*December 28, 2014*

The weyr rejoiced to welcome into the fold ten new weyrlings, as Neyuni's gold Zuhth's latest clutch finally hatched!

Bronze Lolath Impressed to Ch'lie (Charlie) (NPC)
Brown Mokusoth Impressed to Z'an (Eryzan)
Brown Pralayth Impressed to Rezia (Lucrezia)
Blue Khuth Impressed to E'sai (Eresai)
Blue Matioth Impressed to V'al (Ivaylo)
Blue Vernammerath Impressed to Y'taer (Kytaer)
Green Ellezath Impressed to Daija (Daija)
Green Niskath Impressed to Ise (Ilyse)
Green Saethiath Impressed to Abrael (Sabrael)
Green Sinderth Impressed to Ch'arm (Chelarmin) (NPC)

*December 8, 2014*

After much testing of the sands and teasing of the weyr, Neyuni's gold Zuhth finally took to the sands to lay her latest clutch. The experienced queen was relatively quick about the job, depositing a good sized clutch of ten eggs upon the golden sands.

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*November 30, 2014*

All of Igen celebrated as seven (npc) weyrlings graduated to full rider status!

*November 24, 2014*

Neyuni's gold Zuhth has risen yet again to be caught by R'en's bronze Sindrieth, reconfirming him as Igen's weyrleader. With a second clutch from the pair, the weyr is looking forward to adding even more weyrlings to the barracks. And so prosper the weyr!

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*October 5, 2014*

Time has flown since Igen's Senior Queen flew and was claimed by a Monaco Bay Bronze. The resulting clutch was fair in size with seven eggs clutched and placed within clear view of the galleries for all to gawk at. The (NPC) clutch hatched and impressed to five weyr residents, a weaver and a smithcrafter.

Bronze Thoihonylth and Y'lys
Brown Denormysth and V'augh
Brown Emeth and Gr'yk
Blue Loruith and S'en
Blue Kaidenoth and Doma
Blue Ghaentharth and J'ald
Green Soanguth and Sine

*August 29th, 2014*

Neyuni's Zuhth took to the skies and was caught by R'en's Sindrieth from Monaco Bay Weyr to make him Igen's new Weyrleader.

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