Trading With Trouble...

Posted Date September 16, 2014 Original Author Lucrezia

Traders aren't an unfamiliar sight at Igen - or any Weyr, for that matter. Lucrezia, however, is a little different. She's a strangeling sort, sporadically spotted and almost always with the Igenite rider Ph'eles and his ash-and-embers brown, Mephistoth. Though she seems to be around a bit more of late, burdened with bags full of Faranth-knows-what, she's still a difficult one to find - unless she wants to be found. It's funny, though: she's so much easier to find when people want or need something…

Rumors have started to circulate that she's not really with the Lucao - she's too blond and pale to fit with the dark-haired and bronze-skinned traders that keep to the Holds rather than the Weyrs. Strange, that. And just what is she doing at Igen Weyr, anyway? Seeking her father is what the rumor mill will say… the very same one that will claim she's found him and discovered she's related to two riders at the Weyr. Is she really C'vryn and Neyuni's niece or is it all part of some greater plot? What's the truth?

OOC: Lucre trades in a lot of things, so if you need something ICly, it's likely she'll have it! Mostly Weavery-whatnots, but the girl can get anything… for a price. My schedule is erratic, with most evenings (Eastern time!) being available… and I'm always page_OK! Ping me if you feel up for RP!

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