Al'dru and the Egglettes

Characters Eresai, Lucrezia, Janja, Al'dru
Synopsis Al'dru escorts a few candidates onto the sands. Janja takes a nap.
Out-of-Character Date December 15, 2014

Igen Weyr - Hatching Sands
As if temperatures in the rest of the Weyr weren't uncomfortable enough, the sands are positively blistering. The air shimmers from the onslaught of heat, leaving the area with a hallucinatory feel. Black sands stand currently empty but for the occasional egg-shard or 'print not swept clear. A raised platform of smooth stone provides a lounging-spot for queens or their mates, or a retreat for the lifemates that accompany them from whence they can cool their feet somewhat.

Al'dru is standing around, carrying a wineskin and looking just a bit put out that he managed to make it all the way to the sands and finds no one here, but Zuhth. He sighs softly, but then notices a few candidates hanging around the entrance. "So long as you don't bother Zuhth, let's see if you she'll let you out here to see the eggs and get to know them."

Eresai is here. Where else would he be? Chores are done, and those things promised to his journeywoman are also completed, so what else is a boy wearing a white stranded knot to do but to skulk about and watch the eggs. It might be, as he crouches near the entry way, that just now it's less the eggs he's contemplating so much as how one manages to put one foot in front of the other to make it onto the sands come hatching day. Al'dru's voice has him jerking upright and looking guilty, but hey, so long as the bronzerider is sort-of kind-of vouching for himself and the others here, he's going to find a way for one foot and then the next to carry him onto the hot, black sands.

And, of course, Lucrezia's here, too! She's far less hesitant when it comes to the sands, though it's not as if she'll traipse onto it without permission. Not with the watchful dragonparents being there and all! So, when it seems Eresai's having some difficulty getting his feet in motion, she'll be right there, a hand aimed to snag his hand - if he doesn't pull away, that is. Either way, -she'll- be getting on the sands, with a wiggle of fingers for Al'dru, Zuhth, and Sindrieth (if he's there, that is). "Thank you! Oh, we'll be good, I promise!"

Al'dru nods from where he moves to stand near where Zuhth is curled protectively around the eggs. "Oh, come on out. It seems that she is in a fairly decent mood at the moment and doesn't mind you being here. Spread out and just be gentle with her eggs and no running around."

Lucrezia does seem to be developing an uncanny ability to hook Eresai and he's certainly all the easier to snag in this moment being both unsuspecting and focused on the gold and her eggs. "I can't say as I have a lot of experience interpreting the moods of dragons," the woodcrafter mumbles to the blonde leading him with a look toward Al'dru that says without words that he's trusting the man. "Is there a way to tell?" His voice is louder for this, directed to either the rider or his fellow candidates who might know better about dragon moods.

"Oh! Oh, well, her eyes aren't a terribly crazy color," is Lucrezia's assessment. "That's probably the best way to tell, I suppose." She'll gently pull Eresai along until the eggs are well in front of the lot of them and only then will she release him with a smile and a sweetly urging, "Go on! That one," she tips her head toward Life's Colorful, "is -lovely-. I'm sure you'll love it!" As for her? She's off for another egg entirely, fingers seeking to splay over the surface of the Balanced on a Precipice Egg.

"Well, if she starts whipping her head around. Zuhth I mean, or making rather angry noises, I'd gather she's unhappy with us being out here and that she'd want us to leave." Al'dru deadpans, before glancing at Jan, to see how she's holding up out here in the heat.

Janja is holding up, but not her head. No, the junior is yet again asleep on the first row of seats of the galleries. This new habit of sleeping at odd times and in odd places is going to cause trouble for the junior at some point, especially with her pale complexion unprotected from the heat of the sands just beyond the edge of her toes.

The deadpan has Eresai a little wide of eye in answer. It's not that he's really so gullible so much as just that ignorant. Zuhth gets a wary though not disrespectful side-eye before the Life's Colorful Egg gets it the opposite direction. Lucrezia would pick that one for him to start with. There's curiosity in his gaze but not so much as to move him to it without another moment's survey of the other eggs on the sands. He drifts a step toward one of the smaller eggs before swallowing and moving to lay a hand on the Life's Colorful Egg. The one he would have picked can wait.

Lucrezia purses her lips and furrows her brow, the sensations being relayed clearly taking some time for her to process. She sucks her lower lip after a moment and worries over it with her teeth before leaning in again, mindful not to put any weight on the egg itself. She sniffs audibly a few times and then her eyes shut again, ready to 'listen' once more. On the upside, at least she's not watching Eresai with his egg?

Al'dru moves to wander slowly over to where Janja has decided a nap is in order and a wide smirk is playing across his face. He's just about to shout boo, when he remembers where he is and he glances guiltily at the golden queen watching him warily and he sighs. "Jan, Jan, Jan. See what you almost made me do?"

Eresai's hand pulls away from the Life's Colorful Egg only moments after touching it. He looks startled and perhaps even a little bit disturbed. There's silence and staring at the shell of the egg before he calls softly to the blonde who steered him, perhaps not even seeing her concentration elsewhere. "Rezia, I think you I found your egg," in so much as any of them have eggs at this stage of the game. It does have Eresai daring a small smile before he's stepping toward the Through the Moonlight Egg whose purples he must find somehow inviting. He's slower in placing his hand this time, but it comes, gently, just the tips of his fingers to the curving shell.

