Hatching Winter 2014

Characters Abrael, Al'dru, Daija, E'sai, Ise, Neyuni, R'en, Rezia, V'al, Vivka, Y'taer, Z'an
Synopsis Zuhth and Sindrieth's clutch hatches!
Out-of-Character Date December 28, 2014

Igen Weyr - Hatching Sands
As if temperatures in the rest of the Weyr weren't uncomfortable enough, the sands are positively blistering. The air shimmers from the onslaught of heat, leaving the area with a hallucinatory feel. Black sands stand currently empty but for the occasional egg-shard or 'print not swept clear. A raised platform of smooth stone provides a lounging-spot for queens or their mates, or a retreat for the lifemates that accompany them from whence they can cool their feet somewhat.

Ilyse leads the way of the pair that is Sabrael and Ilyse on to the sands, holding
Sabrael's hand tightly. She pauses just inside the doorway to bow to the adult dragons.

Black as Pitch egg sits there ever so silently for what seems like the longest time. Then the shell seems to ripple slightly, and it ends up turning over on the sands so that the nearly fluorescent green 'eye' is facing towards the stands. The occupant of the egg is starting to get impatient, but turning takes so much effort that it needs to gather more strength.

Eresai might've been the last to the barracks, but he manages to not be last in the line of candidates. (Boys can change fast especially when a robe is really a long sack with arm and head cut outs.) His nerves show in the tightness of his brow and clenched fists that don't release until he's made his bow to dam and sire and let loose the breath he probably didn't realize he was holding.

Eryzan trots in, following all of his fellow candidates then remembers to bow to both Dragons. Not the perfect time to be glared at…in the least.

Lucrezia's steps are light and bouncy as she joins the others on the Sands. Wide eyes take in everything, from spectators to dam and sire and their respective riders. And then there are the eggs. It takes a moment for the trader-girl to remember but she does! The bowing commences without incident, only to be followed with a bit of anxious bouncing in place.

Kytaer is That Guy, today, as he boldly walks into the sands without actually wearing any shoes. His robe does not look like a disheveled mess of terrible, but is a little bit longer than it should be - better than too short! He is definitely hopping from foot to foot at a good rate of speed, not letting his bare feet remain on the scalding hot sands for any longer than necessary … until he settles into one place long enough to stop and bow, expression much more respectful and somber than his usual.

Sabrael is almost able to hide her tiny form behind Ilyse, well, until the older girl bodily pulls her forward to complete the bow to the dam and sire. Her face has lost every ounce of tint, her blue-gray eyes a more than a little scared-out-of-wits at the abrupt and sudden fishbowl. No preparation could have prepared forthis. Her hand in Ilyse's sweaty, and hair fallen forward.

Ivaylo walks with a sense of urgency, for once, as he follows the rest of the candidates out to the Sands. He dips down into a polite bow before he's finding a spot to stand, settling near Sabrael and Ilyse.

Al'dru arrives after all of the candidates, shooing the last of them on to the sands and then wiping his brow. Then a quick nod to both Neyuni and R'en that encompasses both Zuhth and Sindrieth as well, before he's making an attempt to get the candidates to line up around the eggs in a loose circle. "Now, now. You're all out here. Take care and watch those hatchlings."

Strength is gathered, and a piece of Black as Pitch's shell gets kicked at. Kicked so hard that a shard of it goes flying towards the candidates, though it doesn't actually allow any to see inside the dark shell. It's difficult to get out of the egg, strength must be gathered again before another attempt is made.

Daija steps out onto the sands in her white robe, with her hair wound into one fat braid to keep it out of her face. She's eager in her shuffle, knocking into the candidate in front of her not one, but two times; her apology is muffled, as it's her turn to bow to the clutch parents, and then she's moving on, in the wake of the other white-robed youths.

Vivka hesitates as they all come onto the sands, taking a deep breath before bowing to sire and dam. She continues on, looking for someone to get closer to for moral support. But since she doesn't find anyone right away she just stands where she is with an awkward smile on her lips.

Neyuni makes her way onto the hot sands as many of the candidates arrive. She offers encouragement to those she passes giving a quick look at one or two of the eggs as well before she arrives at Zuhth's side. "it's time eh?"

As Old As Time Egg gives a little wobble, its shell shuddering as the occupant within struggles for freedom. Is that a tiny crack appearing on its glossy shell? It's hard to tell, given how dark this egg is!

Ilyse casts Ivaylo a slight smile as she squeezes reassuringly on Sabrael's hand. Her eyes are fixed on the rocking eggs.

Lucrezia glances this way and that before her attention settles - rather unfortunately - on Eresai. She shuffles her way closer to him and will do her best to hook a hand in his if he'll allow it. "It's really -time- now. It really, really is," she breathes, though her eyes don't leave those twitchy eggs.

As Old As Time Egg gives a massive wobble - its time is nearly here! The efforts of the dragonet within have doubled - tripled! - to ensure its freedom, and now there is a definite crack on the surface, running creamy white across the blackest part of the shell. Soon, soon!

Kytaer is near no one he knows, though he might be near the arrogant older girl who dared him to go on the sands barefoot! And isn't she getting a glare right now. He's trying to catch Eresai as promised, but - nope. Too many people in between. Ivaylo, Sabrael and Ilyse are nearer-by, so it's by them that he … hops.

Al'dru is busy already, herding candidates back toward the eggs now that they are moving, as one is attempting to sidle off the sands, and he grabs the boy by the scruff of his neck and pulls him back. Once that is done he resumes his pacing, glancing around to make sure that everyone is still accounted for and out here.

The time has come, and as movement has been given more and more of Black as Pitch's shell has started to crack like faultlines. A set of talons grabs at the shell, and rips it open. This is no neat egg shedding, it's more like egg shredding as the black talons grab and pull here and there and suddenly he's free! Unfortunately, with the violent entry he ended up with his tail in the air and will take a moment to right himself.

