The Techcrafters Arrive

Posted Date December 1, 2014 Original Author Kytaer

The new ones, anyway. There have, no doubt, been techcrafters around, helping with Igen's revitalization as needed; now with the change in leadership and the change in the kitchen, with the coming of other new crafters, the Technology Craft has sent Igen a couple of new semi-permanent residents. Journeyman Hamiathes, an electrical wiring afficionado (and NPC), has set to immediately fixing anything and everything that's in disrepair, eagerly taking reports and complaints. He's shadowed by a recently-minted senior apprentice Kytaer, who looks every bit the part of an awkward sixteen turn old. The senior apprentice only ever gives his name as "Tae," (though the illustrious listener may have heard Hamiathes use his full name)and is often found in the living caverns fixing small things at tables when not working on major repair with his Journeyman. Feel free to bother him and report anything you'd like fixed, improved or created, because it is Tae who's making all the notes. He may only grunt at you and may actually strike up conversation, but he doesn't bite.

OOC: Hello! It's super great to be here for this area getting off the ground; I played at Igen on Pernworld a ridiculously long time ago that's making me feel old (I think it was 2002) and it's nice to see it back! I generally don't log in unless I'm RPable, so assume if you see me out in public that I'd like to play.

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