Small movements greet the comment Al'dru made as Jan stirs in her sleep. She mutters a little, thrashing out one hand into air though if Al'dru is unwary it might just smack him good. "Is your fault." is about the only intelligible thing said before Janja sinks back into a more restful and quieter sleep. Looks like it wouldn't take much to wake her fully though.
Lucrezia remains, of course, wrapped up in whatever strange moment is being shared. Her lips move, her brow furrows but, in the end, she utters a sigh and leans back a bit. Her fingers remain on the egg all the while, of course, but she's briefly distracted from it by Eresai's words. She laughs softly and shakes her head, "Perhaps, perhaps not! I do like the way it makes me feel, though. It's so -lovely-." And as he goes to the next egg, she focuses on this one for the last little bit, perhaps hoping for a final contact before she prepares to move on herself.

A tremor runs through Eresai and his fingers almost come away. He huffs out a breath and might be surprised when, no, it's not frosty like an early morning winter back in Lemos. The surprise shows on his face at any rate, even if no specific reason is volunteered before he slips his palm onto the egg, letting his eyes slide closed.

Al'dru frowns slightly as he watches Janja and his eyebrows lift just a little bit as she speaks. "All my fault? I hardly think so." But he's willing enough to back up and stay out of swinging range, as Jan's got a mean left hook in her and he's not about to get hit. He's also keeping a weather eye out on Zuhth, gauging the queen's willingness to have folks out here.

Lucrezia is slow to pull away, even when it's clear - if only to her! - that there's nothing left. She peels her fingers away and heaves a sigh, with a slightly saddened look angled at the egg before she moves along. What's next in her world? Much as the bright egg might seem to call to her - despite the fact that it didn't agree with Eresai so well, as far as she can tell! - her attentions are pulled to something else entirely.

Eresai's breath has settled to a slow, even draw and release. He shifts his feet, and peeks open an eye to see the hot sand underneath his feet and then the lilac bit under his left hand before the eye is closed again, his brow furrowing, the curiosity lingering to go a little deeper with this particular egg.

Lucrezia catches herself giggling aloud - and doesn't exactly stop herself, either! If she could clap, she would - but she'll just have to settle on bouncing on the balls of her feet for a few moments before her attentions center on the egg again. A breathy sound of giddy happiness escapes her and she leans forward, just enough to press her forehead to the shell - as if that might, somehow, make it even easier to 'hear'!

Janja's breathing is slow and even. The heat is causing her skin to start flushing a faint pink and there's a hint of moisture collecting in all the usual places. Her face crinkles up at some dream thought, lips muttering yet again though nothing can be made out. Maybe the hot galleries doesn't make the best place for a nap if you aren't a dragon.

He breathes out one last time before reclaiming his hand. It touches his own chest for a moment as if that might somehow ground him back in the here and now. He doesn't immediately move to another egg, but lets his hazel eyes drift over the other faces of the candidates in quiet communion (or in some cases, giggling communion) with other eggs. Then the eggs themselves are observed as if he's seeing them anew. Finally, he moves with purpose toward Balanced on a Precipice Egg and carefully lays his hand upon it.

Al'dru moves to lightly touch Janja on the shoulder. "Hey, Hey Jan. Err, maybe you should wake up and go nap somewhere else? You're not looking so good, sweetheart? You're getting a little flushed." He pauses. "And 'Ryn will have my head if you're sick from being out here."

Lucrezia giggles again - until she isn't. It's probably the first time she's removed her hands from an egg - and not seen fit to put them back on. She sucks in a quavering breath and releases it slowly, brows pinched and eyes narrowed. The trader-turned-Candidate swallows hard and shakes her hands out, moving away from that egg and toward another - without looking back.

Janja slowly stirs awake at the concerned touch on her shoulder. For the first instant or so, she's just sleep confused, looking about as if unsure where she is or how she got there. Then her sleepy brain wakes some and her eyes widen. "Oh shells, I did it again, didn't I?" She looks up at Al'dru with a wistful smile. "Thank you. I think I'll head back home and take a real nap. I'm tired so often these days."

Al'dru looks a bit concerned as Jan leaves before he's shaking his head and then moving to lean back against the gallery wall where he can keep a good eye out on the candidates. "Just because she left doesn't mean that I'm not still watching all of you out here. And so is Zuhth."

"No." The word comes unbidden to Eresai's lips and is quietly delivered, to the egg. His cheeks touch in a blush and he sinks down onto his knees. It's not the heat that overwhelms him, it's just that he needs to not have to focus on keeping his feet. A second hand joins the first and he stares at the egg hard, as if by will he could bring that presence back.

Lucrezia bites back a squeal of delight at whatever -this- egg is doing. She grins lopsidedly at the shell, as if it might see, and then she croons something to it just under her breath. Her fingers sprawl over the surface of it and her eyes remain tightly shut, as if to better 'see' whatever the egg's occupant is trying to show.

Eresai is certainly reluctant to leave the egg that has brought him to his knees. If it were a girl, perhaps he'd be proposing even now, but instead, with one final brush of his fingers on the shell, he's rising to move away. He seems uncertain about where to head next, so he stands in silent wonder. He has the look of one whose cracked the cover of a book for the first time and has barely skimmed the first page let alone delved into the depths that might be offer. When he moves again, it's quietly toward the exit. No doubt he needs some time to process.

Lucrezia lingers but a moment longer, breathless and entranced by whatever is transpiring in that curious place between minds. Ultimately, she's forced to pull away - not by the need to digest what's happened but, rather, by the silent and ominous presence of a brownrider in the galleries. Her attention settles on the man with a deep furrowing of her forehead and, without a word, she nods to the grim-faced fellow who, thus far, has produced neither a sound nor a motion. "Thank you," is breathed - for Al'dru, Zuhth, and even the possibly-present Sindrieth. With that said, she moves away - and heads for the exit some moments after Eresai's already passed.

Al'dru is rightfully wary, as Zuhth starts to get antsy, her head coming up and her eyes starting to whirl faster and edging more into the bright colors of the spectrum. "Okay, Candidates. Looks like we might want to be leaving. Apparently we have worn out our welcome here tonight."

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