+IGWhelp Policies

To help keep things running smoothly here at Igen Weyr, we have set up several policies regarding how things run here at Igen. We hope by outlining these policies and explaining them, we will be able to clear up on questions and/or misconceptions that current and prospective players might have.

For those interested in Search, potential applicants who wish to apply at Igen are strongly encouraged to view our Search policies, both for outsiders who wish to apply for one of our Search Cycles or for residents of Igen that wish to apply for Search at another Weyr.

For those who are already riders, Igen Weyr accepts transfers both from other games, and from other Weyrs. We urge anyone who is considering relocating their dragonrider alt to Igen (or from Igen) to read our policy regarding transfers.

And last, but certainly not least, Igen Weyr is a community that is heavily dependent on activity to keep it going. While we don't have a mandatory activity policy per se, we do encourage people to spend a certain amount of time online. For all players of Igen Weyr, viewing the activity policy would be most beneficial.

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