello draws Vivka's gaze long enough to smile brightly in its general direction. She may not be entirely sure who said it, or if it was even said to her, but she still seems cheerful about it. Now that she's had a precursory look of the eggs, she wanders a bit further along, toward other people. "They're so much bigger than firelizard eggs," she says to no one in particular. "I think they're smaller than I expected, though."

Emelene gives a nod of her head to Vivka, a quiet chuckle escaping the midwife that she stifles behind a hand. "I know exactly how that feels. They're huge but so tiny compared to their parents. It's amazing. I don't know what I ever expected. I came here and knew I'd see it sometime, but, to… imagine eggs and seeing them are so different. Nope. No idea what I'd expect at all but it's so incredible - and I see new life almost every day in some form or another. Now I get to see baby dragons!"

Bright laughter emerges again and the trader bobs her head to Emelene's words. Lucrezia replies, "It's quite a sight, yeah-yeah? I wonder just how big they'll be when they pop out!" She leans a bit more to study the eggs, her lips pursing for just a moment before she chimes in to Vivka, "You know, they do kind of look like firelizard eggs, but I don't think I've seen any that were- oh! Oh, so colorful and dark all at once!" It really is almost too much for her, considering how bouncy she is - and wide-eyed, for that matter. "I've only ever seen the big ones - and rarely, at that. You don't see all that many dragons at Holds and on the road, you know?"

It might've been whatever Eresai needed to mutter about pointy teeth and sharp claws in answer to Daija's apparent bravery (stupidity?) or the kiss blown by the blonde trader that encouraged Eresai to the railing for either distance from the girls, even without R'en there for protection, or to get a better look. He has cast a glance back now and again, and now that the newest blonde has joined the other girls and the other brunette has gone away, the younger man dares to square his shoulders and turn to approach the trio. "It's all a matter of scale, I think." He offers, as though this might be some insight. "If we were closer, they would seem bigger than they do looking from here." Not that it seems with the way he side-eyes the sands like he's about to attract attention by trying to get any closer.

It must be the sound of the voices coming from the galleries that attracts Janja's attention because it's not long till she's sticking her platium head around the rock wall edge to see just what's what. "OOOO! A party! Why wasn't I invited?" She sweeps the vast cavern with a curious look, barely giving the actual sands more than a quick glance before turning back to watch all the young things flittering about watching eggs and generally gossiping. "Hello Lu! Hello boy who runs!" she calls out.

"They're very pretty," says Vivka like this is the most interesting thing she can come up with for the eggs. It must be overwhelming, all this excitement. Or maybe she's just not terribly smart. Her attention is drawn toward Janja and she smiles, lifting a hand to wave without speaking up. "I still don't know if they'd be as big as you'd think a dragon's egg should be."

"Oh! Janja!" Cue a vigorous wave from Lu, right along with a merry smile. "It's not much of a party," she points out with a laugh. "There's no dancing!" Is she pouting? Just a little. It passes quickly, though, and she's soon all smiles again. And, really, Eresai should know better than to draw closer. The trader sidles right up to the lad without batting an eye and leans in to steal a one-armed hug if he makes the mistake of staying still. And if the hug lingers? So be it. "We're just looking at the eggs, that's all. They're all just so- oh!" There are no words, clearly!

Emelene looks to the arrival of pale-haired woman with a surprised blink. "Oh, hello, Weyrwoman. Like she said, not much of a party but.. there could be! Eggs are a reason to celebrate, right? Not like they have egg parties at the Holds unless someone brings back a lot of firelizard eggs or a clutch is laid, but, the sentiment must be similar." She says with a brief bow-like gesture of respect before she looks over to Eresai. "Oh, they must be downright huge in person. I bet they're heavy too - not that I'd ever try to pick one up or move one."

Eresai should've known better, but maybe situational awareness is not a prerequisite for woodcrafting. After all, wood doesn't have sharp teeth and fangs like dragons and girls. His cheeks brighten in their blush but Lucrezia's arm isn't avoided, though he looks awkward with it around him. "Hi, Lucrezia," he offers the blonde shyly, before directing the self-conscious smile to the kitchenhand, "Hi Vivka." He has no name for Emelene so she gets a "Hi.." with the "please fill in your name here" gap after, and then, "Weyrwoman," with an added air of respect for Janja. He must have used up his quota for words because he falls silent after these introductions.

