Meteor Shower and EOTW

Posted Date November 24, 2014 Original Author R'en

It's been foretold by the Starcrafters that there will be a meteor shower of significant size that will be best viewable at Igen Weyr in the dunes away from the lights. It's hoped that the night will be clear, though it's still too far away to have a good chance of a forecast being accurate. Those who are not familiar with the desert weyr's weather are being told that they may want to bring blankets in case it gets too cold. There will probably be some hunter trained observers, but who knows what can happen out in the desert sands.

OOC: Igen will be hosting a meteor shower viewing at 6pm PST on Friday, November 28th - come and go as you please. There is the possibility of snakes or whatnot, or just drunken revelry - if you have something in mind that'd be fun or you're interested in, just let me know! :D

However, with a little extra tidbit for the local folk. I am starting an "Event of the Week" type of thing, where we will have one day a week to have a public event (not always open to all weyrs, but this week it is). I would love to have people step up to run these things, and provided it fits in the below caveats, does not require staff permission. The events can be anything from bar brawls, sandstorms, art galas, cooking competitions, electrical problems (short term), herb gathering, etc..

1.) It must remain within the rating of the game (PG), or if it will have content that doesn't - ALL participants need to be aware of the proposed rating beforehand in the posting itself, preferably. (news rating)

2.) If there is anything that will cause any sort of long term damage or affect the entire weyr, it MUST be run past staff. It may still be approved.

3.) The event day should try to rotate to get more people involved. Try to post the date as soon as you know!

If you /ever/ feel uncertain that your idea is acceptable, feel free to shoot it past a staff member. We'd be happy to discuss it! Is anyone interested in running something the week of November 30 - December 6? Tell me! :D

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