How to Submit Logs

Submitting logs should be relatively painless. The first step is to enter the name for the log in the box above the button that says "new log."

Your log name should be formatted as: MMDDYY-#. This translates to "Month Day Year - # of the log." So the first log submitted on January 11, 2012, would be named "011112-1." The seventeenth log submitted on March 03, 2020, would be named "030320-17." This name formatting helps the logs filter through automagically.

From there, you should be able to fill in the boxes on the log submission page and click "Save."

Once this is done, don't forget to update the tags in your logs. Note about tags! The tags for log, the year, and the month should be automatically added when you submit your log. We recommend also tagging individual characters in your log. To do so, submit the log and, afterward, click on the Tags link at the bottom of the newly created page. From there, you can enter a space-separated list of characters that appear in your log with an underscore in front of each name - e.g., _character1 _character2 _character3.

Displaying Logs

If you want to display logs on your character page, you can use the following code snippet:

[[tab This Month]]
[[module ListPages separate="no" category="log" tags="_YOUR-CHARACTER-NAME" created_at="last 30 days" perPage="250" order="name" prependLine="||~ Title||~ OOC Date||~ Cast||~ Synopsis||"]]
[[tab 2014]]
[[module ListPages separate="no" category="log" tags="+2014 +_YOUR-CHARACTER-NAME" perPage="250" order="name" prependLine="||~ Title||~ OOC Date||~ Cast||~ Synopsis||"]]

Make sure you edit the part that says _YOUR-CHARACTER-NAME to your character's name (e.g., _b'ob or _sue), making sure to leave the leading underscore.

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