The following are the current PC residents of Igen Weyr.

Character Position Dragon Wing
Alasse Watchrider Brown Gwansuleth Bay
Al'dru Retired Bronze Eranzath Cayenne
Apheli Weyrling Blue Sciath Allspice
Ashwi Weyrlingmaster Brown Jovianth Allspice
Ava Candidate n/a n/a
Ch'y Jman Starcrafter/AWLM Blue Etoth Cayenne
Damar Watchrider Blue Ferahainth Bay
Danni Weyrling Green Hiraeth Allspice
E'stel Sr. App Beastcrafter Bronze Roheith Nutmeg
I'en App Starcrafter Blue Kadixenth Cayenne
Iwa Weyrwoman Gold Toruth Allspice
Kate Wingrider Green Xinieth Bay
Ligeia Weyrling Gold Verzhuqueth Allspice
Malk'm Watchrider Blue Jageroth Bay
Mara Apprentice Healer n/a Nutmeg
Merek Journeyman Smith Blue Iikith Cayenne
Molochai Scoundrel n/a Nutmeg
N'sir AWLM Green Elianneth Allspice
Neyuni Retired Gold Zuhth Cayenne
Oddisa Jr Weyrwoman/AWLM Gold Oriapeth Allspice
R'que Wingrider Blue Kelsith Bay
R'sner Wingrider Green Toith Bay
Saverio Candidate n/a n/a
Siha Dragonhealer Green Tufirath Nutmeg
S'las Wingrider Blue Chessylith Bay
T'syn Jman Harper Green Qherakketh Nutmeg
T'ven Wingrider Green Aloath Cayenne
Uriska Sr. App Healer n/a Nutmeg
X'nder Jman Harper Blue Nevith Nutmeg
X'yr Weyrleader Bronze Haijiventh Allspice
X'in Weyrling Green Klyssyneth Allspice
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