A Hunt for Eggie Treasure

Posted Date September 21, 2014 Original Author Neyuni

…and in the normal scheme of things Zuhth took to the sands and laid a healthy looking clutch of seven. She now broods jelously over the hardening orbs which look, vaguely, like various types of chests. Wood chests, leather trunks and some wih even hints of a ruby or emerald sparkling just off to the side. Hmm! The hunt is on now for candidates and the Weyr is emptying the caverns of those of appropriate age and not-to-shady of character. You might notice a new crafter face or two as dragons out on errands happen to notice potentials and bring them back, but otherwise the Weyr does not seem to be making a hard press to collect additional outsiders. It seems there is already enough of a crowd for the clutch to satisfy some, while you might hear grumblings from others. For now let the betting begin, for while we know they hold dragons the age old question of which one still applies!

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