The following are the current PC residents of Igen Weyr.

Character Position Dragon Wing
Al'dru Weyrleader Bronze Eranzath Allspice
Alexa Weyrling Gold Raaneth Allspice
A'eyr Weyrling Bronze Indaryth Allspice
Ch'y Jman Starcrafter Blue Etoth Cayenne
Elayne Weyrling Green Teraisheth Allspice
Maisy weyrwoman Gold Zeraeth Allspice
Molochai Candidate n/a n/a
N'sir AWLM Green Elianneth Allspice
Neyuni Weyrwoman Gold Zuhth Allspice
R'que Wingrider Blue Kelsith Cayenne
R'sner Weyrlingmaster Green Toith Allspice
S'las AWLM Blue Chessylith Allspice
T'ven Wingrider Green Aloath Cayenne
X'nder Weyrling Blue Nevith Allspice
Z'yer Wingrider Brown Inith Bay
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