Introducing Daija

Posted Date November 26, 2014 Original Author Daija

Daija (to some Dai) was born at Igen, the daughter of a cook and a brownrider, and now works as an infirmary aide here. She's a known desert-rover, prone to trekking in the sand and sun on her off hours, and is decidedly pleasant, if rough around the edges. Her mother is known in the kitchens for her no-nonsense attitude and her delectable rolls, but the rest of Daija's siblings are too young to as yet have garnered a reputation.

OOC: Hello! Always feel free to pop me a page or a +mail. If I'm online, I'm always RP_ok! And also feel free to have known Daija, IC, if it suits the mood. She's just one of the kooky inhabitants of Igen, and doubtless has had run-ins with other known residents over time. Until then, cheers! :)

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