Stories Heard, Told and Kept

Characters Eresai, R'en, Vivka
Synopsis Someone told Eresai a tall tale, now he tells R'en a story and the ones Vivka wants to hear go untold, for now.
Out-of-Character Date December 24, 2014

Igen Weyr - North Bowl
The relatively flat bowl is covered in a thin layer of pale sand and dust that shifts with the seasons. Contrastingly, the orange hued desert sandstone which comprises the bowl walls stretches skywards. Northwards is the smaller niche administrative complex, where the queen's and weyrleader traditionally make their home. The singular staircase running along the wind curved bowl wall can be traced connecting the ledges of the Weyr's leadership. To the northeast is the greater opening into the hatching grounds, with a smaller shadowed entrance for the dragons a few lengths above it. Most of the foot traffic however goes into smaller ground level entrances which lead into the heart of the living and dining areas. Set apart from the other areas a series of smaller entrances of varying size which lead into the infirmary and various crafter areas.

It's hot. Of course, it's Igen. So when is it not? Eresai's pale face is made paler by the sunscreen that only rubbed in in certain places, but at least it's protecting him from the sun that has yet to sink over the tall walls of the bowl. The sweat marks under arm and at lower back peg him for having been at his task a while. He's sweeping the bowl. Yep. Broom in hand. It's possibly that there is some legitimate reason for this, and the puzzled look in the young man's face says that he might just be trying his darnedest to figure it out, but the truth of the matter might be closer to someone really not liking him for one reason or another. How else does one end up sweeping the bowl?

It's been over a turn since R'en moved to Igen from Monaco, but he still isn't one that's fond of the extreme heat. He has learned a few tricks, however, and has a cowl wrapped around his head to keep the dust and sand from getting places he'd rather it didn't even if it looks incredibly hot to do so. The fabric itself isn't very thick, however, just enough to disallow sand. Pale eyes look out across the bowl, as he comes down from the stairs that lead up to where his weyr and the golds are, and land right on the young man sweeping the bowl. "Who'd you piss off?" He wonders aloud, walking closer and carrying nothing in his hands - nope, seems it's his 'free' time to go for a walk or.. well, whatever he was going to be up to.

"Uh," Eresai's head pulls up and he squints at the shrouded face from under the wide, floppy brim of the hat that is his perpetual head-gear whenever he's outdoors. The angle of the light doesn't ''especially'' help since it's ''bright'' here in general. "Sorry, sir? I don't follow." Which makes him an idiot's idiot, more than likely. "I was just.." He frowns, "It was my rest day and then some assistant came and said.." Something that led him to being here. He lifts the broom for a moment to let its existence tell the rest of the story. "Am I not.. supposed to..?" Again the broom is lifted. It's a very talkative broom.

"Shards, are you and that other girl from the same brood? That quiet one that got conned into doing all the dishes in the tavern by the barkeep." R'en wonders though offers no names. How could there be two incredibly gullible children in this group of candidates? Even with only his eyes being really visible, there's no denying the incredilous expression that's probably hiding beneath the shroud. "Look around you. Did any of your work over the past .. however long(?) actually do much? I bet you don't even know the name of the person who 'assigned' you this chore." Surely any mounds of sand are starting to get whittled down by the winds that sweep through the bowl or dragons that come in.

"No," it can't help things that Eresai seems to take R'en's question as an earnest inquiry; there's only one that could be known as "that quiet one," isn't there? "Her family runs a ferry on the Igen river, mine farms citrus down in Southern." No relation then. "She.." no name, "acted like.. And I'm just a candidate.." He tries to defend the "just go with it" bent he took when presented with the chore without much confidence. Somewhere, someone is laughing. Hard.

R'en rolls his eyes, and reaches up to pull the shroud down so he can be seen a little better and even though there's still sand swirling about - well, some things are better when you don't feel like a mummy. "You're a candidate, but it doesn't make you a slave. You should /always/ know who assigns you chores, and if they seem out of the ordinary or incredibly stupid…" He shakes his head and sighs, "You have the right to question them. Use your head a little." He mutters and glances towards the living caverns. "You should put that broom away, and get something to drink before you get dehydrated."

Vivka has arrived.

