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After the gold clutches her eggs, then the Weyr moves into the transitional period of IC Search. This is the aspect of Search most like the books, where a dragonrider will seek out potential young people and they will be brought back to the Weyr where they will RP out the life of a Candidate until the date of the Hatching. During this time, Candidates will be expected to do chores and attend egg-touchings. When the Hatching arrives, they'll proceed to the Hatching Sands where they will then be presented to the newly Hatched dragons in hopes of Impressing.

Prospective applicants for Search are encouraged to read our Search section on our webpage to get a better understanding of how Search works here at Igen Weyr. A calendar of events surrounding Search is listed there, as well as other documents that should help you know what goes on during Search. Potential applicants are also encouraged to keep watch for anything posted on the general bulletin board on the game (+bbread 1)

Please read '+igwhelp search policies' for further information.

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