The rest of Jan's body follows her head into the galleries though a moue of disappointment meets the lack of dancing and therefor party. "Hello everyone." She adds again, this time including those who's names she's either never gotten or just as likely forgotten. "There's probably not enough room in here for dancing anyways." She points at the benches for a reason. "But who's picking up eggs? Why would you want to pick up the eggs?" She looks out at the sands, for once giving the clutch some real attention though her face is still a maze of puzzlement. Finally, she asides to the galleries in general. "I don't think Zuhth would like that much." Then the woman shrugs and flounces her way over towards where the grounp of younglings containing familar faces are gathered. "Not sure those eggs specifically, but Feyruth's egg was about to my waist and the rest of her clutch at least thigh high when lain on the side." She makes her thinking face, a very clear struggle. "Don't think I've ever stood next to one straight up."

"Eresai," is positively purred to the poor woodcrafter and Lu even makes the wildly unnecessary - and knot-risky - step of aiming a smooch for his cheek before she peels herself away. If she can catch his hand and pull him closer to the edge of the sands to make with the egg-peeking, she will! And, if not? She's still going. Janja's words elicit a rounding of her lips in an 'o' of surprise and she half-turns to look at the goldrider with wide eyes. "-So large-," is breathlessly uttered. "And- oh! So pretty. I bet I've seen cloth in the color of that one," though her gesture is so vague that it could be almost any of them. "I could probably -get- cloth in any of those colors, though." Her thoughts skew trader-ward for a moment and her lips purse.

Vivka looks at Eresai, beams a smile, but asks, "Have we met before?" They must have if he knows her name. But then she's shaking her head and smiling at everyone else again. "I should probably get back to the kitchen. I promised I'd work a shift and I might be late if I don't get going. Sorry!" Whatever she's apologizing for, it must be important to her, but then the blonde is turning to trot her way back out into the bowl and, presumably, off to the kitchen.

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Janja's eyes widen as yet another youngling is running away from her approach. She not so subtly begins to sniff at herself, even going so far as to put a delicate hand in front of her mouth. Her brows furrow and she sidles up to Lucrezia and mutters. She mutters to Lucrezia, "… I… running…" She gives the trader a hangdog puppy look sad to the point of pathetic. "I don't understand. I'm such a wonderful person to be around."

Color Lucrezia just as confused! Eresai is, for the moment, abandoned in favor of offering a comforting hug to the goldrider. "Oh -no-! No, you smell as lovely as always!" The reassurance is earnest, though she's a bit pouty-lipped in sympathy for the other woman's apparent plight. Of course, she doesn't have the sense to mutter these things, but it's not as if anyone besides Eresai's about to hear them. "And you -are- wonderful and- oh! They just must be so terribly busy! I'm sure it's not a thing to do with you at all. They're just -busy-." That's her determination at least, since the other possibility is wholly unthinkable.

Being the tactial person Janja is, she's happy to accept both the hug and the comfort. "There now. You really are a wonderful neice." Or whatever the actual relationship is. This is Janja afterall, half inclined to forget her own mate. Her face clears into the normal confident joyful one. "Yes, that must be true. I am wonderful." She pats at her hair, preening back into a more stable mental state. "I see you know Eresai. Isn't he darling? I want to dress him in light blue." This important point established, she nods. "You on the other hand, you're more like a peacock. Just one color isn't enough." She gives the girl an appraising look. " I would love to dress you both and have you dance down a catwalk for me." With a wave of her hand, the thought is pushed away. "So how long are you back for? Did you convince the clan to let you stay with us for a while?"

That hug ends only when Janja wants to, but it won't end without a final, reassuring squeeze. Lucrezia positively beams at Janja, her smile gone just a bit lopsided - if only because her face can't handle all of that smile. Niece seems to suffice as a relationship, since there is no correction; or maybe she's just as unsure of it in her own right. No matter! "Oh! He's terribly sweet," she purrs with coquettish tilt of her head in the young fellow's direction. "And he -would- look dashing in light blue! That would be such a delightful color for him!" And, of course, peacockery for her? She positively preens at the thought and bounces a little in place. "Oh! Oh, that -would- be wonderful! You know I'd wear anything you made, Janja!" It's a playful chastisement, bubbly and light. And with the dancing? She's positively inarticulate, twirling in place and clapping. "I'll bet he dances wonderfully and- oh!" Is the sound of gears shifting violently. She thumbs the knot that's mostly been obscured on her shoulder and sheepishly admits, "They don't know I'm here. And, um. R'en… he did a bit of convincing. Just a bit." Ahem.

