Gone. Again.

Posted Date November 26, 2014 Original Author Lucrezia

The infrequent appearances of Lucrezia seem to have ceased - again. Rumor holds that Ph'eles, brown Mephistoth's, was seen ferrying her off to where the Lucao family is currently camped at. He, of course, has no idea when - or even if - she's due to return any time soon. Those few that saw her before her departure noted that she was agitated - an exceptionally rare state of being for the usually bubbly blonde trader-girl. Her room, however, is still full of Weaver-related supplies to sell, so she'll have to return - won't she?

OOC: Holiday times mean I'll be away for a bit! I'll try to sneak on when I can, but things likely won't settle until about Monday. See you all soon! <3

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