Eryzan catches sight of Kytaer at one corner of his eyes and both of his brows raise. Man, this is going to be an endless dance for his poor feet. A flying dark object shakes him from his reverie and all of his focus is on the eggs in front of him. One, two…it's happening so fast…

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Bringer of the Apocalypse Brown Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This young dragon looks almost as though he was a paint by number with how sharply one color moves into another. Patchwork is likely the best descriptor of this brown's hide as it comes primarily in two distinct but completely separate colors: dark luscious milk chocolate brown that interlocks with pale tan which is splotched here and there over his whole form. His face has pale tan that surrounds his eyeridges and his maw, but the rest is left untouched by that pale color - his headknobs are dipped in inky blackness, along with the very tip of his nose. His long slender neck is mostly chocolate brown like the majority of his face, but on the right hand side by his shoulder there's a large section of pale tan hide which curls from his muscular chest and all the way down his right leg to his inky black talons. The left side of the dragon has dapples, like sunlight being seen through branches, which colors the remaining three legs. His large wings are the only part that shows gradient shades, dark black from the spars that lighten to chai colored browns in the center which cloak some of the mottled coloring of his hide. His tail has inky black tailspars, however the remainder is a nice uniform chocolate brown. From behind, if he holds himself just so, he looks like any other normal brown - from the front, however, there is no doubting his unique look.

Ivaylo nods at Ilyse as she casts him a smile, but then he's looking forward and focusing on those eggs. Hands stay dumbly at his side, working in and out of fists. As Kytaer ventures closer, he does not once in his direction to acknowledge the other. "Stay sharp?" He offers with a grin.

Eresai's hazel eyes scan for his bro. And woe, Kytaer is too far for their plan of watching each others' backs to be in any way remotely feasible. For a moment, even as his eyes dart from moving egg to moving egg, he looks like he might try to weave his way there, but then Lucrezia happens. He shoots Tae a helpless look before closing his fingers around the perky blonde's hand.

Sabrael is small enough that the more people who gather around her, the more she is completely obstructed from view. Reaching out her other hand she seeks Ivaylo's, even if they are curled in to fists and probably are not made for grabbing. She's shaking. But if it's from the eggs or all the people WATCHING is a coin toss.