Janja's eyes do the widening bit again. "Oh! Lu!" The voice is squeeling high enough to make the canines howl. "I'm so happy for you. You'll have such fun." She reaches to try and capture the trader turned candidate's arm and drag her over to have a seat. "Tell me all about it! Who searched you? I remember when I was searched. It was marvolous." She runs on and on with nary a breath in between until even this one has to take a moment and breath. "So?"

The silence started when Vivka didn't remember him. Then it just went on as Eresai apparently dwelled on it. His plight, if indeed he truly has one, isn't one voiced to either of the women still in his company. He doesn't seem bothered in the least by being spoken of as if he weren't within relative earshot. He must have heard at least some of what they've said for his cheeks rise in color around the time that Janja's suggests having him dance on a cat walk. His expression doesn't change much, so there's no clue about his actual dancing ability as he uses Lucrezia's distraction to sidle off to the side for some moments and busy himself in re-tying his boots. They can't both have come undone at once, can they? His eyes look over his shoulder back to the women, before he's risen again, perhaps thinking he might just take the opportunity to slink away while they're both so distracted and happy.

It's also a contagious sort of squeal; then again, Lu's easily infected by enthusiasm. She's easily caught by the arm and escorted, which also gives Eresai plenty of opportunity to flee if he's inclined to- until she's half-turning to call to him, "Oh! Come sit over here with us!" Even if it's going to be story-time, it's still not right to leave the poor lad out of it! "And you'll have to tell me what kind of dances you enjoy," because that's happening, whether or not he wants to! But, then, she's right back to Janja and sucking in a deep breath as if she'll need the WHOLE thing to tell the story. "R'en did it. So, it's all his fault." And that's- it? But, no, she cuts a look to the sands, brows pinched, before adding, "Although, his dragon wasn't there, so I don't know if it's a proper Search or only half a Search, but he said Sindrieth said that he - R'en, I mean - thought I was interesting," and try to diagram -that- sentence, "and that's why he - oh! Sindrieth- or R'en? - asked me. I haven't yet gone back to tell the rest of my family, though," and that sheepish admission is made just under her breath, just in case.

The excited grin that Janja gives is all that could be hoped for. She seems about to respond when a frown crosses her face and she glances up towards the dragon ledges above. She turns back to the pair, face clearing. Again her mouth opens…and closes. Another frustrated look goes to the galleries above and she huffs. " All right already. I heard you." she mutters under her breath. "I won't." Whatever she won't is not explained but her eyes flick to Eresai and if he's so foolish as to try to pass her, she's likely to try to reach out and snag him in passing. "No, that's an acceptable search. The dragon doesn't have to be standing right next to you to know. Just close enough to.." Her hands flail about. "Whatever it is they do." Her eyes flick to the ledges again and there's a hint of gold visible, as well as a patch of blue not far away. "I can give you a quick ride out to your family later if you'd like." She tries to look all imposing. "It's not like they can tell me no, right?"

"I step on toes," is not an answer to the question of what kind of dances Eresai enjoys, which might mean none. "I could.. my brother is better." He swallows uneasily as he settles beside Lucrezia, intending to be just out of arm's reach. "Do you think they'll be mad?" He asks the former trader, so at least he's paying attention. Then he's looking to Janja; it's her turn, isn't it?

Confusion claims the trader-turned-Candidate's features at Janja's seeming confusion or frustration or whatever it may be. Lu's gaze tracks upward to where the goldrider's eyes seem to go but, seeing nothing, her smile returns and her attention shifts right back to where it belongs - on bouncing between conversations with firelizardly flightiness. "That's okay!" is lobbed at Eresai and, though he's out of her immediate reach, that won't stop her from subtly scooting closer. Just a little. Tiny movements, really. "I can teach you how to stop that, you know? Just ask sometime, yeah-yeah?" Her head swivels right back to Janja with relief, though there's a fervent shake of her head at the offer. "Oh, I'm glad it's a good thing," she breathes. "But, oh- no need to take me out to them and - oh, I suppose they wouldn't tell you no. They -like- you. Ph'eles said he would when the time came," but she'll leave that there while she finally answers Eresai with, "… they won't be -happy- about it. They're due to hit some of the bigger Holds in a few sevendays and I'm supposed to be there." For reasons.

