The Dune Tidings

The "Dune Tidings" is the widely distributed news report the Weyr delivers within its territory. It's always a good place to look to see what recent tidings and upcoming events are occurring.

The information here includes a summary of the games random generated events in our area (italics), PC occurrences (underlined) , and background RP hooks and plots going on.

You can also check the archives for old news.

** February 2016 **

Winter in the Weyr has been mild. A few showers sprinkle through and with them has come waves of sniffles and sneezes. Yes it's more than cold season, it's cold season - ahhhchoo!

** January 2016**

At South Telgar Hold a person gets letters from a secret admirer.

At Katz Field Hold there is a mudslide.

Gather at High Plateau Hold.

At Keroon Hold a person inherits 10 to 100 Marks *26 Marks*.

At Keroon Hold there is an act of vandalism.

Gather at Keroon River Hold.

At South Telgar Hold there is an act of vandalism.

At Lost Hold there is a person spreading false rumors.

At Keroon Hold there is an act of vandalism.

At High Plateau Hold a person is hit by lightning.

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