One Trip Away

Characters Ivaylo, Neyuni
Synopsis A trip to Half Moon returns with artistic inclinations
Out-of-Character Date December 10, 2014

Half Moon Weyr - Lagoon (Beach)
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

The smith is out on the beach, an odd place for a smith, but here the young man is. A log is his makeshift chair while he works at twisting thin wires into delicate loops and curves. Ivaylo's gaze remains entirely focused on the task at hand, nose wrinkling slightly in his concentration. Whatever he's working on, it isn't entirely pretty.

Neyuni is preceded by a playful green dragon who bounds strait to the edge of the lagoon waters and splashes, pouncing the waters as if she's trying to catch fish in a mere few feet of liquid. Neyuni follows a bit more leisurely with another rider, apparently from the flightsuit. "Fine Ch'var, but don't let Jalaiath dally too long you know Zuhth will get grumpy if I am out when she wakes with her brooding now." the other rider shakes his head "Oh no Weyrwoman, we'll only be a few minutes I'm sure." and he dashes off after his dragon to very doubtful looks by his passenger. Something else on the beach does catch her eye, the twisting of metal looks much more like smith-work which is branching in the direction of her own talents and she manages to meander toward Ivaylo "Well now, that looks productive."

At least he does spare a glance upward to see the green that bounds into the lagoon waters. A sound that can't be missed, one must be mindful of dragons, after all. Ivaylo's gaze drifts back down, once he's certain he's not the path of any dragons. The sound of someone speaking to him, however, does bring a pause to the twisting of the metal and his gaze lifts. A grin settles on his lips, "if only it was going better. Not really the gentle sort, ma'am, but my sister sent me a challenge and I couldn't refuse."

Neyuni says a soft "ah" as she listens. "A challenge? Those do tend to be the types that can be hard to refuse. So is this to be a practical piece or something artistic?" she slowly looks over some of the bends and forms you've started, guessing, but clearly tries not to presume.

"Especially when your sister issues said challenge. Thinks she knows everything." Ivaylo grumbles, but his tone is a touch fond for said sibling. "It's supposed to be artistic. She says I focus too much on the practical." He lifts the piece for closer inspection. The wires to twist together in an "artistic" manner. There's no actual plan, from the looks of it, the metal curving one way and then another. It could look like the roots of a tree, if you squint. Some of the curves are neat, while others quirk or are bent with too much of an angle due to heavy hands. Then, he's truly considering the woman and the man clears his throat. "Ma'am. Half Moon's duties." He even manages an awful salute.

Neyuni waves the salute away casually "Oh, I've had enough of that from your Steward, not that he could help me today." but as to inter-weyr business she's found that usually bored or drives most folk out of their mind so she holds back from any particular details, it gives Ch'var the chance to sneak up behind Neyuni and from over the shorter rider look down upon the metal piece "Bet you were thinking fireworks… maybe upside down…" he rambles on a bit until he is elbowed by the other "It's artistic, ti doesn't even have to be anything." Neyuni defends, "but yes I was. You know me and exploding things." she admits "Sorry, he's a bit of a nuisance sometimes" she apologizes for the other to Ivaylo "Are you reusing older wire or one of the new blends from the 'Hall?"

"Right, then. No saluting." The young man winks at the Weyrwoman with a cheerful smile following. "Bound to drive someone crazy hearing that all day." As Ch'var comes up behind Neyuni, his gaze is drawn there for a moment before looking at the piece in his hands. He turns it over, and considers it at another angle. "I could see that. It looks better this way, oddly. Though, I figured artistic meant it had to look… Planned." And planned he tried… And promptly abandoned. For the apologies given, shrugs a sort of dismissal. "No harm done, nothing to apologize about." He's not hurt in any way. The grin that follows is rather lopsided, "just the older wire. It didn't have any real use, and the parts were all uneven, unused. So, might as well have given them a different purpose because it shouldn't go to waste when some Apprentice can't figure out their lengths."