As Old As Time Egg's shell suddenly gives way on one side, an egg-goo covered paw visible for barely a moment before the egg wobbles hard enough to tip it over onto its side. There's a pause as the little dragonet catches its breath, and then, with one last heave, the shell cracks neatly, revealing a dainty green darling.

~~~~~~~~~~~< Adventure in the Great Wide Somewhere Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~
It's no wonder that this little lady is a beauty - her looks, from those captivating wide eyes to her dainty paws, have surely got no parallel. As fresh as spring, her smooth hide is flawless in its soft jade shade, each svelte curve of her sculpted form perfect in reflecting her natural grace and poise. The gentle sweep of her dainty nose is freckled with sun-kissed tan, which is smudged beneath her large, sweet eyes to accent them, making them seem wider and more pronounced than they actually are. Edging her rounded 'ridges is a hue akin to that of old parchment, lovingly aged to a creamy ecru. Her wings echo the same shade, a complementary contrast to the sunlit jade that colours the rest of her hide and wingsails, with buttermilk brushed along her trailing edges and fading up the length of her delicate spars. All four of her paws are a buttery green-gold, with rose-tinted toes and talons that match the blushed tip of her slender tail.

Lucrezia utters another breathless sound when the first egg hatches and she smiles, her grin gone positively lopsided. "Oh, look at -him-," she squeals and bounces just a bit more on the balls of her feet before cutting a look to Eresai. "What are you looking for? The dragons and eggs are right there!"

Bringer of the Apocalypse Brown Hatchling shakes some of the shell bits from his talons once he gets free of the shell. Once that's done, he starts his trek across the sands to check out candidates. Starting with the males, he gives a wuffle to a blonde candidate and then takes a few quick steps away. Maybe he smelled funny?

Movement! Splatter of Blood egg does not want to wait - there is no way that what it contains is going to fit for very much longer. A crack suddenly appears along one of the bloody sides, much like a pair of pants that is starting to split. Ahh, that is much better.

Kytaer shoots Eresai a definitely most sympathetic look, one that is entirely communicated by squinting and closing his eyes for a second. The brown gets a look, though - the kind of look that is really, genuinely impressed. "Look at that hide," he says to - no one, or everyone near him. "And - oh. Nice green." Gorgeous, but not as cool.

Ilyse breathes deeply as that first dragon breaks from the shell, the breath catching and holding. As the second splits her eyes dance over, following the green as she moves.

Daija doesn't seek any hands to hold, but silently stands her ground with feet braced wide apart. Her palms scrub at the soft fabric of her robe, doubtless fending off any sweat that lingers there, but they still with the onslaught of two hatchings - brown and green. Those dark eyes of hers widen.

Vivka stays where she is, attention torn between eggs and her fellow candidates. And then the actually hatchlings. The blonde seems to have a hard time deciding if she's delighted or terrified by their appearance, smiling with a concerned furrow in her thin brows.

Eresai's look toward Kytaer gets a little more desperate when Lucrezia starts talking, but there's no hope for help. He clears his own throat, forcing his eyes toward the hatching eggs and the dragons spilling from them. "Yeeeah, right. Dragons." That's why they're here, and all. His grip tightens on Lucrezia's hand and he shifts just a little nearer.

Ivaylo does stop clenching his fist as Sabrael reaches out, he does allow her smaller hand into his and holds it gently. Especially as the poor girl is shaking. The first hatchlings upon the sends do give him pause and he tenses, just a fraction and stares at them. "Shards…" He tilts a look to the small girl beside him. "We'll be okay. Just… Pay attention. Move when you need to." He beams a smile in an attempt to settle his own nerves.

Adventure in the Great Wide Somewhere Green Hatchling spends a long moment sitting in her eggshards, blinking and testing each limb, one by one. Wingflex, check. Right foreleg, left foreleg, check. Back legs? Well, those are hard to test while she's sitting down, so she gets up onto them and hey, look! They work! She takes an unsteady step towards the candidates, seemingly knowing where she wants to go… only to tumble down nose-first after just a few steps. Ooops?

Splatter of Blood egg seems still for a while, until it's just not enough space any more. Could what's inside actually /still/ be growing? A side of the egg heaves, and more cracks appear along the surface the dragonet inside starts to get restless in its cramped shell.

Lucrezia can't help it, truly! The green is worth another sigh of delight and the trader-girl can't help but smile and keep smiling. "So -beautiful-! Will they all be like that, do you think?" Is she even talking to Eresai? Hard to tell, really; she's probably talking to herself at this point, the poor, daft thing! She doesn't miss the tightening of his hand or his closer proximity, though; she'll squeeze right back and maybe, just maybe, lean a little closer herself.

Al'dru rocks back on his heels as first one, then another hatches. "Brown, green." Statements of the obvious, but then Al's not known for flowery thinking. He moves slightly, turning to follow the path of the two hatched, watching to see who they will pick.

Kytaer isn't holding anyone's hands either, though he does start to reach out an arm to steady the shaky Sabrael at first - which he doesn't need to do, and so instead he crosses his arms over his chest. And, once he catches Eresai's eye again, rolls his. It's entirely possible he can't feel his feet anymore, because the hopping has stopped, and the green's stumble actually gets a momentary, but affectionate laugh.

Bringer of the Apocalypse Brown Hatchling is quickly on his way to search through the group. His eyes whirling to show that hunger is starting to get the better of him and he /must/ find his lifemate. It isn't long before he comes to an abrupt stop in front of the trader girl and headbutts her leg for attention. This one. This one is his.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Bringer of the Apocalypse Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Sabrael , between her two friends, takes what reassurance is possible from their solid presence. Both get squeezed hands as she tenses at Ivaylo's words. "I… yes. move. I OH! Is she okay?" Concern for the little green as it stumbles.

Starting slowly, but building up with time, the Through the Moonlight egg begins to rock back and forth along the long axis. The speed and strength of the rocking increases until with one final internal shove, the high end comes crashing down to the sands below and rolls sideways over and over. The egg comes to a stop and is still.

Eryzan's gaze flicks from one dragonet to the other but he doesn't ignore all of the people he spent time with. Trying to spare a glance at everyone one of them, he slowly nods his head, his smile proof that he's been blessed to meet such great people. But then, he must focus. Concentrate himself not to be mauled or anything. Another egg moved! Despite of not being his first time on sands, he just can't help. *perk* at the bugle.