Janja just nods along agreeing with every wonderful statement from Lu about her wonderful family and how cooperative Ph'eles as been. "That's good than. You know you can always ask." She beams. "Feyruth does love to get out and make sure everyone knows how perfect she is!" There's a deep rumble sound coming from the golden glint on the ledges above and it just makes Jan beam all the brighter. "See! She agrees." A light tenor bugle sounds from above as well, but that just seems to make Jan's face sag into a sulk. "Really!" she huffs in an offended voice. She turns to Eresai, asking him with real interest. "Shall we teach you to dance?" The bugle sounds again and Janja huffs louder. "Menmurth! OH!" It seems as if she might just yell at the little blue when his rider J'ime hurries into the galleries. "J'ime would you stop him already? He's making Feyruth mad!"

It's almost like a game of cat and mouse. Any guesses who's the mouse? Eresai's glances toward Lucrezia are brief, but never manage to be timed with the actual movement of her closer on the bench. If he looks more uneasy it might be because he might think he's imagining things. "So.. accepting leaves them.. short-handed?" The young man draws the conclusion from what the trader says, though he sounds dubious of the words. When Janja isn't forthcoming with her own story, he asks, "How were you Searched, ma'am?" It's polite enough an inquiry, though very direct and there's real curiosity in his expression, if tempered by his general reticence. The reticence is all the more over dancing. "They.. I know how." He explains, or tries to. "I'm just only coordinated with my hands." He holds them up as if they can explain better to the two women.

"Oh! But you know? Auntie Lo would love to see Feyruth. She's been saying for turns that she'd love to make a perfect, golden fabric, but hasn't found a proper hue to work with." There's that tradering instinct again. "So, we can go, sometime. Maybe- um. Maybe before I tell them!" Problem solved. Lucrezia angles a smile up at the gold that's now vaguely visible to her and even wiggles her fingers until all that rumbling and bugling starts up. Her eyes widen, her smile falters, and she stage-whispers, "Oh no. Did I say something wrong?" She looks at Janja for confirmation then at poor Eresai for support - and he's -just- close enough for her to reach out with long fingers to try to catch his arm. For support. See? "Oh. Oh oh oh, no. But there's," and, here, Lu's face scrunches up a bit as she tries to answer the poor crafter. "I don't know. It's messy-messy, Eresai. Such messy business. Don't worry your pretty head about me, yeah-yeah?" At least she's forgotten about the dancing?

Janja says "My story?" Oh attention! Janja glows at how important she must be to this boy, never noticing his desperate attempts to escape other attention. "Yes, let me tell you all about my search!" Her mouth is still open when J'ime arrives at the junior's side. "Excuse me, Janja." He says politely, waiting with a calmly respectful if somehow amused face. Janja's answering glance is neither so amused or respectful. "He's loud." she pouts at the bluerider who just smiles and nods back. "That he is, ma'am. Just trying to get your attention." She huffs yet again, leaning back to sulk into her seat. "Oh very well." she whines at the other rider. "What do you two want with us?" The bluerider raises a brow but turns to the other's with a polite bow as well. "Excuse me please. I appologize for Menmurth's calls. He was just trying to get your attention." The last is said with a look specifically for Eresai. Jan's eyes roll and she asides to Lu. "Well of course! We already said how he's look lovely in blue no? I'm sure the dragons can see it too."

Looks? What? No looks! Eresai is briefly meeting eyes with the bluerider and looking bewilderedly anywhere else. Janja's story was supposed to be a diversion that meant no more talking about dancing (perhaps among other topics he'd rather avoid). He fidgets in a way that isn't quite squirming, but that brings him easily into range of the hand that is seeking the support of his arm, and he goes still, caught once more. "Okay," for Lucrezia. Maybe he can get away with no more than just that one word.

"He -is- loud," Lucrezia echoes, though she has trouble spotting the dragon in question. She lapses into silence while other conversations bubble up and flow - but, as the bluerider's attention settles on Eresai, she pulls her hand away to fold it with the other in her lap. Now he's free! Free to- do what? She has no idea. Her lips part just a little with breathless, wide-eyed wonder, but she says nothing at all while the others speak about this, that, or the other - at least until Janja speaks directly to her again. She bobs her head vigorously and replies in a whisper-that-isn't-quite: "Oh, they must! They'd be blind if they couldn't see it!" Ah and there, permission for her bewildered-if-awe-touched expression to shift to a much more comfortable smile of the tremendously wide sort.

