Anatomically Correct

Characters R'en Sabrael Eryzan Ilyse
Synopsis R'en needs some pictures painted and Sabrael at least has a little experience.
Out-of-Character Date December 22, 2014

The Infirmary is a huge cavern that can hold several large dragons on one side. There are hoists to lift the cumbersome splints used on a dragon's wounded wing. There are also cubicles set off to the other side of the room where one can examine injured or sick humans. These are all well equiped and contain everything a healer might need to diagnose and treat wounds, injury, or sickness. There are also a couple doors leading into back rooms in the middle of the cavern. These are the offices of the healers posted here, and allow for a private room to talk to patients in.

The infirmary is as it usually is, fairly quiet for a usual day around the Weyr. There's been no disasters, so it's just the usual scraped knees and the occassional broken bones of accidents. It's the middle of the afternoon, which means even the majority of healers have disappeared to get some lunch leaving only the minimal staffing and also means it's the time that R'en makes his way in and to a drawer he keeps for his own personal things. He may not be a full time healer, but he does still spend a fair amount of time in the infirmary anyways. He sent one of the aides to get Sabrael on their way to lunch, if she was able to be found, and takes over one of the empty offices while their occupants are away.

Sabrael is still wiping off her hands of flour as she pokes her head into the infirmary. Bits of white cling to her dress and she bends to swat them away also before stepping all of the way in. Eyes slide around the infirmary and she relaxes a bit- there are few here. "Sir?" She calls out as she approaches.

R'en is sitting at a desk in one of the offices, and there's a file with some papers in it - but it's not open, not yet. He waves her in and points to a seat across from him, on the other side of the desk. "Sorry if I pulled you away from something, I'm sure they can manage without you for a little bit, right?" He asks, and then adds, "You are the girl that is a painter, aren't you?" He doesn't seem too positive, but then, he's usually terrible with names.

Sabrael brushes the last of the flour (that she can see at least) as she slips into the chair across from the weyrleader. Her feet don't quite touch the ground when she sits so rather than settle in, she perches right on the edge so that her toes can brush the ground. More comfortable that way. Reaching upwards she brushes curly hair behind an ear. His words sends a blush down her cheeks. "Not… really sir. Just a little of passing the time. Nothing real or such."

R'en gives her a look over, you know, one of those ones that seems to look as though he's assessing a person's worth and deciding silently if she is up to some unspoken standard or not. There's a moment where he looks skeptical, maybe he got the wrong person. "How old are you? You look like you're twelve." He comments, also another thing he's known for, saying things he probably shouldn't. "How am I supposed to know if that's modesty, or truth?" He wonders aloud, before shaking his head. "I don't need an expert."

Sabrael tucks the other half of her hair out of the way, even as the first tuck works to get free again. A convenient veil if the need arises. Her feet swing just a little under the table before she tells them firmly so stay still. "Fourteen. Um… I have some of my work in the candidate quarters?" It's posed more of a question, Sabrael not at all sure exactly what is going on right here.

"Well, not that far off then." R'en quips, though he reaches for the folder with the papers inside. "You can show them to me later, if you're even interested in helping me out." He says, and pulls open the folder to show the first drawing that's right on top. It's actually nice, if someone's into this sort of thing - it's horrible if someone is not. It's a picture of a leg with various layers of skin and muscle removed to see down to the bone - neatly detailed. It's almost as though if he's seeing what kind of reaction she's going to have before going any farther - because his eyes are on her rather than the paper.

"I, s…" Sabrael's response is cut off as he pulls out the pictures. Her eyes get very very wide and her glance flicks from the drawings, up to R'en, and then back down again. Reluctantly she reaches forward to touch the picture. It's only a picture. When it remains just a picture Sabrael picks it up with confidence and looks closely. "Is… that what it really looks like?"

R'en is sitting at one of the desks in one of the empty offices as much of the healer staff is off to lunch as it's a quiet day in the infirmary. On the desk is a file with paper in it, the top piece of a leg with the layers peeled away to the bone with some muscles and such showing which Sabrael picked up. It is only a picture, and it's not even colored at all, just some light shading and such. The next piece of paper is the lower leg, same kind of view. "It is. I need some specific coloring done, certain things need to be certain colors. I'm no good with paints though."

"And she threw me awaaaaaay…For me to drown in the baaaay…" The noise breaks in inside the infirmary a second or two before Eryzan appears. Whatever he's singing immediately dies on his lips as he realizes and hears the loud echo. "Oops…" a rather poor apology and the former Harper heads right at one press, obviously in search of some bandages. "Weyrleader….Sab…." he manages to say as he passes by, coughing to hide his embarrassment.

