Of Hides and Harpers

Posted Date September 16, 2014 Original Author Tivaly

The desert heat may not be the best place to store old records, but the low humidity has managed to keep a cache of quite old hides in semi-good condition for far longer than one might expect. The rumor goes that, in a disused storeroom in the back of beyond deep in the inner Weyr, dozens and dozens of old scrolls and hides - yes, hides, predating the ready availability of paper - were found to be in legible condition. Some of the hides seem to be original copies of correspondence from former Igen Weyrleaders, detailing some of how the fighting Weyr functioned, and others look to be rather nicely copied and even illuminated transcriptions of ballads, songs, and old stories. In an effort to preserve as much of this "old" knowledge and craftsmanship as possible, the Harper Hall saw fit to dispatch a Journeyman and two apprentices to Igen Weyr. The small crew will be preserving what they can and transcribing what they can't, a project that seems likely to take the trio quite some time.

<OOC> And that brings Tivaly to Igen Weyr from Fort Weyr, on a long-term-temporary assignment. :) I'm online at various odd hours throughout the day, on the Eastern timezone, and almost always RP_OK when I'm online.

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