Oh Look... Eggs!

Characters Eryzan, Ivaylo, Janja,Lucrezia, Neyuni, Sabrael
Synopsis Eggs and Candidates get to mingle.
Out-of-Character Date December 14, 2014

Hatching Sands
The Sands

Neyuni is waiting at the entrance to the sands, her large queen shuffles about on the sands not far distant, inspecting each egg so that she can know if the coming candidates put even one grain of the dark sands out of place.

Sabrael is swept along in the excitement, words totally missing. She has to stretch her small legs to keep up, one hand reaching to attempt to keep her hair in some degree of presentable as they are hurried along. When they reach the eyes though the race stops and she takes deep breaths, attempting to calm, collect and reorient. Her hand might even reach out unconsciencely for Eryzan's, looking for reassurance.

And Eryzan is here, near Sabrael. He also did arrive hastily and reaches to place a friendly hand on the short girl's shoulder, offering his support. "Now let's not stumble on them…" he softly says. Too much for a support but he just can't help it. Catching sight of the golden queen (who wouldn't?) he bows, making a tempting step closer.

Lucrezia is picked up along the way, somehow; best not to ask too many questions where the trader-turned Candidate is concerned! She trots gamely along at the back, a lopsided smile on her face and a soft bit of humming serving to precede her arrival along with those ever-present, jingling bracelets of hers.

Neyuni takes the opportunity to go over a few pointers, and while some may be half listening others are clearly egg-eyed only. She concludes quickly enough, "and so just be careful out there and take what time you can. Zuhth'll make it pretty clear when everyone needs to leave." with that she heads back out to the gathered clutch of ten, waving for the others to spread out and mingle with the eggs as they choose.

Sabrael follows Eryzan's lead, bowing. Her eyes are less on the eggs though, and very much on the goldrider's directions. They get repeated over and over in her mind as she takes a deep breath. With people scattering there's no where left to hide, so she pulls herself up by the bootstraps, and ghosts over to the nearest one. It seems like a happy egg, full of color, and she brushes a gentle finger across it, like she might break it if she touches with more than that slight breath.

Lucrezia shows no fear at all - just awe, really, at the sight of the eggs and Zuhth in particular. The rules are listened to, memorized, and put to good use. She approaches one of the eggs cautiously, as if the eyes on it might be more than they truly are. The girl lays her hands lightly on the dark, dark egg, and shuts her eyes to properly revel in the experience.

Janja is last, chasing candidates before her with great flapping arms. "To the sands! Everyone go to the sands." Even though all the candidates located seem to have arrived she's still cheerfully following along behind. Just before reaching the entrance, she veers off to sit in the first row of seats. "Oh! Touch that one." she calls to a small weyrbred boy.

"Oh that is pretty." Sabrael's voice is a whisper as a smile, lacking any of her normal shyness, brightens her face. Blue eyes almost seem to shine as that rainbow and sunshine slide into her soul and warm it up. (Not that the sands aren't warm enough already, but an inward warmth.

Lucrezia's eyes blink open wide at whatever she's experiencing. She sucks in a deep breath, utters a low sound, and shuts her eyes again while she does her best to truly focus this time. Her fingers tremble just a little on that shell, a betrayal of her excitement more than any hint of nervousness.

Ivaylo heads onto the Sands at a easy stride, though he certainly doesn't look like he took his time to get here. His hair is a little out of place from the the rush. He does bow to the clutch mother respectfully before he's making his way towards those eggs. His pace slows, and there's hesitation before he looks to the other candidates. Then, he approaches an egg. More hesitation as his hand lifts, nose wrinkles just a fraction and then he touches the Splatter of Blood Egg.

"I wish I was as brave as you…" It's almost a conversation as Sabrael stays enraptured with the egg before her, and whatsoever it is that it is sending her. The hand against it is more sure though now, the friendliness of it giving her more courage that touching it is not going to break it. (Please don't break it, that would be the worst.

Lucrezia tilts her head a little, mouth pressed into a firm line. Her fingers slide a little over the surface, as if seeking out something, but it's impossible to say what or why. Her posture straightens and she seems to brace herself for the unknowable and maintains contact with the egg, clearly determined to see this through.

Neyuni checks on one of the younger candidates of the group, gantly laying his hand on teh warm shell. It's still alittle soft but plenty firm enough. The candidates face lights up "Don't worry that's fine." and when she's sure he's getting more comfortable she moves on. Steps carry her to the queen momentarily, pushign against the broad chest to help her settle back tot he sands, and echoing the same sort of coo she just did for the nervous candidate. "You're doing fine, I'm sure they know better than to hurt any of your babies." Zuhth rumbles and looks overall displeased but for the moment continues to… tolerate the presence of others on the sands.

Ivaylo twitches, slightly, his lip curls downwards and he looks to his hand and the egg. He pulls back, briefly, then looks to the others yet again. He hesitates before allowing his hand to rest upon the shell once more, cautious.