The singing causes Sabrael to jump, pulling that picture closer to her. But it's just Eyrzan and she relaxes a bit. The redness on her cheeks has faded and she leans forward over the next picture. Its all harmless when it's just pictures, right? Pictures never hurt anyone. She traces one of the lines in the lower leg, and looks up at the Weyrleader. "I… think I could do it. It would take some time though…" It doesn't occur to her at the moment how she would find out the right colors to use. "Hey Zan…”

R'en has a knee jerk reaction to the singing, and quips sharply but not loudly at Eryzan, "This is an /infirmary/." He then sighs a little and shakes his head, that's the end of the scolding right there, but he seems to think it's probably more than enough for a young candidate. "I have some pictures that aren't as good, that you can practice with. I've labelled the things I want certain colors." He says, tugging the file back and pulling out a couple pages at the back. They're not as well drawn as the top ones, maybe from when he was younger and first starting. There's arrows and colors, mostly blues and reds, some purples and a green. Nothing too fancy, as he said.

Eryzan winces as R'en's voice is heard, nearly dropping all the bandages he collected nervously. Quite a lot and obviously too much for all of his fingers unless he also wanted to treat his toes. He coughs again, slowly turning to face them again. "I'm sorry Weyrleader. Got…carried away. It won't happen again." A quick wink is sent at Sabrael. A very quick one, almost quicker than a blink. Tentatively, he slowly approaches, peering at the files and pictures. "It's well detailed…" And what does a harper know about Healer things? Nearly nothing, except one who witnessed his sister's long hours of study…

Sabrael sets aside the more recent pictures in favor of those held out by the weyrleader. The pictures are taken for their own merit and so long as she doesn't have to see any real dead bodies, perhaps the little candidate can handle this particular assignment. The smile she sends up at Eryzan has real warmth in it. "Do you have the colors sir?" Oh please let him so that she doesn't have to hunt down people and talk to them about it.

"I spent a lot of time in the infirmary before I ended up here." R'en admits, though he closes the file with the more recent pictures to leave Sabrael with the older ones for her to practice with. He does glance at any bandages that hit the floor and gives Eryzan a look that denotes he best not put them with clean ones even without saying anything at all. "No, I don't have the colors, I've just labelled what I want which color." He says, and then adds, "Just do it when you have some spare time. No rush, or anything."

Despite of his rather height Eryzan feels very small at this exact moment. R'en's silent yet expressive message is received loud and clear and he discreetly puts all of the bandages in his pocket. In every possible pocket to be precise. "I…..used to draw a lot when younger. I can maybe help you with the colors, Sab. I mean tell me what you need and I will see what I have. When I figure where I put my pencils that is." Another coughing here and he tries for a smile. Both for Sabrael and R'en. Nothing is on the floor, Sir. See?

A small hiccup escapes Sabrael's lips- a laugh that she abruptly covers up with her hands. Nope. Not laughing at Eryzan. Nope nope. She's looking REALLY CLOSELY at those pictures. Too closely. Because as she shuffles through them a particular illustration of the male body is before her. A bright flush spreads on her cheeks as she attempts to shuffle PAST that picture as quickly as possible. Of course, the faster one words, the more messy it gets and a few of the pictures fall out of her hands and back onto the desk. Including THAT ONE.

Ilyse comes into the infirmary, sneaking in slowly as she looks for someone. She's managed to get a bit of a cut on her arm and seems to be looking for some wrap. When she finds it, she begins to bandage herself up, the other healers not quite noticing the candidate yet.

The bandages getting shoved into pockets is only slightly better, though still not quite what R'en was expecting. He rolls his eyes, "Shards, are you really that daft? Even if they can't be used for sterile dressings, they can still be used for other things." He comments, and then there's pictures of anatomy on the desk which he just smirks as Sabriel gets all blushy - but is polite enough not to say anything. Ilyse's arrival isn't noticed at first, but as she starts bandaging herself up he purses his lips. Surely one of the actual healers on duty will see her soon, right?

Eryzan straightens, trying to look as innocent as he can. His smile widens slightly as he watches Sabrael messing with those pictures. His turns to stifle a chuckle now as he glances at THAT picture. It's rather too much for him and he knows he has to leave not to aggravate his already hazardous situation. But then waking with such an amount of bandages in his pocket may not seem that easy. Luckily, Ilyse is not far and the harper reaches out for a bunch of bandages and quickly hands them to the redhead girl. "You'll need those, Ilyse." he says with a wink and it's a living edema that finally leaves the infirmary, pockets full of not-sterile-anymore bandages… At the doorstep, Eryzan turns, trying not to spread more bandages on the floor. "Just slightly clumsy, Sir…." he calls to R'en. And with that he disappears…

If R'en wasn't there Sabrael might chance sticking her tongue out at the harper-candidate over his chuckle. Beat red she goes back to stacking the pictures, making sure that THAT ONE goes riiigghhttt in the middle. No chance of it falling out. "I'll work on them till they are finished sir." Helpful hair falls forward to help hide some of the red that reaches from cheeks down to below the cover of her shirt. Hi Ilyse. Sabrael'll pay attention when she stops being completely mortified.

