Posted Date September 17, 2014 Original Author C'vryn

Well, Cevryn was born here part of a set of twins to Kathryn and C'vex, and he along with his brother Kevyx grew up under their watchful mother's eye attempting to make as much trouble as possible whilst keeping Kathryn unaware of just what they were up to. Surprisingly, with one parent a dragonhealer and one a beastcrafter, Cevryn went for people healing, and more importantly the pharmaceutical products.

It was on a trip back, or was it a break from studies, or had he been sent down? C'vryn refuses to say, but he did stand for the last clutch his mother's dragon had and it was there he impressed to Emeliuth. So it was C'vryn and Emeliuth for quite a few turns, gadding about Pern, even if he made a desultory attempt to return to his studies. On one of these trips, up to High Reaches, he met Janja and fell into love/lust? What can one say? The only thing noteworthy is that Jan and he have been somewhat steady partners now for turns and he's finally convinced his 'Reaches princess to come here to Igen.

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