Back in town!

Posted Date December 5, 2014 Original Author Zak

Zak Shipton, also known as twin brother to Zaley and Zaylah, also known to his friends as Isaac, has returned to his home at Igen Weyr. Gone since he was 12 when he set off with just a bag to present himself to the Beastcraft hold, he now returns with a Sr. Apprentice knot on his shoulder and a runner at his side. Knowing him and tendency to pick up stray animals he may have one or two hidden upon his person as well. It's been 7 turns since he's been back home so surely there are a lot of new faces for him to meet!

OOC: Greetings! I'm a new face around Igen though I'm not new to PW as a whole. Looking forward to playing here and meeting everyone!

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