That's it. The end. Splatter of Blood egg has had enough and can no longer contain the dragon within. Black talons shred through the cracked side, though it isn't enough space for it to get out! A couple more spins in the shell and suddenly a small brown head pops through the hole made by the talons, and a chubby brown pushes out of his shell.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Looking For Treats Brown Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This brown is not one that is easily overlooked, or forgotten. No, this young dragon looks -fat-. Its anyone's guess how he managed to fit in the egg without bursting it open accidentally. It doesn't help that he has a relatively small looking head and neck, and a long skinny tail to go at odds with his portly midsection. His legs are just long enough to reach the ground and give his belly a few feet of space between the ground and it. Shards, his wings, they look too small for his fluffy form. His coloring is that of salted caramel hot chocolate, a uniform color that has covered him from black talon to pale beige neckridge. Those almost too-small wings are lovely dark mocha brown, however, there are tiny speckles of bronze intermingled throughout the sails that glimmer when the light hits them. He carries himself well, despite the swaying midsection, and overall doesn't seem like he'll tip over.

Sabrael watches each of the dragons as they move, the newest brown that emerges catching her eye and she turns just slightly to look more fully at it, her movement hiding Sabrael just a little more.

Daija shifts anxiously on her feet, some of her bravado paling against the /actual/ presence of hatchling ambling - if awkwardly - amongst the candidates. Her eyes flit left and right, but stop of the recent Impression of the brown to that trader girl.

Rezia releases Eresai's hand abruptly, though it's for the better; it's shaking too much to be much use now. See that brown? That guy? He's got his nose planted against her leg. Her leg. His nose. "Rezia? Is that- you want me to be that for you?" She shivers and plants both of her hands on the brown's head, while tears roll down her cheeks without shame or fear or any sense of… well, anything aside from pure bliss. "Come on, Pralayth. Come! There's so much food over there, it's -ridiculous-!"

Eresai's slight sigh in answer to Kytaer's eyeroll is nearly silent. He's just nodding for Lucrezia's babble. Likely, the physical contact leeched from him his quota of speech and compliments for dragons. Only abruptly his hand has to loosen from the girl's because there's a dragon butting her leg.

After a period of rest, the Through the Moonlight egg begins to move again. The slow rocking from before returns more rapidly, sending the shell up and down back and forth until with a loud *snap* sound, a thick crack begins to split right across the equator of the shell.

Al'dru abruptly looks around, hearing one of the hatchlings stop in front of a former candidate, now a future weyrling. Then he's walking toward the former Trader, "Now, there. Pralayth. Good name. Why don't we get you settled out here, and him eating?"

Adventure in the Great Wide Somewhere Green Hatchling rights herself, shaking off her pretty little nose to rid it of as much sand as she can. Up she gets once more, paws more steady beneath her now that she's figured out this walking business, and she takes a confident step. Two confident steps. And look at that, she's walking! With purpose, too - this little lady knows exactly where she's going. She wibble-wobbles her way towards one girl who's standing without the support of others, who shows just enough resolve to complement her own gutsy attitude. And just like that, she claims her with a nose bumped gently against her thigh.

Kytaer's favorite-patterned dragon, already Impressed - though if she hadn't been standing right next to Eresai he wouldn't have even been looking that way, because Sabrael's concern for the green distracted him. "She's prob'ly fine," he offers quietly, expression still neutral and unaffected. He'll smile later. Maybe.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Adventure in the Great Wide Somewhere Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Looking For Treats Brown Hatchling takes a moment to get himself sorted out, with those small wings giving a little flutter before resettling - woe be any in the way of the egg goo that goes flying off of them. A few steps towards the candidates is given though he keeps his eye on his green clutchmate for a moment before he starts waddling over towards them while shaking a leg to get a piece of shell off of his talon. Man, that egg goo is sticky.

It moves so slowly, a barely perceptible rolling that has it turning in the warm hollow where it's been hardening. But even balanced things eventually fall and the Balanced on Precipice Egg might be slow, but it is definitely moving. Another barely there barrel roll before it stops, with a jerking shudder and goes back to quiet stillness, complacent once more.

Ivaylo nods once, "she should be fine." He says of the green to Sabrael. His gaze moves as things move quickly. the brown and the green both find their partners and the man looks relieved for the moment. "So far, so good…" He gives Sabrael's hand a gentle squeeze. Congratulations are also called, though faint because he watches that brown. "You think he'll be okay?"

Ilyse smiles as the first dragon finds their mate, calling out congratulations before falling quiet again, sweaty with worry and anticipation.

Eresai, abandoned on the sands. Lucrezia, for all her bubbles, was his shield. Now he's standing quite alone (aside from all the other candidates scattered around the eggs), so his hands fold in front of him with all the manners of a well-bred holder boy. His eyes dart from dragon to dragon and his feet shift until he's sort of rocking just a little, side to side.

Al'dru takes his own sweet time in wandering back from the first pairing, looking now for whoever found the green, or the green found. Whichever way that works out here tonight. His gaze moves over the tightknit grouping, before he starts to move over them, looking for a way through.

Kytaer watches the brown stumble, and offers up a thinly sympathetic, "Poor lad," that sounds like something his father would say. "He'll work that weight off in weyrlinghood, though, I'm sure." That's kind of like being okay. Was that the question? Tae's distracted.

Sharp, quick thumps accompany the bounce and shuffle the Through the Moonlight egg is doing. With each thump the initial crack widens and smaller ones form around it. Slowly, ever so slowly, the egg splits open. Finally it falls into two near equal parts with a pale jade hatchling rolling out across the sands.

Rezia moves along when Al'dru bids, though she keeps a hand on Pralayth's head all the while - partly to make sure he's keeping up and, partly, because she still can't believe he's -there-. "Coming, coming! We're coming!" And they are, though the girl does cast a look over her shoulder that's just a touch worried. Just a bit. Then comes the feeding of Pralayth - and all is right in the world.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< The Shoe Fits Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The airy, icy beauty of the tiny pale jade green is only emphasized by the delicate frailty of her wispy frame. She's slow to rise from the sands, spreading overly large sails out to dry. They billow about her in waves of celadon laced jade like a gathering gown. With a soft creel she begins to move forward, dancing over the sands as light as air. She arrives at the feet of Chelarmin, a strong, silent healer nearly too old to stand any longer. He drops to his knees, placing a hand under her delicate head. "Sinderth, stay with me and be mine. I will be your Ch'arm". He stands and leads the green off to the side.

Eryzan's smile widens with each impressions. He doesn't voice any congratulations tho but nods again instead, his gaze as warm as any word could be. Moving closer the boys a little, he braces himself for what may follow.

Daija is still standing upright, proudly, but within a short space, there's something /different/. It could be the glazed look to her eyes, or - that there's a green dragon bumping into her thigh, a muzzle that she takes gladly between her two hands. "Ellezath," she says loudly, happily, "I'm sure, yes, let's get ya some food now." And now she's /beaming/, positively /glowing/, as she shuffles off the sands with her newly Impressed dragon.

Vivka is wringing her hands now. It's unconscious. As are probably the few tears that are making a break from her big, blue eyes. It's hard being an emotional creature with all this stuff happening!

