A Little of Neyuni

Posted Date September 21, 2013 Original Author Neyuni

The short of it: Neyuni has been a rider for many turns now, and though she expected to impress as it runs in her family, she was quite stunned when it was gold Zuhth that looked her way. Yuni to her friends, and Neyuni to most others, she impressed at Igen, but had a falling out with the new Senior some time ago and transferred to Fort. Where after more turns under interesting circumstances she became Senior there, and after only a handful of turns managed to shed herself of the knot and responsiblity by stepping down due to the "mental strain". What she really likes is pursuing her smithcraft chemistry, ala her fireworks and explosives passion. She was rather absent from Fort as she chased after elusive chemicals to make her explosives pretty colors, and lets say some time later when she was found back in her desert haunts made up with the Senior at Igen and transferred back. Zuhth has always been biding her time and with the sudden passage of the Senior has reclaimed what she feels is her rightful title. Think twice about crossing the dragon, though her rider is much more relaxed. Older, wiser let's hope second times the charm to make this work out, but only time will tell.

OOCly: I'm excited to be back in Igen. When I'm here I'm like 90% available for RP, the other 10% being when my kids do something that I have to go "deal" with. So if I don't respond right away, that would be why. I look forward to RP'ing with everyone and if you have a particualr scene or plot you would like to see happen please drop staff an @mail anytime the inspiration hits. Similarly, I want everyone to be comfortable and have fun here, so if you have any issues come up which would make you hesitate to play, please come to myself or any of the staff so we can help deal with whatever it it. I know folks' lives are quite busy, and I want the time we have to come here to play to be just that, time to relax, have fun and play.

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