Can I Keep It?

Characters C'vryn, Zak
Synopsis C'vryn finds Zak by the lake and Emeliuth wants his kitten.
Out-of-Character Date December 10, 2014

Igen Weyr - Lake Shore
It is sometimes hard to tell where the bowl ends and the lake shore begins. Fine grains of gold, tan and orange hued sand layer much as the bowl walls in the distance beyond. The sand only gives way to thin patches of grass where the tall fence of the feeding grounds intersects the lake to the south and the smooth curve of the bowl wall rises on the opposite shore. At that intersection one can make out a small building and colorful fabrics where the Weyr's residents go to relax. The shallow lake waters shimmer invitingly, day and night, lapping at the fine grain sands. Engineered pipes are hidden beneath the bowl landscape and feed the lake as well as the grasses of the feeding grounds to keep the water levels from dropping past a certain point which is marked by a waist high obelisk.

C'vryn is looking rather grumpy as he walks toward the lake, frowning about something and every now and then glancing back toward the weyr proper. He sighs and then moves to stare at the water, before noticing someone else in the area. "Hallo there. What are you up to? Don't think we've met?"

Sprawled out on his stomach atop a long beach towel, Zak has a rather large book opened in front of him. Not actually read though for his attention was distracted by a couple of women walking down the beach. Distracted again by the voice of C'vryn evidently addressing him. Twisting slightly he looks upwards to the rider. "Hullo yourself. Guess we haven't met. I'm Zak."

C'vryn just moves to make himself comfortable near the newcomer. "Well, Hey. I'm C'vryn, or 'Ryn, one of the riders here. What brings you to Igen and our lovely lake?" He glances back out to the water, watching the small ripples in it for a long moment, almost lost in contemplation. "Despite the fine lake, I doubt you're here for the lovely weather."

"Well met, C'vryn. It's what brings me back actually." Zak shifts so that he's sitting cross legged facing the bronze rider though he does take care to mark the page of the book before closing it. "Born and raised here to L'ton and Akeylah. Back here posted as a Sr. Apprentice Beastcraft."

C'vryn was momentarily distracted once more by looking at the water. "Well, that explains it then. Sorry that I didn't recognize you. I'll admit, I've been in and out of the weyr more myself these past few turns. But now that Jan is here." And then he frowns. "But she's here now and I don't need to keep heading on up to the 'Reaches to visit her." He tilts his head toward the feeding grounds. "Out studying the beasties, here or more for the lake?"

Zak merely shrugs a bit. "S'okay. Plenty of new faces here for me to learn. "Naw, not studying them really. Studying though." a hand gestures to the book. "And enjoying the lake. What brings you by? Rest day or just resting before duties?"

C'vryn nods his head back toward the weyr. "Well, I thought Em was going to be down here and I just needed to escape the home weyr for a moment. Jan's got fabric drapped hither and yon and woe betide me if I mess it up. No idea what she's doing with it all, but I'm not to interfere." He shakes his head. "Never go for a weaver, they leave their stuff out all over the place."

"Sound advice. I'll try to keep that in mind." Zak's mouth twitches in amusement. "Best to let her do her thing lest you get little sleep tonight." his gaze flickers briefly towards the bronze then back to rider. "So Jan is originally from 'Reaches then?" he's got plenty of catching up to do with who is who in the weyr!

C'vryn nods slowly, moving to get his riding straps off of Em, and letting them fall to the sand. Then he shoos the bronze into the water. "There, go splash. Just don't splash me." He tilts his head back to the apprentice. "Oh? Jan. Yeah. I was up at the 'Reaches one day and met her there. Then it took us a few turns to get her transferred here to Igen, but now she is. You know. You'd think anyone would appreciate leaving that place but she says she sometimes misses it."

Zak lets his gaze follow the dragon into the water. "One never quite forgets their home though. Never been to Reaches myself though but just know it's darned cold up there. Least she seems happy here though." or so he would assume.

C'vryn nods. "Well, and happy enough that she joined me here in the desert." He nods back, glancing at Emeliuth who hasn't moved as far away as he expected. "So where else have you traveled to, besides your hall and here? Anyplace exciting?" He sends another frown toward the lingering bronze. "I told you to get a bath. Not watch me all afternoon."

Zak stretches out his longer legs. "Mostly the hall actually though I did stay a turn at Keroon hold with a Master there who specializes in the healing of animals." amusement flickers in his gaze at the lingering dragon. "My dad's dragon would never bathe alone. Though he preferred the fire lizards to help." a small stirring comes from the opened satchel alongside the towel and a furry kitten head pops out with a meow. "Hey Trickers…" Zak scoops up the kitten into his lap.

