Trading Favors with Half Moon Bay

Characters Al'dru, Eryzan, Kadesh, Trysta
Synopsis Al'dru seeks and receives permission to search at Half Moon Bay weyr..with conditions. He doesn't come back empty handed.
Out-of-Character Date December 12, 2014

Half Moon Bay Weyr - West Bowl
The western end of the great bowl of the Weyr. You can see the steep walls of the crater to the south and south, with small openings and ledges in the cliffside. These are the individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the west you can see the great natural arch, and the lagoon, to the east, the center of the bowl. To the south you see a large natural cave opening that has been made into a tunnel. It is the main entrance to the Weyr from the road to Half Moon Bay Hold.

Al'dru arrives in a flurry of dragon wings as Eranzath settles down into the bowl. He slides down quickly, glancing around the area and then spots someone. "Hey. Do you happen to know where the weyrwoman is? I was sent to look for her." \n
Eryzan was on his way to the beach when a gigantic shadow above his head made him stop. Of course, living in a Weyr, he's kinda used to it but still. "Half Moon duties…." he first replies, eye widening a bit at the rider's question. "Err…somewhere I guess…" Very helpful. He straightens slightly and coughs, offering a smile. "I mean, she must be in the administration area…"

Or she can be seen wandering around with a wooden bucket tucked in one arm and a bottle in the other. Kadesh saunters across the bowl, humming for a moment before she pauses to peer at Eranzath briefly. The bottle is placed down on the ground and she tilts the bucket to her face. The Weyrwoman bites down on her lower lip in thought, rattling the bucket a bit to shake up the contents as honey-hued eyes inspect. Finally, she manages a crooked smile and her free hand dislodges a peculiar looking morsel covered in glaze. Wherry feet is back on the menu, it seems. Right as she takes a bite, she catches sight of Al'dru and she salutes with the leg before tossing it back in the bucket. "Well, Half Moon's duties do you, Igen. What brings you here? If it's the feet, I got the last bucket."

Al'dru laughs faintly as he's got a stammering someone and then turns around upon hearing those dulcet tones he was told to expect. "Igen's duties to Half Moon, Weyrwoman." He nods around the place. "I'm here as you made have heard that Igen has a clutch hardening, with ten eggs no less." He suddenly looks a little less certain. "We're having trouble finding enough candidates just in our corner of the world, and thought. As you had just had a hatching, perhaps there were youngsters who were searched who were not fortunate yet?"

The odd metallic sound also makes Eryzan's head turn and he immediately finds himself rather stupid. Not that it's not often the case but in front of the Weyrwoman. He doesn't comment though and simply points Kadesh with a finger, smiling goofily. As being stupid, let's be somewhat theatrical. At the mention of clutch, sands and eggs, he lifts a brow. Now how to disappear? Quite impossible here so he just stands here, grinning.

"Oh, I've got quite a few here and some I'll be hard pressed to let go but I might be able to loosen my grip… for the right conditions." Kadesh sweetly smiles as she places her clean hand on Eryzan's shoulder, tilting her head towards his. "It would be dreadful to give up such talented people, they're valuable in many ways. Perhaps if I could be assured that if a few measley conditions could be met, I /could/ part with them so they can spread their wings." The Weyrwoman bats her eyes, sending a deviant smile in his direction.

Eranzath has already settled down, looking blandly unconcerned for the moment, as Al'dru swallows a bit nervously. "Conditions? Um, what sort of conditions." He takes a hand to wipe a suddenly sweating brow as he glances from the Weyrwoman down to the boy she just managed to glue into place. "I don't think I'm authorized to allow a lot." Another swallow. "But perhaps I could hear what you need. Just so I can see if Igen can meet them?"

Eryzan is indeed unable to move an inch now that the Weyrwoman spoke so high of him. Well not specifically of /him/ but he likes to think he's among the gifted leftover people around. Trying to relax and keep his mouth shut. Not the right time to allow his Harper's side out with a fancy word or two. To be considered, this situation is amusing as he's never thought of him as valuable trading material. It's obvious that Kadesh didn't hear him sing. Another wide smile splits the young harper's face in two and he slowly crosses his arms over his chest, trying to look sturdy and all. Valuable.

"Oh, I couldn't ask for anything that would put the weyr out, that would be unprofessional and unneighborly of me. Especially since Igen has been kind throughout the turns. I'll think of something, all I ask until I write up a formal request is to allow the crafters you take on as candidates to continue to fine tune their skills if chores and responsibilities allow. We can't have them going rusty now." Kadesh relaxes her posture, peering down into her bucket once more. There's another tasty foot in there and the bucket is still radiating heat.

Making their way across the bowl is Marweroeth and Trysta. The two are clearly in deep conversation that cuts off as Trysta notes the riders here. Saluting to Kadesh and Al'dru she adds a bit of a wave towards Eryzan as well.

Al'dru is still wary, although he relaxes slightly upon hearing the Weyrwoman's words. "As long as it's not something that would impossible for Igen to deliver, I promise will try to meet or exceed what you're needed." He glances at the young harper caught trapped. "So I have your permission, if you would for your already vetted candidate hopefuls?" His eyes widen slightly as he glances once more at the bucket, too anxious not to finally note. "You err, /like/ wherry feet? I mean, obviously. I just never meet anyone that." Slowly his voice trails off before he can dig his conversational hole any deeper.

"Will I have time enough to say goodbye?" Eryzan's voice finally raises as he asks the Igenite bronzerider rather solemnly, glancing at the Weyrwoman and back. Trysta and Marweroeth are noticed and welcomed with a quick smile here.

