Title OOC Date Cast Synopsis
The Great Lake of Igen Weyr January 14, 2020 Alexa, Uriska, Yaromil Yaromil gets a first look at Igen Weyr lake. Discussions of how it was made and drinkability ensue.
Finding Friends in Foreign Places January 15, 2020 Alexa, Rhodelia Alexa and Raaneth meet Rhodelia and Inasyth down in Xanadu Weyr. (Note: technically backdated. Time is super wibbly-wobbly, so just go with it).
Ego and Arrogance January 17, 2020 Alexa, F'inn F'inn has a favor to ask of Alexa. The conversation doesn't go as planned when ego and misunderstanding get in the way. (Language warning)
Strangers in a Strange Place January 18, 2020 Evi, F'inn, K'zre F'inn, K'zre and Evi meet up in Igen and discuss weyrlings, weyrseconds and sick family.
A Horse With No Name January 18, 2020 Alexa, Yaromil Alexa and Yaromil discuss the necessity of names and reach an agreement (of sorts).
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