Title OOC Date Cast Synopsis
Igen Weyr Hatching February 27, 2020 Alexa, F'inn, Kate, Oddisa, Tejra, Yaromil Igen's 24th PC Hatching
Rage at the Sky February 27, 2020 Alexa, Tejra Former rivals might find friendship through the cleansing right to come, but for now Alexa awkwardly tries to comfort Tejra after a bitter disappointment on the sands.
Babies and Good Bye's March 1, 2020 F'inn, K'zre, Kate, Oddisa After the Hatching Feast, K'zre and F'inn find and talk with Oddisa and Kate, and their new baby dragons.
Baby Bath March 2, 2020 Alexa, Kate Kate and little Xinieth come down to the lake for a bath; Alexa and Raaneth offer some companionship.
Learning Life Lessons March 4, 2020 Kate, N'sir, Oddisa, R'sner Lack of sleep and high emotions do not go well together.
Baby Steps and Baby Stretches March 5, 2020 Kate, Oddisa, R'sner The weyrlings get some wing-stretches in.
Joining The Club March, 06, 2020 Kate , Evi Kate and Evi meetup for girl chat. Xinieth gets to meet Neifeth.
Straps and Snacks March 11, 2020 Kate, N'sir, Oddisa, R'sner The Weyrlings get their first chance to work with leather straps.
Rider's Up! - Weyrling Mounted Lesson March 12, 2020 Kate, N'sir, Oddisa, R'sner First mounted lesson for the weyrlings
A Baby is Born! March 13, 2020 Alexa, F'inn, K'zre In the middle of the night, F'inn is summoned to Igen for the birth of his second child.
Making A Splash March 13, 2020 Kate, R'sner Kate and R'sner discuss the difficulties of being a new weyrling, while Toith and Xinieth enjoy some fun splashing in the lake.
Doors or Something (Aka Alexa is bad at titles) March 15, 2020 Alexa, Oddisa Alexa and Oddisa talk in the Living Cavern; Raaneth and Oriapeth talk outside during a rare rainstorm.
Flying Weyrlings March 17, 2020 Kate, R'sner Xinieth takes to the skies for the first time.
Near Miss - Oriapeth's First Time Flying March 18, 2020 Oddisa, R'sner Oriapeth has her first flight and it does not go as smoothly as anticipated.
Bonding In Action March 18, 2020 Alexa Tejra Alexa and Tejra bond and definitely don't die.
Happy Hunting March 19, 2020 Kate, Oddisa, R'sner The weyrlings get to hunt for the first time
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