Introducing Quillan!

Posted Date September 16, 2014 Original Author Quillan

Born and raised in Igen Weyr to a greenrider mum and bluerider dad, Quillan's pretty much had your typical weyrbrat upbringing. At least until he recently decided to be a bit of a rebel and join the Minecraft to try and get out from his overbearing, super-smothering mother's only-a-hug-away protectiveness. Even better, his rebellion involves him specialising in explosives. Though the whole getaway deal was somewhat stifled by mumsy pulling strings so he's apprenticed to a rider based out of Igen Weyr, Quillan does have a little more freedom nowadays and he's often found chilling around the lower caverns when he's not off learning to, y'know, blow things up.

OOC: Hi! I look forward to getting to meet you all and RP and all that lovely jazz. :D

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