Delicate lines begin to form, criss crossing the surface of the Balanced on Precipice Egg. While not fully across the entire shell they have started to spiral around and to divide it into awkward sections. Eventually tiny shards flake off, leaving a patchwork of tiny holes in the surface, where one more good kick should allow the occupant out.

Looking For Treats Brown Hatchling waddles over and starts sticking his maw in each and every candidate's robe as though he's looking for something. Something /important/, mind you, from looking at him he's probably looking for something to eat. A couple girls are sniffed at, and then his nose turns up at them, and he continues along until he comes across one that smells /just right/. A young man who probably isn't paying as much attention to him as he should be.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Looking For Treats Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Sabrael is taking deep breaths, slowly getting her own shakes under control. So far, the only ones in danger on the sands are the dragons themselves. Her worry over the little ones sheds some of her fear and she peeks out to smile at the enraptured faces of those who have found their mates.

Al'dru moves to help both Daija and Ch'arm now, leading the now greenriders off to the side where Rezia is already with her lifemate. "Ella and himm? I didn't quite catch your lifemate, Ch'arm, What was her name again?" But then his question is lost in the noise of the sands and he's showing them where the food is kept for the hatchlings.

Despite the time the Balanced on a Precipice Egg took to start hatching, when all is said and done it falls neatly apart in a matter of seconds and dumps out an egg wet hatchling on the sands. After taking some time to shake things off and futilely try to remove some of its new sandy coating, the blue hatchling is off and searching.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Dichotomy of Dark and Light Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Dark, so dark the hide of this blue dragon seems to swallow all light that touches it from above, from the elegant pointed planes of his head with his deeply arched headknobs to his rather lengthy, slender neck and barely wider shoulders. This same lithe build continues through his chest and down to his flanks, still colored in that deep navy hue that leaves him nearly indistinguishable from the night sky, or lengthy shadows. Even the hollows on his body are merely minutely darker spots and almost imperceptible. Sharply arched ridges align down his neck, following one after another as the trail down his body before finally ending as barely seen smudges above his tail finial. It is as you look upon his underside and where his slender feet rest that his color is now surprising, a blue so pale as to appear frosted, icy crystalline in shade as it adorns over taut muscle and strong bone. It allows all the definition that the darker color does not, showing haunches lined with muscle and the wiry strength that his limbs possess. His wings are stretched silk, moving from his leading edges to his ailerons, in a subtle sameness of color with nary a brighter mote or speck to denote his wingspars or finger bones. It is the underside that shows the same surprising coloration, lined again in frosty hues and allowing his build to be seen in a play on light and dark, that is finally carried out by the nearly midnight navy of talons. They cap his feet with needle points etched in darkness, an inky end to something so bright.

Kytaer squints as multiple Impressions are made; it's a squint that forms from trying to keep up, and he blinks a couple of times to clear his head. "Okay. Two browns, two greens, that - blue, hello, blue." And a couple of them even Impressed to people he knows. Er. Talked to once. The hopping begins again, as apparently some feeling returns in his feet.

Perhaps the most colorful of all the eggs, the life's colorful egg shows signs of life. The streaking of every hue imaginable will not much longer pain the eye as the shell shudders and then rocks ever so slightly.

Dichotomy of Dark and Light Blue Hatchling is deliberate as he moves, slowly taking first one step and then another as he walks out on the sands. He doesn't stumble or trip or even act all that ungainly now. He just has a slow deliberate passage from where his egg is left behind as he starts to consider amongst the candidates out on the sands.

Eresai shifts. And shifts. And shifts. He's really a very boring robed figured to be watching, but evidently someone is because his eyes are drawn momentarily away from the dragons at the sound of his name shouted from the galleries in that way that sometimes a single voice can separate from the crowd. His brows lift, but he misses the hatching of the dark dark light light blue.

Greater movement comes to the life's colorful egg. Rocking in earnest in its sandy nest, the occupant within has apparently decided its cramped quarters are no longer suitable. Large white cracks appear in the eggs midsection, girdling the circumference of the colorful shell.

Ivaylo looks to the dragons that Impress, calling out further congratulations before he is drawn to the blue hatchling. "He's a nice color." He notes softly to Sabrael beside him. He doesn't pull his hand away from her's, not yet. They don't appear to be in any sort of trouble with hatchlings, yet. But, he's being mindful.

Z'an finds himself in a rather calm state, standing among that swirl of shells, emotions and life pairing. His gaze tries to take the scene on its whole until he's forced to lower it. And he falls. Falls on his knee to wrap both arms around that brown head. "Yes we need to find some, Mokusoth!" A loud growling sound escapes his own stomach and the former Harper chuckles…

Ilyse is all smiles for Eryzan as he calls out the name of his dragon. For the moment her gaze has moved away from the dragons on the sand, though not for long, as the dark blue draws her eyes back again swiftly.

It begins with a ripple. The silver rain on the Rain of Sunshine egg seems to truly shower down the shell. Soon it is apparent that it is not the shell that is moving but rather the egg slowly beginning to wobble on the sand. Small cascades of sand grains roll over the ground as the egg works its way out of the sand nest.

Al'dru has to move quickly, to get out of the way of a blue hatchling as he passes on his path to the candidates. "Sorry lad, I'm not for you." Then he's watching where that blue one goes as well as keeping an eye on the brown and then nearly muttering something outloud as he almost misses when another young lad is picked. "Z'an, Z'an. Over here, with is it your Mokusoth? Let's get your new lad fed and happy."

Kytaer now has seen the Impression of someone he actually likes, rather than just someone he's talked to a few times - even if the guy DID just hit him with a pillow. He's still lightly clapping for Eryzan Or Whatever His Name Is now, complete with the mental note of 'Mokusoth.' He knows the dragon's name, anyway! And he'll catch up on the people's names later. He switches feet again. His feet still do not appear charred on the bottom.

The cracks around the center of the life's colorful egg give way with a sudden snap. The shell slips neatly in half, the two pieces dropping away to either side of the once occupant. It might make an interesting decoration should it be salvaged, or more likely to be trampled into colorful shards to glitter amongst the black sands. The hatchling released seems unconcerned of her shells fat as she stretches out of the cramped quarters and gives her wings a little shake.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Go, Go, Go Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Sleek, but not necessarily slender is the primary form of this green. Large triangular shaped head is blunted at the end, and indeed no part of her is to particularly angular, although her head comes closest. Even ridges are smoothed, somewhat small as if weathered or streamlined to allow her that smidgeon of extra speed. The front end of her is a bit broader than one might expect, tapering to a somewhat too slender belly barely balanced by thin muscled haunches. It frequently looks as if she might tend to tip forwards when standing. Of hue she is a fairly striking strong green tone. It's painted in on in a geometrically pleasing fashion following this or that curve. Darker green striping within each vaguely leafish swatch helps to keep her from being uniform. A few accents of icy green in the most eye catching of curves completes the striking vision of this lass.

