Perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of MUSH roleplaying involves One of the first questions anyone may have about the dragonriding process regards Search. What is Search? For those of you who have read the books, Search is the process by which the Weyr finds Candidates for eggs after they have been laid on the Hatching Sands. Most of Igen's riders come from the lower caverns, some are also found by riders who travel to the Holds, Crafthalls and other Weyrs looking for young people with some intangible gift or talent that could possibly make them potential dragonriders.

However, since PernWorld MUSH — and therefore Igen Weyr — is a text based medium, an on-line environment isn't exactly like Anne McCaffrey had envisioned her dragons finding their lifemates. At Igen Weyr a Search Committee of typically 5-7 members of the Weyr oversee the search process. The Search Committee at the Weyr relies upon an OOC application and roleplay interaction prior to and after Searching a character in order for us to get to know them.

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