Title OOC Date Cast Synopsis
Dress for Success June 13, 2018 Ariadne, Nassir, R'sner, Shetaia, Triven Triven is the victim of a prank gone sour.
Igen Hatching 2018 June 13, 2018 Aria, N'sir, R'que, R'sner, Shetaia, T'ven Zeraeth and Teimyrth's Clutch Hatches
Ready Player Two June 15, 2018 R'sner, S'las S'las has a dilemma. R'sner might be the solution.
Morning make overs! June 15, 2018 N'sir, R'sner, Shetaia, T'ven T'ven is a troll doll…
The more things change, the more they are the same. June 15, 2018 R'sner, N'sir R'sner has words to share.. *takes place right after T'ven is Troll doll*
Quiet Moments June 16, 2018 N'sir, R'sner R'sner and N'sir spend a quiet moment alone. (this scene immediately precedes the 'Blinded - weyrling lesson' scene)
Blinded - Weyrling Lesson June 16, 2018 Aria, N'sir, R'sner, Shetaia, T'ven The weyrlings play a game of tag. The catch? They must use their dragons eyes to see!
Opinions Vary June 16, 2018 N'sir, R'sner, T'ven T'ven receives a distressing letter, N'sir and R'sner discuss influence and opinions
All Aboard? - weyrling lesson June 22, 2018 N'sir, R'sner, T'ven T'ven and N'sir take the first steps towards being "real" dragonriders.
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