Title OOC Date Cast Synopsis
Candidate Chats August 19, 2017 Zevuki, Kassala, Jaelynn and Triven A few candidates along with a trader, chatting in the living caverns.
First Egg Touching - Zevuki August 20, 2017 Neyuni, Zevuki, and other NPC Candidates First egg touching for Zevuki and other NPC Candidates
Igen Hatching 2017 September 2, 2017 Neyuni, Zevuki, Kassala, Baylee, Krenn, Tanit, Riohra, Sephany, Quinn, M'eo, E'vyl, S'dny, Risali, R'hyn K'vir, Triven, Citayla, S'las, Jaelynnn, Karmella, Z'ki Zuhth and Eranzath's eggs hatch at Igen.
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