Heart Fire

Characters Daija, Eryzan, Vivka
Synopsis Three candidates go egg watching, and chat about /what it takes/.
Out-of-Character Date December 19, 2014

Galleries, Igen Weyr
From this vantage point, you can look over the balcony to the Sands below. The seating here stretches out around the perimeter of the Sands, the rows of seating rising high above. The benches are wooden, simple bleachers, and the stone steps have been worn down along their center from turns of foot-traffic. Above the bleachers, the ledge of the galleries is pocked and marked from dragonclaws where dragons have perched to watch the hatchings as well.

As hot as Igen is the rest of the day, a little hatching cavern heat is nothing - it's pleasant, even! In the hours of rest between the typical candidate activities, Daija is relaxing on the wooden benches in the galleries, sitting on the level closest to the railing. She has her legs bent up and crossed, her satchel on her right, and her hands cupped over her knees while she peruses the eggs sitting in their sandy wallows. Few other people occupy the cavern, but their voices create quiet background noise in an otherwise vast and silent area.

Eryzan's chores are done for the day or at least for this time of the day. Finally adjusting to Igen's climate, he switched his clothes for lighter ones save for his boots. One thing he keeps wearing no matter what with can be odd when he's encased in his shorts. Today he's got flaxen brown pants and a broad collared white shirt. On his way to the galleries, he nods to the faces he meets until reaching the railing, not far from where Daija is. "Can't help but admiring them too I take it?" He softly asks, not wanting to break the quiet atmosphere here.

The infirmary assistant is wearing her own brand of Igen clothing: dark blue harem pants, and a short-sleeved black tunic shirt; her hair has been wound in twin braids and looped into buns at the sides of her head. "Huh?" Daija asks, startled out of her daydreams. "Oh, aye, they're nice to look at, y'know? Can't help imaginin' what's inside." Her mouth slants into a sideways smile and she pats the bench on her left side, in obvious gesture to the other candidate. "C'mon, sit, there's 'nough room. Relax ya legs from all that standin'. They're not going no where, besides."

Of course Zan already saw her in the barracks and it's with a broad smile that he gladly accepts her invitation. "Thanks…." he begins, trailing off to cast another look at her as he takes his seat. "Daija, right? I'm also curious about their inhabitants. Seen so many amazing things before. It's always a marvel." this time his gaze is on the different ovoid forms a little below.

"Yeah, Daija," the girl answers readily, shifting over a bit to make room for Eryzan. "What'do ya bet's in there? I been thinkin there's a bronze, or two, and a bunch of greens and a couple browns and some blues." She chews on the inside of her cheek and flicks a look to the other candidate from the corners of her eyes. "If ya Impress, what'do ya think it'll be?"

Eryzan notices Daija's side look and his smile widens. He lets his gaze focus on the egg tho and a soft sigh escapes his lips as he answers. "I didn't really think about it to be honest. It can be so surprising." Another little sigh and he shifts on the bench, clearly looking at her now. "Don't know if I will impress. Been left alone once already. What do /you/ think you'd impress if it ever happens?" Here, he returns the question, a glitter of curiosity dancing in his eyes.

"Aw, c'mon. Ya gotta have an opinion." Daija's smile widens to a tooth-revealing grin as she chides Eryzan on his indecisiveness, but becomes suddenly somber before she says, "If it happens, and I been waitin a long time for it, it'd be a brown or a blue. Strong types, y'know." She lifts her thin shoulders in a shrug, letting her feet drop to the floor of the stands. "Can't imagine havin a gold or a green, too girly, and all those flights," she sighs.

Candidates sneaking in time to visit the galleries is surely not an uncommon practice. And Vivka is no different from any of the others that have done the same. When she comes in, her attention is foremost on the sands below where the eggs are doing basically nothing. But she seems quite interested in them all the same! It's not until she's had a few moments to take in the sight before she looks over at the pair of slightly familiar faces to beam a smile and wave one enthusiastic hand.