Eresai's eyes return to the sands to find the blue making his stately way across the sands and he takes a step to his left, then leans, then looks. It's the underbelly he's trying to see, brows furrowed and look curious. Perhaps this hatchling has broken the spell of nerves for him. His eyes flick as another breaks shell and a small smile quirks for the green.

Sabrael draws in a sharp breath when Eryzan impresses, her hands within Ivaylo's and Ilyse's tightening. "Oh that makes me so happy!" A single bounce, "Eryzan!" No dragons near them, and she drops some of that waryness.

Dichotomy of Dark and Light Blue Hatchling Might have been deliberate at first but now he's taking to moving faster, quicker across the black sands and he finds himself at the feet of a boy from the smith craft, something that was right from the start. Then he's looking up into dark eyes, a sort of pleading conveyed in his stance as he waits, wings fluttering.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Dichotomy of Dark and Light Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

As the Rain of Sunshine egg continues to wobble about in place, the fine lines of silver rain begin to flow into each other. First the rain elongates and then it spreads, until a spinnerweb network of fine lines and cracks encircles the shell. Even the red octagon splinters with fine white lines. Suddenly the egg falls still.

Z'an gratefully follows Al'dru, starving Mokusoth lumbering closely. Sabrael's voice is heard and he lifts a hand, waving at her frantically. No more acting now, his true emotion literally leaking from him.

Go, Go, Go Green Hatchling jumps away from her egg with as much energy as she can muster. Rather on the small side even for a hatchling, she does her best to make her way, though she keeps tipping forward and tail lashes as she tries to find her balance. Awkward thing, sand. Nose slips into a pile of darker shards, its occupant now gone but the shards of interest. It gives a pause to this little one who sniffs and turns over a few of them inquisitively. After awhile interest wanes and she's staggering on towards the end of the line of candidates. Mmm, they look awful tasty and her belly suddenly feels ever so painful. She cries as she reaches a small group of three and one shoe is sacrificed to the hungry maw before being spat out with disgust. Definitely /not/ food, but what is?

Vivka watches everything. Everything that she can manage, anyway. There's so much going on! The blonde smiles at a new weyrling even though they're attention is likely quite swept up in their new lifemate. But as they pass, her lips is caught between her teeth.

Kytaer's attention is drawn again to that egg he'd liked before - the egg a lot of people liked, as opposed to the one they were all scared of, Rain of Sunshine; it was moving, and then it stopped. "What's it think it's doing?" he continues to talk to himself, though he's actually looking up in the direction of the galleries. For a second. The green's attempt to eat a shoe and then spit it out has him laughing.

Al'dru moves quickly, leading Z'an and his new hatchling and then shaking his head with the quickness that the blue also found a partner. "Well then, these eggs are just happy to be out and cracking aren't they." He pauses. "Here now, lets get Mokusoth fed."

So very slowly, the No Shoes for You Egg moves, rolling about gently in its own little hollow on the sands. Never for very long but collectively it keeps moving with a burst of energy before it stops to gather more, then movement again. One more rolling movement from end to end and then it goes back to resting, still for the nonce.

V'al gives Z'an a sort of salute, before that green is now settling on the Sands. He turns back to consider the hatchlings again but then that blue looks like it is coming their way, he's quick to release Sabrael's hand and attempts to move her safely away. He's ready to move away, but freezes in place. "V'al? Matioth? Matioth…" He stares at that blue, longer and then nods once. "Of… Course. Of course I do."

Sabrael's lack of scared abruptly reverses when, suddenly, there is a dragon near them! Sabrael pulls her hand from Ivaylo as the blue makes his intentions totally known. Back she fades to Ilyse's side.

The Rain of Sunshine egg rests still on the scattered remains of its original sand nest after all the prior movement. All that ends with the first subtle buckling of the shell. There is a second and third bulging along the long axis. Then a final hard shove and the shell comes apart into thousands of pieces, leaving behind a damp jewel-toned blue hatchling curled on the sands.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Waterworn Lapis Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
He is the essence of water: fluid and graceful in both build and movement. A base of rich, liquid lapis molds the elegant proportions of a nice medium sized blue. His head is angular, deep in the rich jewel-like lapis, but limned by dark, iridescent blue along the softened edges. As still waters, pale cerulean floats bright highlights over the sinuous neck to pool in the shallows created by the smooth rounding of shoulder, back, and hip. The lapis darkens as it runs down the well-sprung chest, limber tail, and long, powerful limbs to the briny depths, ribboned with just hints of dark blue iridescence. Serene cerulean sails are supported by spindles of lapis yet when they lift to catch the sun, ripples of silvery blue shimmer and sparkle on their surface like sunlight on water.

Eresai's eyes follow the blue to his lifemate, and yet Eresai still has no words for anything, but then also no one to talk to. He tracks the newest green and then gives Kytaer a nervous look: Tae has no shoes. What if the green should draw near?

Ilyse slips an arm around Sabrael as Ivaylo's blue takes his attention. A quick reassuring hug, followed by congratulations to the newest rider.

Al'dru is rushing back now, to collect the new pair. "So, did I hear correctly. "Is it V'al and Matioth? Such a dignified name." He nods to the blue. "Well, the food is this way, if you would like. I presume Matioth is hungry?"

Delicate tracery lines begin to form, leading to a curious design on the No Shoes for You Egg as it starts to crack. Ever faster the lines continue to grow, widening and lengthening upon the surface of the egg until there are more cracks than egg it seems and that one final push from the hatchling will do it in. But, when will that push come?

Kytaer has definitely grown in his ability to read minds, or at least certain minds, across Candidacy; Eresai's expression is clear enough that he's not in disagreement. He glances down at his feet, winces - and almost misses Rain of Sunshine's proper hatching. That's what it's doing, then. "He's - is that blue shiny?" Eyebrow raise.

Go, Go, Go Green Hatchling looks up at the candidates she is nearest. Her attention span doesn't seem enough to really study them per se, so much as glance over. Somehow they are just not quite what she is looking for. A snort of frustration and she moves on more unsteady steps down the line, somehow knowing what she needs is close by. One of those things often hiden in plain sight, there but so unassuming mosts gaze slip right past. Ah, but she will not be fooled, she knows the one that needs her, no more hiding! Hellllo!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Go, Go, Go Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