Neyuni sighs with a hearty "Indeed" in agreement to apprentices and lengths in that sort of long tortured personal experience sort of way. Jalaiath has left the waters edges and bounds up, looming above both of the riders and peers down at the thing that has their attention. She rumbles lightly, seeming surprised her rider has made such a discovery, wings rustle excited. Neyuni thinks "Well, artistic is whatever you make of it. I was never very good at something quite like this I'm afraid. My artistry is in fireworks and explosions. I've gotten closer to getting some new patterns overhead, but something like this I can only fathom from the outside." Ch'var looks upwards while Neyuni continues chatting "I'm not sure I'd say it's perfect exactly, are we looking at the same thing?" and after a bit of a pause "Oh!"

Now the green has taken to examining his work and the smith can only grin. He also obliges by lifting the little wired work a little higher for the green to see better. "Well, I imagine there's an art to explosions as well. Fireworks do different things. I alway see them in different colors and patterns? That's what you do, ma'am?" He does spare a look to Ch'var, and then to his wired piece again, trying to find what they're seeing. He dismisses that, and lowers it down onto his lap. "Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. Or, whatever they say. Hopefully my sister will not die in a fit of laughter after I send this to her."

Jalaiath croons and rustles her wings some more, clearly delighted at being catered to, her rider coughs "Well, actually lad it wasn't your fine work that's caught her eye. Pardon m'lady I hate to interrupt but Jalaiath says that Mephistoth said that Agarath passed along that Menmurth noticed Zuhth's tailtip twitching on them sands and I'd hate for her to wake without you back safely." he cuts off the Weyrwoman from one of her obviously most favorite topics, chatting with another smith on top of it all and the look he's given is one of being but stuck on dawn watch until she forgets such a transgression, though he continues quickly before she has a chance to lay down the lack of his life for the near future "On a brighter note it seems we might not be going back unaccompanied," in this instance he turns full to Ivaylo, asking more formally "Would you do us the honor of standing for the clutch upon Igen's grounds?"

"A shame." His freehand settles over his heart, to indicate the break. But, he looks far too cheerful for it to truly be broken, at least. As Ch'var relays the message, passed through a lot of mouths in order to reach the Weyrwoman, his brow lifts. He offers no comment on the number, and merely offers a polite nod to the pair. It's that final bit that has him hesitating, though. "Wait. What?" Now, Ivaylo looks thrown off and utterly out of place. "Well… I can't say that I've ever considered it. Why not?" Nothing to lose, if you're careful.

Neyuni's mouth closes with whatever reprimand she might be ready to give. A different sort of matter, she grumbles softly under her breath and then looks distant as she checks on the validity of the gossip chain. It must not be far from the truth as she manages to catch the greenriders eye and manage a small affirming nod. Looks like it is time to return and the other continues the formal tradition with the local resident, since the first response wasn't a straight out no "Well, it's certainly a good deal to consider but I'm afraid you'll need to give me a yes or no in plain answer to this question," and shifting a bit nervously from one foot to the other "I'm afraid we don't have a good deal of time either. I'm sure we can take your project along, even candidates get some of their own free time to do as they please."

"Well, if we're pressed for time: My answer is yes." Ivaylo carefully gathers his project, the wire, and the tools used to twist the metal. "I will grab my things. I don't have much. Recently posted." He winks to the pair and, does move with a sense of urgency, at least. And, as promised, he is quick to return. A single bag holds his necessary belongings, as promised. "Sorry for the wait ma'am. Sir." A salute to both before he's all grins again.

A loud bugle echoes across the lagoon, one very happy green practically prances up and down a bit of the beach, and upon the return of HER candidate she crouches, allowing the riders to mount and affix what things the smith has to the straps and Ch'var offers a hand up "Ready lad?"

"Certainly. As ready as I'll ever be." Ivaylo takes the offered hand, settles into place and does not fidget about like a child. That wouldn't be dignified at all.

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