Our Rock and Rollin'

Posted Date October 5, 2014 Original Author Neyuni

Igen was also rocking and rolling the other night, but as disasterous as things were the Weyr was in a celebratory mood. For the eggs were hatching and if the stone trembled with far off events it was hardly noticed in the din of the dragons humming. By one and twos the eggs shattered and their contents stumbled out. To a cheering crowd they each found their partners upon the sands and when quiet finally settled five of Igen, one from the weavercraft and one from the smithcraft had partnered with one bronze, two brown, three blue and one green.

The post hatching excuse for a party lasted well into the early hours and if a few key riders dissapeared to offer distant assistance it was hardly noticed. Of course as folks wake up with the typical post-hatching hangovers news of what has been going on beyond Igen's walls is spreading.

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