Title OOC Date Cast Synopsis
Igen Hatching 2019 April 23, 2019 Alekzandyr, Alexa, Elayne, Maisy, N'sir, X'ander Zeraeth and Sindrieth's clutch Hatches
Hatching Aftermath April 24, 2019 A'eyr, Alexa Alexa and Alek take a moment once the babies are asleep to talk about what just happened.
Scrubba Dub Dub April 26, 2019 A'eyr, Alexa Raaneth and Indaryth get a bath.
Dreams Delayed April 28, 2019 A'eyr, Alexa Alek and Alexa spend some time chatting in the early morning while their baby dragons catnap on the shore.
Let's Talk About Straps! April 30, 2019 A'eyr, Alexa, N'sir N'sir talks leather and straps with the weyrlings.
Real Riders May 1, 2019 A'eyr, Alexa, R'sner Alexa and A'eyr become "real" dragonriders when they get to sit on their dragons for the first time.
Proddy Chats July 14, 2018 Ashwi, N'sir, R'sner, T'ven R'sner and N'sir catch up with T'ven and Ashwi in the Living Caverns. Poor N'sir is feeling the effects of proddy for the first time.
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