J'ime attempts a quelling look for the ladies but in the case of Janja, at least, it has no effect. "Well he does." She sasses. The bluerider shakes his head turning attention firmly back to the woodcrafter. A fluttering sound comes from above, along with some excited shifting and a deep, rumble of complaint. Janja smirks at that, eyes daring J'ime to say anything. But instead the other rider is focused seriously on Eresai as he speaks. "Menmurth is located above with Feyruth. He's notices that you seem to have that special factor that makes you capable of impressing a dragon. We" and here he glances up towards the fluttering blue. "would likie to know if you would do Igen the honor of becoming a candidate to stand for the hatching of Zuhth's most recent clutch?" The last is given a hand wave towards the sands to emphasize his point. Anothe bugle sounds as the question waits hanging in the air.

Who knew Eresai could be caught one moment and then terrified of his new-found freedom in the next? The look he gives Lucrezia is laced with anxiety. Then it's he who's reaching, without conscious effort to seek to grasp her forearm for support of his own. Wide eyes flick from bluerider to goldrider and then to the candidate beside him. His mouth opens, but there's no sound. Maybe one of the women can fill in an answer for him? If not, in some moments there will be a silent nodding of ascent. Momentary dumbness isn't a disqualifier, is it?

Oh dear. Lucrezia sucks in a breath and holds it - and keeps holding it when Eresai doesn't say a darned thing. She goes practically cross-eyed, at least until -he's- reaching out to her. The breath is released and she claims his hand with both of hers before he can properly seize her forearm. His lingering silence is met with bewilderment from her - and, of course, she's verbally stepping up by blurting out, "Well, of course he is! Of course you do, right, Eresai? We can Stand together and won't that be lovely? It'll be just -grand-!" And, see? He's nodding! That's good enough for her - and, hopefully, good enough for the other rider! She leans forward to aim a loud smooch for Eresai's cheek - and then she's rising to her feet with a renewal of her smile. His hand, unfortunately, will be carried with her for a little bit until she remembers - if she does! "Oh! Oh how -wonderful-!"

Janja just sighs as she seems to know what's about to come. And sure as shooting it does. J'ime watches the ensuing celebration with an amused smile but when he can finally work a word in edgewise, he says. "That's all very well, miss but I need to hear him accept for himself. We can't have anyone saying we coersed him into standing." The sour look on Janja's face is priceless. "I just knew he was going to do that" she says. Then a smile is added and she calls out to the boy. "Congratulations, Eresai. Go ahead and say yes please? Then Lu can lose her mind with joy again." She winks at the trader candidate to show there's no sting in the comment.

"Yes," as he's instructed. Eresai doesn't need to say more than that? It's not exactly the typical 'shock and awe' that some give in reaction to such an offer, so much as the look of a mathematician making the mistake of attempting to divide by zero. The kiss to his cheek can hardly help the processing time of his brain. Maybe Lucrezia will remember the hand when he rocks awkwardly onto his feet and looks from one to another to another. "I'll have to.." ask? "my Journeyman, won't I?" Well, at least he's regained some of his powers of speech.

The bluerider's response just has the trader rolling her eyes a little, but she doesn't verbally protest. Lu huffs out a long-suffering sigh and just -waits- until things are made officially-official before she's all smiles and cheek-smoochy - on the other side, this time! - all over again. In case Janja needed any reassurance that no offense was taken, well. She pretty well loses her mind with joy again. "Oh, this will be -grand-," she declares and beams at Janja after she's done smiling up a storm at Eresai. And, oh! But the poor lad's moving and her hands are being compelled to move with his; she finally releases him to his own devices, but whether because he's moving or because she just wants to clap is another matter entirely. Pay no mind to the giddy trader!

J'ime is nodding in answer to Eresai's question. "Yes. I'll escort you to him and to get you set up in the barracks. Once you've reported in, you'll have the rest of the day off before you have to start on candidate training and information." Janja meanwhile is too busy grinning her fool head off. That is at least until another grumble comes from above them. The goldrider comes to herself with a visible start. "Oh excuse me, Feyruth wants a bath now." As Janja starts hurrying towards the exit, the big gold rises off the ledge and sails out the opening above. J'ime is not far behind her, waving Eresai to follow along with him. "Let's go! You need to meet the weyrlingmaster as well."

"Her.." But Saresha's gender is hardly the critical point just now. Eresai manages a half-smile for Lucrezia before he's following along to do as he's bidden.

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