Rider Lifestyle : A Day in the Life

So what exactly do Igen riders do?

Dragon Care: Once the dragon is an adult, really they are not needing daily baths, nor do they eat daily, so a little bit of time rubbing oil into the dry patches can easily be accomplished and perhaps they only really spend a matter of six or eight hours over the course of a week really to take “care” of their dragon.

Weyr Duties: There will be a large chunk of time devoted to supporting the Weyr (9 hrs/day average – including breaks/meals) via their wing assignment. We feed you, we give you shelter and your “payment” for this room and board is your labor. Riders do not get a ‘stipend’ from the Weyr. If they want direct money marks they have to earn them in their spare/free time.

Free Time: Then you have free hours, the remaining 15 hrs (including sleep and dragon care) where folks can do whatever they want, or put their labors into personal projects which earn them spending money on the side.

A typical day might go like this:

  • Wake up & getting ready
  • Breakfast
  • Check in with their Wingleader for the day’s assignments, or project updates for longer term projects.
  • Morning Work
  • Lunch
  • Siesta
  • Afternoon Work
  • Dinner
  • Free Time
  • Rest

There are a smaller group of folks that work the “night shift”. They tend to sleep most of the day and their day begins at dinner and ends around breakfast. These folks keep the night hearths warm, handle needed non-peak maintenance, work kitchen cleaning and prep, do certain general cleaning tasks, and generally monitor the activities of the night hour.

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