Cothold Tidings

Characters Neyuni, Sabrael
Synopsis A little cothold visit
Out-of-Character Date December 11, 2014

A small cothold in Igen's territory

A drizzle of rain falls downwards enough to cause those without to seek the indoors and carrying faint hints of chill. The hold on the edge of the river bustles with activity. Sabrael and her mother gather up the drying clothing before the rain can cause it to be damp again. Down the road a bit her father settles the ferry firmly in place against the chance of the wind picking up and taking the boat with it. For all the chilly rain Sabrael and her mother, a small dark haired woman, chatter about the gossip traders passing by bring with them while her father whistles.

Jalaiath circles quickly downwards out of the laden skies. The drizzle of the sky streaks along the warm summer greens that play across her form. Wings flare as she lands neatly, the spring of her hindlegs taking the impact of again meeting the ground. Not that she seems to mind the change of elements, air to earth with water in the mix on this particular day. Her rider looks more resigned, muttering as he dismounts "Don't live in Igen to get wet," while his passenger follows and seems amused if a bit rushed "Oh Ch'var, it's not like it never rains. I'll try not to take long with this message here, it's not like I have much time anyways." and she alights turning towards the small cothold, the other heavily bundled rider huffign his shoulders grumpily keeping to his passengers wake.

Dragons in the sky? It's pretty much a cue for Sabrael to drop the conversation with her mother mid word and stare as the creature moves downwards. Only when her mother turns to look and lets out a light laugh does Sabrael jerk her eyes away, face flushing an embarrassed red for the staring. "Go on with it," her mother directs Sabrael inside. Ducking inwards Sabrael disappears from view for just a moment… before she's back, her eyes peeking around the doorway to watch. Just outside the doorway sits an umbrella and shaking it out Sabrael's mother heads to meet the rider half way with that scant cover. "Welcome! Would you like to come inside?"

Neyuni meets the other older woman with a genuine smile, despite the weather. "Why thank you. Igen's duties to you. It'd be nice to be out of the weather for just a moment. I'm afraid we don't have long." Behind the other rider hides beneath his gear as best he can and not to be left out of the action his green also in inclined to follow and at the offering of the smaller umbrella spreads a wing, stretching it enough to cover from the weather for a moment before the humans move inside beyond her reach. "Hey! You wouldn't do that for me you big… ah, errr…" Ch'var catches himself and falls to quietly glaring back at his dragon over one shoulder keeping close to the door entrance.

A shy smile stretches across Sabrael's face at the interaction between the rider and his dragon before she realizes that if she can see them, they can see her and yanks her head back into the hold. Turning back Sabrael's mother gestures towards the hold and begins to lead the way except, "Oh! Now that is just plain useful." Sabrael's mother gives the dragon a cursty before turning curious eyes on the woman. "A moment?" So polite, before she turns her head slightly, "Sabrael, the clothing needs to come in." A gentle reminder that brings the small dark haired teen out again, eyes wide as she looks at the rain-covering dragon. "How can we help you madam?"

Neyuni rocks back on her heels a bit. Good news first "Well, Igen's got a clutch of ten on the sands now, and we're spreading the word." it's always ncie for a bit of good news "I'm afraid it's not all pleasantries. She pulls a leather wrapped scroll from a pouch. "We've recently had some unfortunate incidents and we're warning folks along the routes to keep a watch for these two individuals." she offers the envelope out.

"That is wonderful news!" Sabrael's mother's smile is bright and genuine as she congratulates the woman on the clutch, though her expression falls at the second bit of news. Reaching she takes the envelope and breaks the seal. Her eyes scan and her frown deepens. "Sweetheart?" She calls out to her husband at the river's edge. Leaving off the strongly built man comes to put his arm over his small wife's shoulder and read the missive himself. "How dangerous are they? If I may ask?" His voice is a deep baritone, faintly melodic. Behind them both Sabrael has worked her way through the laundry, hustling the last of it inside, the pile almost bigger than she is. Slipping back out she takes her courage in hand and moves closer to the group, stepping just under the protection of the dragon's wing. Maybe if she leans just enough that way she can see whatever it is that has concerned her parents.

Jalaiath shifts, not quite impatiently but this conversation was supposed to be short, or at least that's what her rider has claimed. Whirling eyes focus on something of interest as the adults study the sketches and warning script the younger teen has her eye and she snakes her head down to whuffles warmly at Sabrael's legs. Of roucse since everyone's bunched together now it makes for a cozy grouping as the dragons tail curls about the other side, enclosing an off shaped circle. Neyuni's replying "Well, right now it's a warning. These two don't seem to be with any renegades just yet, so they're falling somewhere between mischievous and … Ch'var! " the encroaching green has not been missed rather hard to.

Sabrel was trying to look at that paper, but no longer! The dragon whuffing at her has the teen freezing in place, not daring to move a single inch. Very quietly she manages a polite, "Excuse me," but can't quite manage to get herself to shuffle off to one side. "Well that is a relief." Sabrael's parents fold up the paper, turning to look at what has caused the woman to call out.

Ch'var swallows hard, seems his dragon is getting him into trouble, again! The reason, he gives another soft "Oh, oh dear. Pardon Weyrwoman, seems she's found someone she think would do well to stand for the clutch. At least if she accepts and her parents allow." he tiptoes into the conversation Neyuni is just wrapping up. Ch'var sides around the group to Sabrael and pushes his dragons muzzle back. "Sorry abotu that lass. Jalaiath here gets quite excited when she meets someone with your potential. I'm Ch'var."

One would think it would be impossible for Sabrael's eyes to get any wider, but at Ch'var's words, they do. A swift inhale of breath as those orbs sweep from dragon, to rider, to her parents and back to the rider. Soft enough to be almost unheard Sabrael lets her name drift out, "Sabrael," before falling mute again. The surprise on the cotholder's faces is clear, and they share a look. "Well, this is quite unexpected uh," a glance at the weyrwoman, "We are simple folk, but, if Sabrael wishes?"

Neyuni plays supporting role, in this instance it is the search dragon and rider's time to shine. She offers an encouraging smile and nod at the question but looks to Ch'var. It is Jalaiath that vocalizes in a sort of /of course/ type of sound, but then why wouldn't anyone choose this. Such reasoning is beyond adragon though her rider is more realistic "Well met Sabrael. Would you do Igen the honor of standing for the clutch now on the sands?"

Sabrael lets out a slight giggle at that sound before slapping her hands over her mouth less someone take offense at her laughter. She looks between the adults then back at the dragon. Her hands lower just a fraction to allow her soft voice to be heard, "I," a pause, "I would love to if I really could." Her hesitancy makes it seem like almost this might be a joke the world is playing just on her. Standing to one side her parents are beaming, and allow their daughter to speak for herself.

Ch'var considers "Well I'm afraid this is a serious enough matter you'll need to give me a straight yes or no. It's entirely up to you."

Sabrael shifts a bit in place, her hands falling to smooth out her skirts. A small headnod as she attempts to straighten her shoulders, though she doesn't quite manage to look the greenrider in the eye. "Yes, please."

Jalaiath arches back and shakes her wings sending little torrents of water to the ground heedless of those below. Her joy in such news apparent in the clear trumpet call that rolls between land and cloud. Then it's business with parting words and quick packing. "If you'll just gather your things lass I'm afraid we need to be going." he pushes the green back away from the hold a few lengths, both giving her proper room to takeoff and the youngster and her family a chance to say their parting words. Neyuni adds her farewell "If you see either of those two, the Weyr'd appreciate a sweep flag out. no need to stop then but we'd like to know if they've been by, and congratulations. We'll take very good care of your daughter."

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