New Healer

Posted Date September 17, 2014 Original Author Emelene

Emelene is a native of Igen Hold, the quiet but slightly quiet girl reportedly kin to Lord and Lady Igen, save in the range of cousin X amount removed. She was born and raised into a simple but comfortable family largely comprised of workers and farmers. Having learned at the feet of her nanny mother, Emelene was chosen at a young age for the Healercraft and just recently earned her Journeyman's knot. It's a bit of a surprising promotion at a relatively young age but she's regarded as quite good at what she does, if hard to actually get away from her studies which probably explains things. She been assigned to the Weyr after her promotion for the purpose of serving as a midwife and pediatric care, leaving it just a matter of time to see how well a purebred Holder will adjust to Weyr life.

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