"Don't hand those to me, I'm busy!" Ilyse says as she nods towards the table nearby. "They're unclean now too, why'd you put 'em there?" She asks, shaking her head back and forth as she ties off the wrap around her arm, nodding to herself. "There." She states as she walks over towards Sab. "What's got you blushing so much, sweety?" She asks her friend.

R'en may not always be the most aware of things, but he does finally put two and two together when Sabriel keeps blushing and is shuffling papers. He was awful distracted by Eryzan, but since he's already taken off all he can do is glower in his general direction. "What a waste of perfectly good bandages." He laments, and then reaches towards Sabrael as though to take the pictures from her. "Give me those for a second. I'll take a few out." He says, yes, meaning /that/ one and probably another couple.

Far be it for Sabrael to naysay the Weyrleader, but she does put up a token defense. TOKEN. "I… it's okay sir. I mean. I can do it." She doesn't quite clutch the pictures to her chest as she looks up at Ilyse, just a quick dart of her eyes. Back her up?

"I'm not saying you can't, just that perhaps some of those pictures aren't suitable." R'en says, possibly wanting to say 'for someone your age', but doesn't, and he isn't giving up either. Nope, seems he'll be taking all the 'interesting' pictures out of the mix, for now. "I honestly forgot those were in there." He says, though he doesn't seem at all like he feels guilty about it nor embarrassed either.

"She's going to have to learn about it sooner or later, Sir." Ilyse says, motioning to Sab. "I mean, what if she impresses and doesn't know about that before her flight? Better to expose her to that now. I'll help her and explain." She says, interjecting.

Somewhere someone must have told Sabrael about flights. Where else would eggs come from after all? They probably left out most of the details, so it's with slight innocence when she manages to interject, "I know about flights…" But she does give over the pictures so he can take out the objectionable ones. The ladies of the candidates can educate her later.

"It's best to have a clear calm mind when the eggs hatch, not be all flustered about things like that. It can wait." R'en says to Ilyse as he pulls out the pictures, and leaves Sabrael with just the legs, arms, and the upper torso - the head, hands and feet are missing, however, along with those blushy other parts. He hands the remainder of the pictures to her, and shuffles the few he took out to the back of the folder again. "Please bring them back to me when you've finished, alright? What do people call you?" He finally gets around to asking her name, but then, even if he had before he might ask again - he's notoriously bad with names.

"I'll tell you about the naughty parts," Ilyse whispers to Sabrael before she arches her eyebrow. She begins to work up a bit of sass but she manages to restrain herself and offers up. "I'm Ilyse, and she's Sabrael. Sab for short."
Sabrael had opened her mouth to answer, but Ilyse does it for her and so the girl closes it quickly. The pictures, when handed back, are gathered against her chest. No chance that they'll fall from her grasp! The chair squeeks slightly as Sabrael rises.

R'en looks between the pair, the silent one and the one who talks for the now-silent one. "She can talk for herself. You're doing her no favors for talking for her, Ilyse." He quips, and picks up the folder to tap it a couple times to get the pages inside neat once more. Pushing himself to his own feet, he motions for the pair to lead the way out of the office so he can get back to his drawer and put things away and notes Ilyse's self-bandaging job. "Didn't someone look at that for you? No self respecting healer would have bandaged a wound like that."

"It's minor." Ilyse says to the Weyrleader. "A small scratch during chores." She sticks her other arm out so R'en can see the crisscrossed pattern of scars on her arms. It looks like long deep scratches of something that attacked her at one time. "I'm used to it."

Sabrael was too busy blushing before to notice Ilyse's bandage job, but turning her head to see that outstretched hand she blinks, then frowns. Her gaze on Ilyse has worry within it- what would cause scratches like that? But as she is not the healer in this particular area, she keeps her mouth shut.

Well, it seems like if she doesn't care, then R'en doesn't care. He does look at the other scars, but shrugs his shoulders. "If that's the story you want to go with." He comments, and puts the file away and locks the drawer it was in to tuck the key away into a pocket. Yep, he keeps his stuff locked up in here. "I think another candidate had some cream that she thought could help with scars - Bri.. blonde girl. I think she was blonde." He, nope, doesn't remember.

"They're reminders. I don't mind them." Ilyse says as she nods to the Weyrleader. "Shall we?" She asks of Sabrael, tugging her bandage once, selfconsciously. "I've got some free time if you need help."

With those pictures snug against her chest Sabrael will take off with the other girl, trotting if need be to keep up with her longer pace. "I… don't suppose you know where I could get paint?"

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