Ivaylo makes another face, this one settling into something more akin to thoughtfulness than disgust or confusion. He does, however, pull away and considers the egg with another frown. He lifts his hand and considers it a moment before he moves away from the egg. Another draws his attention and he moves over to place his hand gently upon the shell of the Balanced on a Precipice Egg.

Lucrezia peels her hands away after a moment, her lips pursed and expression deeply thoughtful for a relatively long time. Her attention flicks briefly to Janja and then to Neyuni - but that moment passes and she moves right along to another egg without hesitation.

A shiver spirals itself along Sabrael's spine at that last feeling, and she pulls away. There is a desire to touch it again, but she resists and steps backwards half a pace. Without the egg engulfing her Sabrael remembers she's in a big room with quite a few people. Eyes jerk up and look around, but one one is looking at her. Oh. Okay. This is fine. With everyone in their own little world she shuffles sideways a bit, not touching another egg right away but looking for the right one. One on the edge so she doesn't have to walk into the middle of their pile. There, the gray one? With just a hint of blue?

Lucrezia breathes, "Oh -no-. You're cold! That won't do at all." And she spreads her hands out a bit more over the shell, only to go a small step further and press her forehead to it, ever-so-gently. She shuts her eyes, lips curved into a smile at some secret thought or another that's passed from her to the occupant of that egg.

The sudden boldness of that thought in her mind, so unlike the gentle bubbles and colors of before causes nervous Sabrael to jerk away. Her hands find one another before her as she looks at the egg, her smile fading away into a slight frown. She bites her lip against words, and glances around, taking a break to look at the others.

Lucrezia exhales a sigh of relief, her smile going tilted a moment later. "There. Better. See? Isn't it nicer to be warm?" She's mindful to keep the words low-pitched, but they're there, all the same. She continues that contact, though she pulls her head away lest Zuhth deign to take offense!

Ivaylo tilts his head down, hiding his face entirely as he closes his eyes. He doesn't move away from the egg, doesn't look to see anyone else. He gives no indications of feelings or thoughts, but he's clearly content to stay.

Zuhth's head swings from right to left and back. A slow ever present scane of the activity around her. The physical presence of her rider seems to tame some of the wilder instincts, allowing the candidates to continue touching the hardening shells. As Lucrezia leans ever more into the egg she is at, Zuhth's eyes begin to whirl a bit faster. Tail thumps the ground but her rider calms her again "No silly, she's not going to eat it." there see, the candidate is pulling back, wisely so and the queen untenses a micron.

Ghosting sideways Sabrael slips around Ivaylo, so intent is on on his egg, to have her eyes catch on the slightly un-egg-looking egg. No one else is touching? Well, she can try it then.

Ivaylo pulls back, expression once again neutral though a touch of a smile rests upon his lips. It is gone, however, once he steps away from the egg. He looks to Zuhth, briefly considering the queen before nodding respectfully once again before heading towards a different egg. He stands beside the Black as Pitch Egg for a moment before daring to rest his hand upon the shell.

Lucrezia moves away grudgingly and sets her sights on another egg - after a few moments spent warming herself up, that is! She huffs out a breath, cants a final look to the egg, and then she's off, bracelets jingling faintly all the while. A wary glance is cast to Zuhth, though - she doesn't immediately touch this new egg until she's given the golden dam a smile and an apologetic wiggle of fingers, just in case that thumping is because of her!

Ivaylo shivers once, eyes searching the egg with a cautious look. There's a frown, briefly before he leans in a touch closer. Cautious, but curious, he remains.

Too much sudden movement for Sabrual and she jerks away. That last feeling though, that sense of joy, brings her back, her eyes now riveted on that strangely shaped egg. She just has to get use to loud things, right? It seemed to happy. Maybe it had a suggestion on how to break her shyness. Because, of course, the unborn know things like that.

Seems something has caught up with Janja, the heat possibly or just her flighty nature. Whatever it might be, the goldrider is sprawled back into the bench behind her and sleeping. Least she's not snoring, though her mouth does seem to be open and drooling a bit. A hint of gold high up in the dragon ledges above shows that as usual, someone is looking out for the weaver-rider.

Neyuni sighs "See…." all perfectly fine. In fact this might be the best behaved group of candidates yet! The rider turns and leans her back upon the dam who remains ever tense, both eye those wandering amongst the eggs although with differeing points of view. The dragon clearly protective and mothering, wild instincts screaming and causing her to sift and twitch with only the current calm presence of her rider to keep her from physically throwing things around. Neyuni is starting to look foggy eyed, perhaps caught in a moment of nostalgia, of her own turn so many decades ago.

Lucrezia giggles softly at something or another, her eyes opening for just a moment as if to make sure of just where she is before they close again. She keeps her hands on that shell, eyes shut and breath caught, while she 'listens' to whatever the egg has to say - or not - next.

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