"I have the drinking covered," Eresai probably didn't mean to make it sound like that as he shifts to tuck the broom into the crook of his arm to hold it in place while the other hand goes to one of his cargo pockets and he fishes out a flask. This does not look good. Perhaps he should've started on R'en's advice about using his head now. Still, he's unscrewing the cap. "I have about four of them." The flasks. Fingers flick toward his pockets. "I guess I got used to being an apprentice, sir, to be honest. At the Hall, you do what you're told by anyone with a bigger knot than yours, and I thought, since we were candidates, and since I wasn't doing anything else that when she asked.." She was probably pretty and blonde. Poor Eresai, sent to sweep the bowl! At least he's not sweeping still now that shrouded R'en is setting matters to rights near the base of the stairs leading to the leadership weyrs.

Yes, drinking. R'en gives Eresai another look that means he really isn't sure what to think - but it's obvious he doesn't seem to think it's /water/ in those flasks. No, usually if he carries those it's for something other than water, himself. But, he doesn't say anything out loud about the drinking, perhaps he doesn't have to. "So, if someone with a knot bigger than yours told you to jump off the star stones, would you do it?" He wonders, and then tucks his hands into his pocket once he gets his cowl down so he can actually be seen rather than looking somewhat like a mummy with a large knot on its shoulder. "But, I guess you'll be plenty ready for mucking dragon dung if you do walk off with a dragon off the sands. So, maybe it wasn't entirely pointless. Still, a lesson to be learned is that you should know who asks you to do things and possibly why if it seems pointless."

Along comes Vivka with a book held open in her hands and her eyes focused down rather than up. She's not really at risk of running into anyone because she's not that oblivious. But she's not paying so much attention that she really picks up on who is around. Her book must be exceptionally good considering how quick to smile and greet people she usually is.

Fortunately, the way Eresai drinks from the flask, it must be water or something equally innocuous, unless he happens to be an extremely functional alcoholic at the tender age of sixteen. "No, sir," of course not, "But I wouldn't think that's the kind of thing people could get away with asking. I mean, that's reducing something to absurdity. Where even you.." he starts but then seems to think better of using the weyrleader for his example and is instead taking a step and then reaching across the intervening space with the intent to catch Vivka by the bicep and draw her over, "Even a smart girl live Vivka might be easily persuaded into an hour or two of extra chores, a larger request like jumping off the starstones or even going up with a rider to his weyr would be more obviously suspect." Beat. "I think Sabrael and I might just be.. I don't know, not un-smart, but.." Unwise is probably what he means even if he can't seem to find the word, and even that Sabrael probably doesn't fit the mold of.

"An hour or two of extra chores is nothing like going out and being told to sweep the /bowl/." R'en really doesn't get it, but far be it from him to argue too long over a subject that seems as rediculous as this one. "And even if you don't feel you can question the job, you can always get a name. That way when someone asks you why you're doing something, you know exactly who asked you." You know, for curiousity's sake and perhaps so he can go chortle with them about talking a candidate into sweeping the bowl. As for Sabriel, he just comments, "She's young and probably was sheltered while growing up. She'll grow out of it, I would think." Or hope. Vivka is given a look as she comes in reading her book, and is attempted to be ushered over to join the conversation.

There's a squeak from Vivka once there's a hand on her bicep and her forward motion is slowed to a stop. Her blue eyes are big and surprised as she glances between Eresai and R'en, reflexively hiding her book behind her back, but most Eresai since he's the one who stops her. Once her composure has returned to her, she's smiling at him. It's probably not often that Vivka is accused of being smart. "Hi, Eryzan!" she chirps cheerfully, quite proud of herself. "Hello, sir," is added for the Weyrleader.

R'en has him there. It shows as Eresai opens his mouth to try to pursue the point and simply can't come up with a defense. So instead, there's a close of his mouth and a rueful look paired with a sigh. "Yeah." Touche, R'en, touche. It's sort of good that this reaction coincides with the rise of his brows and look at Vivka that is more subtly hurt and surprised than anything. Still, he doesn't correct her. And even after this whole conversation with the Weyrleader, who his hazel gaze returns to. "It sounds like she's from a small place, so I'd expect.." So. Eresai's quiet just one moment before he asks, "Sir, do you mind if I ask you.. were you always from a Weyr?"

"Your name is Eryzan?" R'en asks, and glances at the girl and adds, "And you're Vivka." He states, since the other candidate called her over using that name - though there are no guarantees he'll remember the names even if he does repeat them now. "Yes, I was born in Ista Weyr. Searched from there to Monaco, and now I'm here." He seems to figure that's enough of his life story, though most know that the new Weyrleader is a healer since he spends what spare time he can afford lurking about the infirmary. "You guys are starting to get your robes and such ready, right? The eggs seem like they could hatch sometime soon."