Emeliuth continues to linger, watching the pair on the beach, rather than getting all wet. "Oh, Em's usually pretty easy going. Dunno what's in him today that he won't just go off and splash. He usually needs that to get everything out of his system." A laugh. "Ah, Keroon is not so different from here. More grasses, but the same heat I would think." A sidelong look at the small cat. "How'd you manage to keep him all contained?"
"It's a bit drier heat here really." Zak remarks. "Mostly cause he was sound asleep when I came out here. Keeping him close to keep an eye on him." now that the kitten is fully awake he's amusing himself by pouncing on bootlaces of Zak's boots. "He was pretty sick when he was born. Mother rejected him so I'm taking care of him. Making sure he gets fed and doesn't get another sickness."

C'vryn nods watching the kitten for a moment. "Good thing he's got you there. Wouldn't have been a good thing otherwise." He's paying no attention to the fact that Emeliuth has been edging closer all the time, until he snaps. "No, kittens are not food, Em. And ack. What are you doing back up on the beach?" As he gets all showered with a sand and water mix and then ignored in favor of the beastcrafter. "No, he's not food either."

Zak's reply is lost as the shower of sand and water mix rains down on them. Quickly scooping up the kitten he doesn't look /too/ worried that the dragon would snack upon the small feline. Drowning though is another matter. The kitten gets dumped into his tunic, a common place thing evidently from the way the kitten sized lump settles into place around Zak's midsection. It's then that he casts an amused look upwards to the bronze. "No eating kittens. Nor me either." he adds.

C'vryn shakes his head in amusement. "He says you're not what he looks for in a meal, but you just might be suitable for the eggs now on the sands, if you've an interest in being a candidate?" A sharp glance at Em once more. "And no, if he says yes, you still don't get the kitten. Why would you want one anyway? There's more than enough in our weyr for you to play with, even if Janja is scary."

Zak smirks. "Too scrawny for ya?" it takes a moment for the other remark to sink in however and when it does it's a look of incredibility. "Seriously? Oooh." there's disbelief in his words. "Here a couple sevendays…" is remarked though it's more to himself. "Aye, I couldn't say no though I am a bit surprised." there's an understatement. "But what of my studies. My apprenticeship?" he asks worriedly. Absently he pets the kitten through his tunic which looks a bit odd if you didn't know the kitten was in there.

"Well, I know that Jan's still considered a full weaver journeyman, and I've got my healer's journeyman levels. So you'd not be completely cut off from your craft, although you'd have to take somewhat of a hiatus while you're a candidate if you do impress. And you'll never make master if you have a dragon." He nods toward Em. "But he's worth not being a master healer, or even a craftmaster." A helpless shrug. "Jan, for all that she sometimes is a bit baffling, can explain it better. It's how we keep up part of our duty to the weyr. Since there's no thread anymore. I have my regular shifts in the infirmary, and she takes commissions."

Zak looks thoughtful. "I'm close to Journeyman rank but…I got a lot of studying still. No harm in studying during candidacy. Never know what happens in the end." another look is cast to the bronze. "Maybe I'll talk to Jan a bit too. Shells never imagined getting Searched right after getting back home!" his eyes twinkle in amusement. "I'll accept but I hope they don't mind animals in the barracks!" he's got a least one.

C'vryn laughs and nods toward the bronze, who after fulfilling what he considers his duty is now going out to the deeper water to splash a bit. "Then as you've accepted, lets get you all settled here. There's the barracks if you want to stay in those while you're a candidate, rather then the dorms. "And I'll make you known to the headwoman and the weyrlingmaster." He grins a bit more. "Do talk to Jan, she knows a lot more about selling and working then I do. I just pull my weight in the infirmary. But perhaps you could get a placement taking care of the weyr herds?"

"Barracks is fine." agrees Zak. "Others have been Searched already?" he asks as he stands. Stretching both arms over his head a slight twist ( mindful of the bundle curled up in his belted tunic), brings muffled pops along his spine. "Didn't think I'd be known once more to the Headwoman so quickly." a smirk plays along his mouth. "I gotta find my sisters and let them know too." his hands rubs together. "Always a good reason to visit them." he nods at the idea. "I'll have to see if I can get that placement in taking care of the herds.

Zak gives a nod at that, his dark eyes serious for a moment. "Aye. Understand." gathering his items he lifts a hand in thanks as well as farewell to Em. "Thanks! Enjoy your splashing!"

C'vryn nods a bit. "Well, I'll get you settled then and let Em here do his fun times in the water. What sort of questions can I answer for you?" As he starts to head back into the weyr proper.

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