So What's Next?

Characters K'vir, neyuni
Synopsis Neyuni brings K'vir in for a chat about wing n' things
Out-of-Character Date December 21, 2015

IGW - Council Chambers
Gone are the walls of natural sandstone. Instead they have been covered with a fine-grain wooden panelling of a dark hue -- giving the room a faintly ominous feeling with all the weighty decisions that have been made here over the Turns. From the center of the roof hangs an elaborate chandelier, the baubles of glass used to create such a masterpiece catch the light emitted by several small bulbs, providing the room with more than enough illumination. Lining the walls are several bookcases. Divisions allow for placements of rolled-up hides, the more traditionally hide-bound volumes, and there is also a set of shelves that houses the Weyr's main computer. Dotted long the walls in an orderly fashion are portraits of some of the more notable -- or egotistical? -- Weyrleaders. At the center of the room stands a darkly stained wooden table surrounded by chairs, each with the appropriate wing insignia at their backs.

Neyuni is settled on the far side of the table at the end, as far from the entrance as one gets. There are a few hides on the tabletop that she taps at with a finger, studying as she waits for K'vir to arrive, or to be otherwise interrupted by whatever life, or the Weyr, decides to throw at her. Hearing noise from the entrance her head lifts, gaze thoughtful as she looks to find out which path fate decides to throw this hour.

It's only K'vir, arriving as expected! His delay was caused by the boy's 'thoughtfulness' to clean up before he dared make his way to meet with Neyuni. Still, he missed a spot and there's a stubborn streak of dirt over one cheek. At least he tried? Could be too that he was hoping it'd be enough of an excuse to hide his nervousness and excitement behind. He's been waiting for this! "Good day, Neyuni." he greets as he steps through the entrance and then stands at attention, trying hard not to peer about the room curiously.

Neyuni smiles, in fact perhaps lookign a bit relieved. Only K'vir, but then that's been quite an interesting tangle in and of itself. A person who might seem so simple who can bring forth complexities and thoughts she'd never considered. Her voice carries easily in the panelled room "Come in K'vir! Thank you for coming so… promptly." if there's a tad bit of washing more he could have done beforehand she doesn't mention and tries not to stare to much at the smudge "Please come have a seat." a hand waves and there's plenty though the chairs she seems to indicate are those closer to where she sits so she hopefully won't have to shout across the room.

"Of course!" K'vir answers brightly, unaware of any complexities or trouble he may have caused. He's not completely unaware that his age honestly throws a wrench into much but in his excitement to be a full rider he may have forgotten certain details. Moving to one of the chairs, he'll select one that is directly across from the Weyrwoman. He's not intimidated by her as much anymore. "Thank you," he remembers to politely say as he takes his seat and then all eyes are focused on her. Oh boy, oh boy!

Neyuni rolls up the hides as you get settled and sets them to the side so that she is clearly focused on the covnersation at hand. Despite that she tries hard to keep more relaxed as she doesn't mean this to be intimidating or stressful, though she can't entirely help how it may be taken. "So, you and Zekath are growing quite well. I've gotten very good reports overall from the Weyrlingmaster on the pair of you and that you've passed all the major milestones I set for her to instill in any new dragonpair." she pauses gathering her thoughts a bit "I've asked you here to start a conversation on your future. I know that when you were first searched you might not even have imagined you'd impressed, and then you did. Then of course you've had a turn of very intense training and perhaps not so much time to think of what comes after. We'll be having you shadow with riders in each of the wings over the next couple months to help you get a better idea of how things work in practice here. You might have noticed we're organized a little differently than some of the other weyrs."

K'vir listens intently and does his best to sit still but he can't help but start fidgeting a little. Nothing major but it's obvious the boy is keen to get to the heart of this conversation. He beams at the report and while he's no braggart, he's pleased as well with how well he and Zekath have managed through Weyrlinghood! At least he didn't end up like those two weyrlings? "It was worth it!" he pipes up with a grin. "It's true, I'd other plans but I'd not change thins." As for the difference, he nods. He noticed. "Fort's Wings are much different."