V'al looks to Al'dru with bewilderment. "Yes. That's right.." The former smith looks to Matioth and then nods. "He is. We'll get something to eat." With that, he guides his lifemate off to where the food is.

It takes no more than mere seconds for the No Shoes for You Egg to fall to pieces and it dumps out its contents on the sands. An egg wet darkly bronze hatchling that is strangely silent at first. Then those first ungainly movements as it walks on the sands, quiet still as it looks up into faces as it moves.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Flash and Feathers Bronze Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Glittery with metallic brilliance, this larger bronze hatchling is somewhat more bulky than the norm, overtly mucscled around the shoulders and haunches. Brighter bronze across his body, and then a darker sort of coloring down his legs to his feet, even though those brightly glimmer with metallic glints as well. He is rather ungainly as he first starts to move, but then he gets better and it is with a sashshaying grace that he moves. Up and down the line of candidates, until he stops at a slender lad from the tannercraft, Charlie by name. Then it's Ch'lie crying out "Lolath. I'll always be here for you. No matter what the rest of Pern thinks."

Waterworn Lapis Blue Hatchling is slow to rise out of the tight curl required by those shell-bound. Slowly, nearly lanquidly, he stretches each tiny limb to it's full length. Waves of motion stir over the glistening wet hide until he seems a thing of myth rather than reality. With one graceful heave, the blue lifts to his feet, wings partly spread to dry in the heat of the sands. He makes his way towards the spotty line of candidates, weaving in and out among them without ever actually approaching any one. His path is liquid, flowing but in it's wake is a sort of silent calm. Down and back, he comes, looking each over carefully.

Unlimited Egg has been quiet until now, letting its siblings take the limelight. But now its time is near, and it gives an almighty shudder as the dragonet within is through with accepting the limits of its eggshell prison.

Eresai's brows dip in his own puzzlement at the coloration of the new blue, almost in answer to Kytaer's own question. Did the other teen crafter hear it, perhaps? Perhaps. He looks to the green as she impresses, but it's still with the understanding of the holdbred craft-chosen boy he is. His lips might move, but then again, no sound carries, so he might as well have stayed silent.

The soft weathering upon the shell of the river in the rain egg seems to be taking its toll. Frequent showers rolling across the restless river waters have been slowly, almost invisibly eating at the shell. It shudders ever so slightly the grains of sand which had been sticking to the shell slipping off like watery droplets.

Al'dru has to move now from where those folks are standing with their lifemates, back to collect the newest one. "This way, Ch'lie" is managed with a sigh before he's glancing to the bronze and shakes his head. "And was it, "Lolath?"

Everyone deserves the chance to… hatch? Unlimited Egg shudders more violently now as its occupant starts to break its way free. It can't be long now, as cracks start to appear across the dark drab shell, splitting the bitter green from the bubble-glossy white. Soon!

Sabrael had turned her face towards Ilyse, "Thanks for be.." but her quiet whisper is abruptly cut off when the green comes right up to them. Sabrael's eyes catch on the green's and she is lost completely and totally, her death grip on Ilyse suddenly slackening. "Saethiath? That.. and I… oh," She breathes out in utter wonder as the place of reassurance is taken over by the green. "Abrael. That's, um, that's pretty." She steps away from Ilyse to run a hand along the head of the green that has taken her as her own.

River in the rain egg rocks ever more, the waters of time is has been floating through growing suddenly turbulent. The invisible river drawing upon the weakened spots and cracks begin to starburst over the surface.

Kytaer is finally able to note Sabrael's Impression, once she actually talks - that's when his concentration is torn away from trying to figure out if that blue is really blue or if it's just an extremely blue-toned bronze. The actual bronze impressed quickly. "Did she seriously just cut off the part of your name everyone uses?" he asks no-longer-Sab, a little bit of an affectionate laugh in his voice. "Dragons."

Ilyse is left alone as Sabrael is chosen by the green, drawing back a step to just watch. There may or may not be tears. (There are probably tears.) "Congrats Sabby…"

Held together now by nothing more than a hope and a prayer, Unlimited Egg quivers, the crazy-paving cracks that cover its surface promising an impressive explosion of shell when the final push comes… only to leave spectators disappointed. No explosion, but instead a pale paw pushes through, and then the cracked shell simply caves in to stick to th form of the sticky hatchling inside. It gets to its feet, shudders and shakes to try and rid its hide of the clingy egg-shards… then tumbles over onto its side, wobbly newborn legs unable to support it in these first few seconds of the rest of its life. Despite being covered in egg-goo, speckled with egg-shards, and all sandy down one side, the rich blue of this hatchling's hide is very obvious as he stands up to begin his exploration of the candidates.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< You Spinel Me Right Round Baby Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Broad-hewn, thickset, every inch as powerful as the next - his burly physique is draped in a swarthy cloak of sapphiresque spinel, that adds a glimmering sheen to each well-chiseled curve and sculpted muscle. Goldstone's speckled shine accents the masculine arch of his eyeridges and nose, rugged features that are complemented by a sharp chin, wide jawline, and stubby headknobs. Accentuating the short arch of his neck are 'ridges daubed in raw tanzanite's purple-blue, their tips tinted dark enough to be near black, a shade echoed across the satiny expanse of his over-wide wings. The powerhouse strength of his compact body is supported by stout legs, though his chalcedony paws, with their moonstone claws, seem overly small, and overly pale, for his hefty aphotic form.

Waterworn Lapis Blue Hatchling is more active in his second pass though still he seems to move through without stirring up any excitement. In fact, it's nearly restful, the way he just sidles to to the side of one crafter lad and waits. At first he doesn't touch, no, he sits, wings still half lifted to the heat and watches his chosen. But patience doesn't last as the blue gentle nudges at the boy's hand. Down here.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Waterworn Lapis Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Weakened shell is caught in to turbulent of waters and as though it hits some hidden hazard beneath the rivers raging waves the shell snaps and cracks and falls into hand sized pieces. The eggs inner dragon is released with a roar as mighty as the currents and she springs out of the shards with her vocalization unbroken, landing upon all fours not entirely ungracefully a short span away. The whole of her being in that first cry, it echoes above most other noise even in the amazing din of the caverns chaos. Free!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Free At Last Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Sunlit ferns stand quietly in a small break within a distant forests floor. Curling tips are a particularly vibrant hue painting the underside and lower portions of this delicate girl. The flash of malachite talons slip from between the fern, a dazzling and deadly display for those with the displeasure of getting to close a look. The fern gives way to the rising sunlit forest as ones gaze climbs from talon towards shoulder. Deciduous leaves paint upwards in thick clusters in a healthy summers' hue. Beneath the foliage there are hints of moss that cling to the supporting trunks. They tease at the sturdy structure which this lady hides beneath smooth curves and sinuous, carefree movements. Arching neck and flaring wings break into the canopy above. Alive in waves of the forests' green, subtle shifts in hue are found as one tree merges into the next upon the broad sails that take her high above such forests in practice. Proportioned head brings the only blaze of color beyond the overwhelming of green in the depth of her eyes. When placid they'll almost disappear in their own contented green and blue, and when not you'll know for the vibrant contrast that give to the rest of her body. Dew kisses eyeridges, neck and tailridges in little emeralds that seem to sparkle as she moves and catches the light just so.

