Kitchen Storage Construction

Posted Date October 6, 2014 Original Author Neyuni

The old aunties are all a-giggle upon rumors that the kitchen staff upon the change of leadership issued an ultimatum to the powers that be. After centuries of hauling their needed goods and special event pots from the more distant storage caverns in the farther inner reaches of the Weyr, a new kitchen storage room is being carved out of the sandstone from the innermost wall of the kitchen. While the cooks were in an especially good mood as things got underway their capacity is now diminished as the construction begins. The joyous mood did not last very long, as just after getting underway about half of the miners and smiths have been diverted to deal with the emergency situtaion. While they should return to full force soon the kitchen is left only about half usable

So pardon the dust (literally!), noise and dirty sweaty crafters doing hard labor unajusted to our warmer climate. You can always kindly direct them towards the lake, but I'd avoid the kitchens for the moment. Your choice as well on whether you dare comment on the quality of your meals of late, for normally hot food tends to be getting cold, or burnt as the cooks do their best under the situation. Several cooking pits have also been set up just outside the living caverns. So, while some may think the Weyrs burning down due to the red glow at night reflecting up the bowl wall, and billowing smoke during the day, it's all part of the plan… really? really!

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