"Of course, any of my residents and former candidates won't be denied a rare opportunity. You're welcome to approach them and ask them if they're willing." Kadesh relinquishes her hold on her 'valuable' harper and takes a step back to pick up her wherry foot. "I was wary of them at first but after living here on the island, I feel like I've missed out on so much delicious local food. Our tavern serves these, fish head skewers and roasted crawlies on occasion. Drink drives you to daring things." Kadesh grins widely as she takes another bite. The foot is abruptly dropped back into the bucket and she turns to grab her bottle. "Lifemate's do too, I'm reminded. Celimoth calls. If you need anything to assist with your new candidates, feel free to call on Half Moon." With a quick nod of her head, the Weyrwoman strides off back in the direction she came with booze and feet in tow. As she passes, she nods and grins at Trysta in greeting.

Al'dru sighs heavily in relief as Kadesh is reminded that duty is calling her and he offers. "Igen will remember this with favor, Weyrwoman." He nods slowly. "Absolutely, if you need to. I don't need to be back right away. I'm just pleased that I got a chance to meet with the Weyrwoman so quickly. So, you're a former candidate? We would love to have you at Igen then, Harper." A brief glance toward the young pair as he waits. "Well met there, you and your young friend."

Trysta glances between the group and stays silent to merely listen and not interrupt.

"Eryzan. I'm Eryzan and was among the last bunch here, yes." He replies, winking at Trysta, a polite smile still edging his lips but something in his eyes betrays a sudden concern. "And thank you, Sir. I will do my best to be as quick as possible. Meanwhile….." and it's a suggestion here but the harper is obviously counting on the fame of a certain place here. "….you can wait at The Tiki lounge? The perfect place." Now his smile flashes more truly. This one seems able to hide whatever may troubling him. Trysta gets a knowing look. She'll probably suspect he's now looking for a certain bluerider…

Al'dru ahs softly before he just goes to stand next to Eranzath. "Take your time. Erry here and I don't have to be back to Igen all that soon, and it's nice to be in a place that's actually somewhat cooler right now." He nods once more to the young brownrider pair before taking a stance up next to his dragon.

Al'dru waves at Eranzath. "Whenever you're ready, Erry here would love to take us back to Igen. Just hop aboard."

You swing up onto Eranzath's neck.
The warm supple Bronze hide of your lifemate rests beneath you. Strong shoulders behind you support the broad expanse of him wings. Prominent neck ridges rise in front and behind you, helping add a sense of security, which the straps actually provide.

Away from Eranzath, Eryzan reappears, trotting rapidly. He's close enough to hear Al'dru and nods, few of his belongings in one bag across his shoulder. "I'm ready, Sir." To Eranzath he respectfully dips his head once.

Away from Eranzath, Eranzath offers a forearm for the approaching harper, so he can climb up and then waits.

Al'dru buckles himself into the riding straps.

Al'dru buckles Eryzan into the riding straps.

You say "Are you all set? Ready for our flight back to Igen? And you've been between before, correct? As he's talking Eranzath has already lifted off."
Eryzan gabs the straps tightly. "Never been on dragon's back before to be honest but…I….will manage." Right? It may not be that hard? Ah the impetuousness of this youth.
Al'dru slowly gives the signal for Eranzath to go between, "Well, hold on tight then. But Erry and I, we've not lost too many passengers between. I think you'll make it."
Away from Eranzath, Eranzath suddenly disappears -=* BETWEEN *=-
Darkness and cold like you can't imagine. Nothing to see, feel or hear, except the beating of your heart.
Then, as suddenly as you entered the emptiness…
Igen Weyr - High Sky
The whole of Igen Weyr spreads out below. Worn by the winds the stone about the rim is smooth, though deeply worn along the west side. Star stones stand out in contrast to the sky, purposeful no longer. The thin trail of the passage accessing the weyr can be traced dissapearing into the mountains southeastwards. Further beyond to the east and west the golden desert sands shimmer and seem to go from one horizon to the next with little reprieve. Hints of water tease at the far eastern horizon, but it's impossible to tell if one is seeing the igen river or just a trick of the endless dunes.

Igen Weyr - North Bowl

The relatively flat bowl is covered in a thin layer of pale sand and dust that shifts with the seasons. Contrastingly, the orange hued desert sandstone which comprises the bowl walls stretches skywards. Northwards is the smaller niche administrative complex, where the queen's and weyrleader traditionally make their home. The singular staircase running along the wind curved bowl wall can be traced connecting the ledges of the Weyr's leadership. To the northeast is the greater opening into the hatching grounds, with a smaller shadowed entrance for the dragons a few lengths above it. Most of the foot traffic however goes into smaller ground level entrances which lead into the heart of the living and dining areas. Set apart from the other areas a series of smaller entrances of varying size which lead into the infirmary and various crafter areas.

Al'dru unbuckles Eryzan from the riding straps.

Al'dru unbuckles himself from the riding straps.

Eryzan can't help but wooooooOoooooottt right in Al'dru's ears.

Eryzan's scream of surprise and…joy dies quickly and he coughs, embarrassed. "Sorry…"

Al'dru shakes his head, "You okay?" before he swings down from Erry and looks around. "Now, to get you all settled. Where is that headwoman when I need her?" He glances around, but doesn't actually leave his dragon. Eranzath for his part was more pleased by the joy and attempts to turn his head back to see this new person.

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