Weyr Organization

The organizational structure of the Weyr has evolved to meet the new economy which exists. While traditional names have been kept, such as Flights and Wings, the implementation of them differs in certain ways. Much can be said however that the Weyr still revolves around the Weyrwoman. Her thoughts, opinions and desires govern the overall direction the Weyr takes during her term which often lasts many decades. Whether she takes a direct involvement in such things as negotiating contracts, or delegates such functions to others, and if her attitudes are weak or strong typically spells good and bad cycles for the Weyr.

Weyrfolk (riders and non-riders alike) are organized into functional units which are referred to as “Flights”, a word which is inherited from historical usage. At Igen there are three Flights consisting of: Flight A, Flight C and Flight H. Each Flight consists of a number of “Wings”, and responsible for providing to the Weyr in a different manner. The number of weyrfolk in each wing is not limited to the historical 33 maximum per wing, as wings are often a mix of rider and non-rider. They also do not ‘drill’ in the typical sense as when wings used to be confined to only riders, but serve as a sub-organizational group under the Flight to implement their particular duties so it is generally unimportant as to how many are in a particular “wing” unit. The wings with larger numbers may be further divided into subgroups lead by wingseconds, or thirds.

The Weyrwoman and Weyrleader act as the Flight Leaders, giving direction to the Wingleaders (or sometimes wingseconds). The two divide the work between them however they decide in order to keep the Weyr functioning smoothly, delivering services and receiving promised (or paid for) goods. Over time the duties shift, or overlap so that the wingleaders may report to one, the other, or both depending on the situation … as well as the effectiveness of the leadership. They are also responsible for negotiating new contracts, changes in term, or alternate deliverables and are the general political face of the Weyr to areas in and outside of Igen’s coverage. They determine whether the Weyr is on good, neutral or poor terms with any given area.

Other goldriders in the Weyr may be assigned to any of the wings depending upon their skills. As any of these riders could be the next Weyrwoman they are also given training and exposure over time to the duties involved in leading the Weyr, and care and tending of their dragons when clutching and brooding, but are otherwise left on their own to best serve the Weyr where their skills lie.

There is one wing which operates outside of the Flight structure. This wing includes the Weyrwoman, Weyrleader, newly transferred riders or residents who have not yet been placed in a wing, as well as candidates, weyrlings and their teachers.

Not everyone is in a wing. Those who are very young (age 6 and under), visitors (including traders), those who are retired, or permanently infirm remain unassigned as they have no duty, or have already completed their service to the Weyr, and it is the Weyr’s time to provide for them.

Flight 1 – Harkonnen Flight

Those within the wings under H Flight perform duties for the weyr, primarily outside the weyr. These folks generally fulfill the Weyr’s external labor contractual obligations. They are the primary face of the Weyr for those outside the Weyr, excluding the Weyr’s leadership. As such they are expected to act in an appropriate manner for their assignments.

Typical Duties:

Rider: Escort, goods transport, mail, taxi service, search and rescue, firefighting, policing, weather/sweeps reports, sweeps, responding to dragonrider flags noted during sweeps, Hold/Hall watchrider, Postal Delivery.

Non-Rider: Guard, messenger, radio operator, drum tower/harper, starcraft (weather forecasters), trader liaisons, sales persons, scribes.

Flight 2 – Atriedes Flight

Those within the wings under A Flight perform duties for the Weyr, primarily inside the Weyr. The duties fulfilled here are generally to the Weyr directly and not any of the contracted out services.

Typical Duties:

Rider: Most riders in this wing are craft riders, except a few jack-of-all-trade types which continue to apply their skills internally. These would be craft riders which provide skills that are not physically making things. For example: Beastcrafters (which tend herds (not all of the weyrs herds are /at/ the weyr), track breeding, do veterinary services, etc.), healers, harpers and dragonhealers.

Non-Rider: Cooks, baker crafters, any kitchen staff, stablehands, beastcrafters, farmcrafters, herders, jack of all trades, nannys, laundry, techcrafters (maintaining existing systems), caverns staff, archivists, scribes, and crafters most commonly: beastcrafters, healers, dragonhealers, farmcrafters, harpers, star crafters, techs, and computercrafters.

Flight 3 - Corrino Flight

Those within the wings of C Flight perform their duties for the Weyr, primarily by making things for the Weyr, both for the Weyr and for profit of the Weyr.

Typical Duties:

Typical duties are the same for riders and non-riders alike. These include folk such as artists, potters, basket weavers, seamstress, or formal crafters which are specialized in making physical items. These most frequently include: beastcrafters, glasssmiths, miners/stone masons, plastic crafters, print crafters, smiths, star crafters, tanners, techs, vintners, weavers and woodcrafters.

The duties of each Flight are not completely distinct, such that sometimes one’s skillset could be considered for more than one Flight. Generally new residents/crafters, transferred riders, graduating weyrlings and children who come of age are interviewed by a weyrwoman, the weyrleader, a wingleader, the steward or headwoman to determine where they see themselves and that is used to determine which Flight and Wing they are put into.

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