New Woodcrafters

Posted Date November 21, 2014 Original Author Eresai

It was a warm day in Igen Weyr when a Benden brownrider arrived laden with trunks, furniture and bundles of lumber and two passengers. These things together could only mean one thing: new woodcrafters! Journeywoman Saresha (NPC) is an attractive brunette in her mid-thirties, dusky-skinned, dark of eye and quick of wit. Her specialty is ornamental carpentry, though she can, of course, do the basics in the rest, as can (or /should/ be able to anyway) the nearly seventeen turn old senior apprentice arriving with her, also a brunette though hazel of eye and of a pale complexion that will no doubt have its troubles with the penetration of Rukbat's rays. Senior Apprentice Eresai has smiles enough for those he comes across in his first (and subsequent) days at the Weyr, though he's not given to an abundance of words, and what words he does have seem to be well-thought out before being spoken, where Journeywoman Saresha seems to have enough words for both of them.

They're settling in among the other crafters posted to the Weyr, occupying the (saw)dusty work cavern set aside for the woodcrafters and the office attached where those of less continuously exposed lung can come to do business. Saresha seems, so far, to get along with anyone (including the currently posted woodcrafters), and Eresai is doing his best to make some friends, though that's a hard to manage feat when one spends so much time with one's nose to the sanding stone.

OOC: Hey! Excited to be here. I'm new. If I say or do something that doesn't fit, please please page me so I can fix it! I probably don't realize I've done it. Looking forward to having awesome RP soon!

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