+IGWhelp Rooms

There are certain areas of Igen Weyr which are set "Abode" so that those who do not have private rooms may link to them and not have to suffer through the rigors of being sent back to the OOC areas of the MUSH when someone hits "+tidy" or you simply type "home". The following is a list of these rooms and the people free to link themselves to them:

Resident Dorms #1446 All fosterlings, visitors/guests, & general workers
Crafter's Hallway #7062 Crafters posted to Igen Weyr
Candidate Quarters #1674 ONLY candidates searched for current clutch
Weyrling Barracks #2086 ONLY weyrlings impressed/training at Igen Weyr

PLEASE: When you link yourself to these rooms, if you create a cot or couch (for dragons) please set it DARK so that it will not clutter the room it is in. If you need help, or if you feel you should have a private room due to rank or position in the Weyr, please feel free to contact the Staff (@mail [knotsearch(igw/admins)]). We will be happy to help you settle in here at Igen!

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