Eryzan's right eyebrow slightly raises at Daija's answer. He's still displaying his usual smile, tho it's now tainted with deep curiosity. Besides of having the honor and opportunity to stand on the sands for a clutch, candidacy has turned to be a great way to meet new faces and personalities. "Strong. I see. But you know, nothing is predictable and apparently odd pairing has been seen more than once. What would you do if a gold hatchling comes your way?" He's really curious about it. Then he catches sight of a waving Vivka and waves right back, inviting her to join. If he guessed Daija's name right, it'd maybe be a little harder for Vivka. He may be a harper he doesn't know /everything/.

Daija settles a predominantly skeptical look on Eryzan. "No, nothin is predictable, but I can dream, can't I?" She is still giving the other candidate that wary stare when he asks about a gold, but this one is accompanied by a mirthless laugh. "Ain't no gold gonna pick me. I'm no good at manners or scrapin or actin or runnin a thing. Gotta get a girl who can do all that, like Neyuni and Jaja, y'see?" She's got her preconceptions, alright. Eryzan's wave makes her turn towards whomever he's waving at, and she gives the blonde girl a considering look paired with a short wave.

Returned waving basically equals an invitation, apparently. Vivka continues along toward the pair of candidates who she doesn't know, but has undoubtedly seen in the barracks. "Hi," chirps the blonde cheerfully when she comes closer, a smile still dimpling her cheeks. "Do you mind if I join you?" Though since a girl like her probably can't imagine they might possibly say no, she starts to join them anyway. "You're Eresai, right?" she asks the boy, looking kind of pleased with herself for even being able to guess at someone's name.

Eryzan snorts, waving one hand again but this time in front of Daija's face. "Pfft." Too much for Harper's legendary eloquence here. "Dragons don't care about those traits of personalities, Daija. It's more about what you have here…" and he places the formerly waving hand on his heart. "…it's the fire within you that matters." And just like storm clouds hide the sun, his face darkens with his own words. Obviously, the mention of fire makes him nostalgic. He does perk tho as Vivka arrives. "Err….You got the two first letters right. I'm Eryzan." he chuckles heartily at the blonde candidate.

"And I ain't got anythin no gold is gonna want, ''here''," pointing to her own heart with one short, slim finger, "But a blue or a brown.." Daija's face becoming dreamy as she shifts her gaze to the eggs, again> Vivka interrupts those thoughts, causing a bit of a frown. "No, we don't mind, there's plenty of room for ya or anyone else," and she's looking behind the blonde, obviously expecting a ''passel'' of dimpling, blonde females to be in tow; when she doesn't spot any, she grunts in an unladylike manner and tugs on one of her braids.

Vivka manages to look a little disappointed that she's gotten Eryzan's name wrong. But then she looks confused. "But… who's Eresai, then?" The question itself might be more rhetorical than anything, but she at least manages to pick out the other girl's name from the boy who says it. "Eryzan. Daija. I got it." For now. "I'm Vivka. And thank you!" She must not recognize frowning. "Are you talking about what you're going to impress? You can't actually… choose, right?" Wide-eyed, she looks a little worried that she's been wrong about that idea her whole life.

"Oh a choice will be made that's for sure. But it won't be us choosing. And that's anther true fact." Eryzan finds the need to explain even if every candidates are well aware of that. "It looks like Daija, here," and he points a thumb at the dark haired girl with a grin. "…knows exactly what she /won't/ get. As for me, I don't know really. I'm not hopeless of course. Just…trying to face whatever may happen when the eggs hatch." which he already did back then at Half Moon Weyr.

The infirmary aide rolls her eyes at Eryzan and gathers her satchel, standing. "Ya lot can have fun arguing over the possibilities, and not havin a dream. I've got chores, yeah? See ya later," Daija says, not bothering to look at the two as she half-jog-half-walks form the galleries, presumably to the infirmary.

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