Eresai looks reluctant, even having been asked. He shoots Vivka an apologetic look before saying, "Not exactly." As if some part of Vivka calling him Eryzan was right; he must be giving her credit for the E-r. "It's Eresai," he stresses the part she got right and then turns an encouraging smile on her. She's still smart in his book! His very, very erroneous book. "What are you reading?" He asks by way of distraction; she must have wanted to share with the way she's hiding it behind her back. To the Weyrleader he gives a considering look and then slow nod, disappointed in some way that isn't immediately apparent. His faster nod is for the robes. "Yeah, I think they brought a bunch from the stores for us to pick through and see what fit, didn't they?" That must mean that he doesn't have his yet.

Vivka doesn't notice Eresai's hurt because she's busy looking at R'en now, completely interested in the very brief story of his life that he offers them. "Wow, all the way to Monaco? I thought coming here was a long way from home." She turns her head again to smile at her fellow candidate. "We're getting ready. We'll definitely be ready by the time the eggs hatch. I can't wait! It's so exciting." If Vivka could physically vibrate, she probably would be right now. "Sir, do you think you could come talk to some of us about dragonriding sometime soon? Or let other riders come to talk to us? I think that would— Eresai?" The blonde blinks at the boy uncertainly, thin brows furrowed. No, that can't be right. Fortunately she's distracted from that with a quick blush and a shake of her head. "It's nothing. Really." Embarrassing, evidently.

"Oh, Eresai then. You better pick something out before you end up with the ones with all the holes." R'en suggests, not saying anything regarding the disappointed expression if he even noticed it at all. He tucks his hands into his pockets, and listens to Vivka for a moment, and gives a brief shrug. "I came to deliver something to the infirmary, and next thing you know Sindrieth caught himself a gold." He says, there's disappointment there, but it's not as much as it was when he first got to the weyr. "Me? I.. don't think anyone would want to hear about what I think about dragonriding. Shards, I meant to get you candidates to Half Moon to talk to their new weyrlings.." He says, it /was/ a thought he had, but seems that between being busy and whatever else he was doing - it got sidetracked. "It might be too late for that now, though." He considers, and misses the blushing about whatever book she's reading.

"Yes, sir," of the robes. Eresai looks with curious eyes toward Vivka's book, but doesn't press the matter. Instead he's lending voice to her request, "Actually, sir, I think most of us would find it invaluable. I mean, this is my first time in a Weyr, my posting here, I mean, and I don't really know much about dragonriding except what we learned from the Harper when he made his rounds to our holding a couple times in the turn." He shifts to lean a little more properly on the room and sip from his flask again. "Water?" He thinks to offer, mostly to Vivka, but also to R'en, screw-top directed toward both in turn.

It's Vivka's turn to look a little hurt, even if she probably oughtn't. Her big blue eyes blink a few times too quickly and her gaze shifts away from looking directly at the Weyrleader as she nods. She doesn't quite look at Eresai, either, though she smiles in his direction for speaking up. "It's okay, sir. I'm sorry. It was a silly idea. You must be awfully busy." Her smile never entirely falters, though it's a little weaker now. "No, thanks," is offered last to Eresai and then she's says, "I think I should— I'm going to—" Well, that's not working, so the blonde just turns back toward the caverns with every intention of hurrying off and disappearing.

"It's not a silly idea, I've taken candidates to meet weyrlings before at Monaco. I just don't have the free time here that I did there when Sindrieth and Ceresth's clutch was on the sands." R'en admits to Vivka, though he doesn't actually stop her from leaving if she wants to. He glances at the water offering and shakes his head, "Thanks, but I'm alright. If you guys want to go somewhere out of the heat and chat a little we could. I don't know if I can answer as much as you might like, but I can try." He resigns, and since he doesn't /actually/ have anything to do right now, he doesn't feel like he can squirm out of it.

"Vivka.." Eresai will try, but that's about as far as it goes. He must have spent his quota of confidence on the initial grab and draw in. He looks after the blonde for a moment. His hazel eyes go back to the weyrleader, "I think I'd better go get some of this dust off me before dinner. Since I don't actually have to be out here sweeping. But, can I get a.. I-O-U for talking? I think Tae'd want to ask questions too, and if we ask you together, then you only have to do it once." The logic! He has some sense anyway.

No squirming necessary, R'en! Vivka's hurried retreat doesn't come to any premature halt, so the Weyrleader is off the hook at least so far as the young blonde is concerned. Sometimes it's really hard being a sensitive teenaged girl.

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