+IGWhelp Search Policies

Residents of Igen Weyr are automatically granted permission to apply for for Search although posted Crafters still need to get permission from their Craftmasters. As long as you do not have an alt on the Search Committee, you are allowed to apply for any Search Cycle at Igen.

If you are interested in only being a Stand-Only Candidate — that is, a Candidate who is only Standing for the experience with no chance of Impression — you don't need to fill out the Search application, and can request permission to become a Stand-Only by contacting the Weyr admins by @mail [knotsearch(igw/admins)].

A Stand-Only can request permission to stand at any time during OOC or IC Search, however, should you change your mind and like to be considered for Impression, you will need to fill out the Weyr Search application prior to the close of OOC Search. If you have requested to become a Stand-Only Candidate during IC Search, you will not be eligable for Impression during that Search Cycle.

Please be aware of the following policies:

First while we will not deny anyone their request to apply for Search at another Weyr, we ask that you @mail the Weyrleaders prior to applying at another Weyr. We will not deny you the right to apply, but at the same time, we only ask this so we can be prepared for your leaving. There's nothing more awkward than having a resident disappear on the Weyr without prior warning.

Likewise, it's required that all candidate hopefuls get permission from their area leaders before applying at Igen and forward a copy of the permission statement to the individuals listed in '+help leadership'.

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