Neyuni could go into the details of each Flight and the corresponding wings but she tries to cover things at a higher level, since it's input she does want most of all. She has the list of each pairs perceived strengths, and perhaps weaknesses but the heart of what one wants, that is a question only the riders themselves can start to give. "So, we organize more by functions and in some ways the duties overlap and we try to be flexible, but most important I want riders to be happy. I find that when you are doing what you enjoy you are more productive and that helps the Weyr the most. That's not to say you can just lounge by the lake all day, or hang out in the 'gardens" and she's not talking about the hydroponic ones "One does need to work, but I don't find that the work has to be a chore so much as it is fulfilling. Have you considered what you'd like most to do, I mean, besides impressing."

K'vir nods his head to show that he understands and he'll grin a bit for the hint of the 'gardens'. Yeah, he knows which ones and he won't be going there anyways. No reason for him too! Not yet. Not for Turns yet. "Well, I wasn't in any Craft or nothing before I Impressed." Since he was so young. He'd just come of age when most Crafts accept Apprentices. Now he does look a bit hesitant, sheepish almost but he'll go ahead with telling her what he'd hoped — and still does hope — to become. "I've always wanted to be a Guard, though! Like my father was. Or be a part of Search and Rescue, if there's something like that. I'd like that a lot!" Age? What age? He's ready!

Neyuni hmms nodding with interest, she looks as if she would have never guessed such ambitions. "Lofty goals, there is nothing wrong with that. It sounds like your future might lie within Harkonnen flight then. Not that anything is in permanence, sometimes it takes awhile before one really finds one's place. I do have to offer another idea which your situation is suited to. We don't have many impress as young as you do, but it does happen from time to time. Some find benefit to having a bit more time to explore and stay within Allspice for awhile longer," she pauses not quite finding the words for, how does one say, giving time for a riderpair to 'grow up'? In the end it just dangles there and she looks to see how you might react to such a hypothetical.

K'vir perks up when she mentions Harkonnen flight and he begins to grin, only to have that fade slightly as there's apparently more to what he figured would be a simple agreement. His shoulders sag a bit, it's difficult for him not to show some disappointment but at least he doesn't argue? He might have had it been anyone else but this is the Weyrwoman! "So… It's because I'm too young? Not so much that we can't, Zekath and I?" he asks, wanting that reassurance that though he's disappointed now, the option will be there for his to seize when he's of age. He frowns thoughtfully, "What's there in Allspice that I can do?"

Neyuni leans back in her seat a bit, the chair creaking "It's one opportunity of many." she offers reassuringly as you sag, clearly the idea doesn't seem very appealing "Igen is ever unrushed" even if youth may be so "Allspice would allow you to work under myself and Al'dru as we assign, it doesn't mean you stay with teh rank of Weyrling." left that be a problem "It gives flexibility to grow where we might think you need to a little more before taking on more complex responsibilities. Or you can always dive right in. It's not an easy path, there's plenty more training on being a guard. Search and rescue activities are a little more diverse in the Weyr. While riders in H flight tend to get more training on handling such activities outside of the Weyr, that item is one of those shared across the wings which is where we might be able to give you more exposure under Allspice for a little longer." not that Igen has had fires in recent years but ever tried to find a lost child in the inner caverns? Tasks can be large and dramatic as well as small but important.

K'vir does take a moment or so to absorb all of this. It's a lot for him to take in, all at once, as he's once again finding that his path to his goal isn't as straightforwards as he'd thought it'd be. So much innocence left in him yet! Zekath has probably been listening too and is offering his own opinion which will be, of course, NOT to go against the suggestions of the Weyrwoman and to take the offer even if it's not what he'd hoped for. "I guess we'll try Allspice for now. Zekath and I are good at a lot of things but maybe we do need more practice. I want to be sure we'll be real good for Harkonnen Flight."

Neyuni listens and watches and that does seem to wrap it up, for the moment. "Well, that gives me plenty to think over. You still have shadowing duties as a weyrling but graduations not that far off for you two." even if you do stay in Allspice for a little while you have both clearly grown. "Thank you for taking the time to talk with me and you should feel free to at any time, whenever somethings on your mind." she does try to be approachable and seems to have settled herself with time.

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