Al'dru moves down to take the greenriding pair in hand. "Abrael? And Saethiath, is it? Well, alright. You two need to head this way so she can get her first meal. "Abreal? Yes, I am talking to you now."

You Spinel Me Right Round Baby Blue Hatchling is up and moving in possibly record speed, totally sure of himself and of the way his limbs work. The sturdy little blue pauses in his stalking to shudder and shake off some shards stuck to his glistening hide, then gets right back to the main business - checking out those candidates. One is wuffled at as he passes, but dismissed quickly. Not right… not right at all!

Kytaer gives the scary egg another Look as it hatches. Well. You didn't make too bad a dragon either, did you, though it's a little - "That's another shiny blue. What's with these dragons," though at least this one is not quite the same. He can tell it isn't a bronze. And - wait, was that - he'll look at the dragon again in a minute, once he's finished staring at the first shiny blue's attachment to apparently-Eresai.

Eresai was watching Abrael when he blue settled beside him. He was still looking to see just where that blue had gotten to when his hand is nudged and he instinctively starts to recoil only the motion is comically arrested one way. "I.. what?" His first words on the sands is brilliance. Then everything sort of catches up to him at once and his tone is one of understanding. "E'sai," that's him. "Khuth," that's the blue. "Of course!" For both impression and food.

Abrael hasn't stopped touching Saethiath yet, but she's not so far gone as to have forgotten who she came with. Eyes turn backwards towards Ilyse, questioning, not sure. But Al'dru is talking to them, a new name, and Saethiath is encouraging her forwards too. There's worry mixed with sadness as Abrael allows herself to be doubally herded forwards.

Vivka stands a little more uncertainly as her fellow candidates find dragons of their own. She glances toward the galleries as though she's looking for someone in particular. Or maybe just hoping they aren't actually there. Then her eyes are back on the sands and she has a beaming sort of smile when she notices one boy in particular has found someone. "Congratulations, Eresai!" she calls to him proudly.

Ilyse clenches her hands tightly across her stomach, but manages a smile to shoo Abrael on.

Free At Last Green Hatchling rears back and flaps her wings. Ah, to stretch clearly feels great! No more cramped quarters for this lady. She plows down the dune she is o[on, ot seemign to mind ending half buried at its bse. Playfull she wriggles fromteh grips of the toasty sands and shakes herself off. Expression seems to read that she found that quite fun, although a low rumble from her dam helps her to focus upon teh task at hand. Riiiight. Ok, so over there towards the dwindling line of candidates she goes. She realyl tries to move to fast for newborn limbs and ends up tangling with the sands grounds more than once along the way. Each time shaking it off as if it was nothing and pressing onwards.

Kytaer's feet are definitely starting to alternately feel the burn and feel absolutely nothing now. He's going to need some numbweed when this is all over. But at least that older girl realizes he's not a chump! Now that it's properly registered, he salutes his friend, calling out, "Nice shiny blue, E'sai!"

Al'dru is back to find the newest pair, coaxing Abreal, and then nodding to E'sai as well. "Well, the both of you now. Come on. I'm sure your hatchling partners are starving and you don't want to deprive them, do you?" He waits half a beat, "Or is this some new fashion that I'm unaware of?"

E'sai's call back to Kytaer of, "Shiny!" might mean more than just agreement. He's a little out of it still, stealing side glances at Khuth as he moves after Al'dru's urging.

You Spinel Me Right Round Baby Blue Hatchling makes his way around those candidates remaining, taking his time to sniff at each of them to determine if they're the right one. And they're all wrong, as he keeps going… only to stop, and double back. Did he get this one wrong? The one that's not paying attention to him? The hatchling sits down right in front of one former Techcrafter, nose tilted right up to look at him, to try and get his attention away from congratulating friends and worrying about those over-hot feet.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the You Spinel Me Right Round Baby Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Free At Last Green Hatchling ambles up to the handful remaining. Nope, nope… the reflection of each face so hopeful but not the one this lady is looking for. It's something definable only to a dragon and she can sense it, close and yet not that lad either. Perhaps this lass, eyes begin to gather flecks of yellow, impatience welling until she comes upon HER. Oh yes!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Free At Last Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Kytaer, in the end, is not worrying about his feet because he is STARVING. Wait. No. Kytaer isn't starving, nor is he named Kytaer, now, is he - not that it makes much of a difference to someone who always went by a nickname, and Y'taer can still just be 'Tae' forever. The fact that no one here has ever truly seen him smile before is now old news, because the expression on his face isn't brief, or mocking, but a soft and gentle, tender expression, lips curving up just at the end. "Yes," he says, rubbing a finger across one distinguished eyeridge, "come on, Vernammerath." And, as an aside, as they head Al'dru- and food-wards, he mutters, "Scary egg." Somehow, that mindvoice is now pleasant.

Ilyse falls to her knees, tears pouring from her eyes. "Of course Ise is lovely Niskath, and yes we will. Let's go get something to eat."

Abrael had lagged behind, despite Al'dru's words and Saethiath's instance. That is, until Ilyse's eyes light up and that green chooses her. The last of her worry drains away and she allows herself to be hurried off the sands, reassured that this would not be the start of an unhealable split. Off the sand she sweeps, Saethiath bodily pushing her the last step. Hungry, see?

Neyuni looks around the sands as the last of the eggs crack and their contents find their partners among those gathered. A sudden moments quiet settles over the grounds, as if surprise that it is finished, all over so quickly. Minds hardly have had a chance to process the proceeding chaos before it is all over. Zuhth is also free and doesn't wait for her rider, taking wing and heading to the feeding grounds for her own fresh kill! Yuni is left in a siwrl of sand with R'en, which too settles. She calls towards the small group left standing, "Although your partner was not here today we invite you to remain at Igen." and more generallu to all "Please join us in the hatching feast the cooks have prepared." an invitation to those in the galleries that they may come help celebrate as well. It's on the house!

Z'an is so dedicated in feeding Mokusoth that he's almost burying himself in food as well, throwing pieces after pieces of meat into that widely opened brown maw. Right now, he seems oblivious to his surrounding.

Vivka stands there for a few moments once they've been dismissed, then turns to follow the remaining candidates off the sands.

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