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IC: Igen Weyr's golds rise semi-routinely in mating flights. The resultant clutches begin a period known as Search. During Search Igen's riders find suitable candidates to Stand for the hardening eggs. With typically only ten to twenty eggs laid each turn, the bulk of candidates are found within Igen's own caverns, and only a handful of new candidates are usually brought in from outside the Weyr.

OOC: As a small Weyr, both IC and OOCly, we aren't focused on life only around our search cycle. As such we only have one cycle per real life year, and as it's a festive event it occurs just after the New Year. We realize that for folks who want to impress at Igen this may mean waiting awhile for the next hatching to come around, but we hope that you are staying with us for the love of the area, and a dragon becomes just another element to the place you already have in good time. If you are interested in impressing at Igen, we strongly encourage you to create a character at Igen and be part of our area both before and after impression.

Igen residents who wish to apply for Search at other Weyrs are welcome to do so. Please let us know should you be searched so that we may cheer you on come hatching time.

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